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    Sir, about the Mar-Vell page, I am not saying he is a villain, that is not what edited in nor interpreted but that he is a supporting character, we do not know what he will do in the film before of its release. Do not make false accusations of me and report to an admin. This is not an edit war so I would kindly tell you that I will leave the page alone for each others sake.

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    • Mar-Vell has been confirmed to be a hero, as that is his nature in the comics. Marvel have confirmed that Mar-Vell is the mentor and potential romantic love interest of Carol Danvers in the film. Fanta added the category to the page which was previously included on the page until it was removed due to the Yon-Rogg hubbub, but, since Mar-Vell is confirmed to be Mar-Vell from the comics (who is only a hero in the comics), we are stating he is a hero. We will not change this unless it is different in the film.

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