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Thor: The Dark World Prelude is a comic book set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and published by Marvel Comics. The story is set before, during, and after the events of The Avengers.[1]


Part I[]

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The realms sense a change due to the destruction of the Bifrost by Thor: Asgard is cut off from the other realms. Jotunheim is still damaged, Nidavellir fears the dwarven forges will be overtaken without Asgard's protection, and the Badoon and Marauders mobilize to attack others, including Vanaheim. This concerns Thor, who also notes that Hogun comes from that realm.

Heimdall notes that the destruction of the Bifrost "continues to shift the balance of power across the nine realms...and into the worlds beyond Yggdrasil."

Thor realized that by saving Jotunheim, he has weakened the other realms. Odin indicates this has brought the universe closer to Ragnarök. A guard tells Odin that Tyr has requested to speak with him.

Meanwhile, Jane Foster continues to search for Thor and Asgard from New Mexico. Erik Selvig appears affected by Loki's influence. Foster attempts to open the Bifrost, but she is unsuccessful, presumably because Thor broke it. She feels that something has happened to Thor, and worries; she says she won't give up.

One year later, Frigga finds Loki in a vision. She speaks to him, then informs Odin and the others that Loki is alive and that he is planning something involving the Tesseract.

Loki Frigga TTDWP 1

Frigga speaks to Loki

Loki appears on Earth at the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility; Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Erik Selvig are present. Heimdall is aware and informs Thor and Odin.

Jane Foster is working at her lab at Smith Motors in New Mexico with her assistant Darcy Lewis. She receives a call from S.H.I.E.L.D.; Agent Phil Coulson is prompting an agent, who asks Foster to consult in Tromsø, Norway. Foster hesitates, but Lewis reminds her that it's been a long time since Thor's departure.

Back on Asgard, Odin tells Thor that he can send him to Midgard. However, there are consequences to both Odin and Thor. Thor is ready to leave, and worries over Odin's health. As Iron Man and Captain America confront Loki in Stuttgart, Germany, Thor travels to Earth via Odin's dark energy. The travel appears to be physically demanding and unlike Bifrost travel. He is then seen in pain and on his back, fallen on Earth with Mjølnir beside him. Storms rage in the background.

Part II[]

Odin survived the use of dark energy and is now under the care of Eir. Thor is also able to recover from the use of dark energy and the fall. He immediately goes after Loki and becomes allies with the Avengers in the process.


Some time later, the Avengers are defending the Earth by fighting the invading Chitauri forces. Meanwhile, Jane Foster wants to leave the research station in Tromsø, as nobody is able to explain why she is there. But then Darcy Lewis shows her live video footage of the Battle of New York.

Back to New York, Iron Man is talking to Thor about TV shows, while flying next to each other; then Thor suddenly gets eaten by a Leviathan. Using lightning, Thor manages to defeat the creature from within and the Leviathan crashes down.

The next day, Thor takes Loki back to Asgard with the Tesseract. Loki is shortly reunited with Frigga, until Odin wants to speak alone with Loki. Odin claims that Loki is no longer a son to him and that Frigga is the only reason that he still lives. He sends Loki to the dungeons for the rest of his lifetime, calling him Loki Laufeyson.

Foster and Lewis are back in New York and meet with Selvig in the hospital. Although Selvig has trouble finding words, Foster is able to understand that Thor has left Earth again.

On Asgard, Heimdall tells Thor that the planet Vanaheim is under attack by the Marauders. Other planets are in chaos as well, but by using the Tesseract, the Asgardians are able to restore the Bifrost. Under leadership of Thor, Asgard starts to return order to the Nine Realms, holding back the ever growing tide of Ragnarök.

Disappointed that Thor did not leave a message when he was in New York, Foster stops looking for Thor and her search to open a bridge to other dimensions.







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