• Please, stop with the creation of unapproved categories. They require admin approval before its creation.

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    • I see. I didn't know that. That seems unnecessarily strict and a bit off-putting towards contributing anymore to the wiki. I'll keep that in mind though. Where is the best place to request approval for them?

      For the ones you reverted, I'll post my rationale here for creating them so could you let me know what objections you would have for the changes or if they could be re-done:

      • Items by media category: There is already precedent for this with the Characters by Media category. Creating a similar one for items would make the larger Items category's subcategories more readable and navigable.
      • Adding Items category to Category:S.H.I.E.L.D. Equipment. Currently Category:Masters_of_the_Mystic_Arts_Equipment is a sub-category of Items so it seems to make sense to also make SHIELD equipment a sub-category as well. Its a bit inconsistent currently for them where one is but the other isn't.
      • Creating a category for those enhanced individuals who signed and restricted by the Sokovia Accords. It seems like it would make a good categorization. Similar to the already existing Category:Index.

      I didn't make any changes for these question but they are something I was thinking about as I was navigating the wiki:

      • I noticed in the Organizations category, there is a Companies sub-category and a Teams sub-category. Currently all the articles in the Teams sub-category do NOT have the organizations sub-category which makes sense but all the articles in the Companies sub-category have BOTH Companies and Organizations for categories. It seems it would clean up the Organizations category a bit to remove the Organizations category from all the articles in the Companies sub-category since Companies is already under Organizations like Teams is.
      • Is there a specific reason that Ray Schoonover isn't renamed to Blacksmith? considering all other heroes and villain articles tend to use their hero or villain alias as the main article name? Seems like its the odd-ball out of the character articles.

      Thanks for any feedback you can give on these points. Lol pie (talk) 02:53, December 4, 2016 (UTC)

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