• Hi Vagon23,

    Do you have any theories about Infinity War. What do you think will happen to the Asgardians? Is it a plausible theory that Hela may return? I mean she is the Goddess of Death and she could cheat death. The Marvel Universe is known for bringing back characters who were presumed dead. In the trailer, is Loki relinquishing the Tesseract to Thanos and the Black Order in an attempt to save the lives of the Asgardians?

    Concerning the Soul Stone theory, I am assuming that Heimdall contains the stone. If you can recall, Heimdall did mention that he has the ability to see through the soul of every being in the Nine Realms. Unfortunately though, I think that Heimdall will die. I at least hope that Valkyrie or Loki will survive. 

    What role will Jack Rollins play in the film? As we last saw him, he was a disguised HYDRA operative who infiltrated SHIELD. After the Triskelion was destroyed, moments after Rollins and various other HYDRA agents were subdued by Black Widow, I thought that every person still in the building perished. Will he aid the Avengers? 

    One last question; Why isn't Nakia appearing in the film?

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    • Hi bud

      Well I think what'll happen is Loki will teleport away all Asgardians, exept himself and Thor. Thor escapes, Hulk crashes to the NY sanctorum, and Loki gets killed by Thanos. 100% sure Hela will not return, at least in this movie. I do remember Heimdall's ability, but still not sure about him having the stone. That'd be 2 stones from Asgard. Valkarie will survive, because the actress is amazing, might even play a love interest for Thor in a future movie. I think it might just be a flashback of some sort including Jack Rollins. Why wouldn't Nakia be in the movie? She will. Or might in the next movie.

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    • My guesses for possible deaths:

      - Loki

      - Drax

      - Nebula

      - Mantis

      - Captain America

      - Hawkeye

      - Collector

      - Heimdall

      - Korg and Miek

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    • Well thanks for answering the questions. I really hope that the Asgardians survived. But if you watch the trailer, Loki is stepping through the debris of dead bodies who appear to be wearing Asgardian attire. I was surprised when Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow subdued the two members of the Black Order.

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    • When do you go see the movie? I was quick and lucky enough to get tickets for the pre-premier screening with eng dub and hungarian sub on Wednesday late night. Soooo excited!

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    • Sometime definitely this weekend. Hopefully, this Saturday.

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    • Hi, is it true that Hawkeye, Ant Man, Korg, and Valkyrie were not in the film? There were several websites I read that pointed out that Hawkeye and Valkyrie were going to appear in Infinity War. Did Valkyrie really die? I mean, I don't understand how most characters are dead and how some of the deceased will appear in Avengers 4, unless the Avengers get ahold of the Time Stone and rewind the whole movie so that the Battle of Statesman, Wakanda, New York, never occurred.

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    • As much as I would like to tell you all this, can I please please not spoil it all?

      I do too love going to an MCU movie having done the research and knowing what'll happen. But belive me when I say, you'll only only get an OK experience if you know what's the story. Otherwise, if you go to see it unaware of all the infos, I promise, it'll be FENOMENAL!!! Just go and watch it and dont even come on the wikia till you do, because you'll enjoy it like that the most!!!

      Have fun ;)

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    • Hi,

      I saw Infinity War over the weekend. It was amazing. They will have to resurrect the majority characters, even Loki and Heimdall. What happened to the other Asgardians? Did all of them die, along with Valkyrie? And plus, I kind of need to rewatch Black Panther to make edits to it. Btw, is it true that you cannot add screenshots to boxes on this wikia???

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