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Thor: Rescue is a digital comic that serves as a prequel to Thor and was provided by Dr Pepper on their website.[1]


THOR: RESCUE finds a young Odinson off on a mission into the dangerous wilderness of Asgard, sent by his father to find a family friend and accompanied only by the beauteous Sif.


Thor is sent off with Sif to find a family friend in the woods. They ride their horses until they find a castle in the distance. Suddenly, an avalanche starts, forcing them to break through rocks to get back to the path they were on. As they do so, another avalanche starts, this time pushing Sif off of the ledge of the mountain. Thor winds up Mjølnir and flies after her. Luckily, Sif grabs onto a branch despite Thor having to deal with pesky Asgardian Dragonflies that are in his way.

Thor gets to Sif and holds her, trying to fly away. However, Sif's ankle gets caught in the branches, forcing her to use her sword to break herself out. They then fly together to the castle, only to be attacked by a Habrok Hawk. Thor maneuvers around it and sees the only opening to the castle through a window. Thor flies through the window and crashes into the living room of the castle to continue their mission.





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Behind the Scenes[]

  • Although versions of the artists' drawings are visible online, the full comic, including dialogue, has yet to be found.


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