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Thor: Trailer Maker is 2011 web browser game designed to teach people film trailer editing skills. Players have access to a piece of very limited editing software where they can drag and drop clips from the trailer for the first Thor movie to create a short 30 second teaser for the film.


Now that you have explored the film’s narrative, characters and genre it’s time for you to apply your knowledge in a creative task. Your challenge is to create a new teaser trailer for Thor.

A full theatrical trailer for a film, such as you might see in the cinema or online, is normally around two minutes long. Your challenge is to re-cut the two-minute Thor trailer to a thirty second ‘teaser’ focusing on a particular feature. To do this you will need to choose one of the following aspects to emphasise:

  • Mystery/suspense
  • Conflict/war
  • Romance
  • Action
  • Fantasy/mythology

To ensure you appeal to your audience, you will need to choose your clips with care: but don’t forget, your teaser still needs to have its own narrative – it needs to make sense as a mini-trailer in its own right. How will you ‘sell’ the film and tell the story?






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