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The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Thor: Ragnarok: The Junior Novel is a junior novelization based on Thor: Ragnarok. The audiobook version is narrated by MacLeod Andrews.


Thor's world is about to explode in this exciting junior novel based on the upcoming film Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. His devious brother, Loki has taken over his home of Asgard, the powerful and ancient Hela has emerged with dark designs, and Thor is imprisoned on the other side of the universe. To escape and save his home, Thor must compete in an alien contest of champions, fighting his way to freedom against none other than his former ally and fellow Avenger... the Incredible Hulk!

Features an 8-page color insert![1]







Sentient Species[]




Differences between Book and Film[]

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  • Thor is already freed from his chains when he meets with Surtur rather than remaining chained up until calling Mjølnir to him.
  • When Thor first sees Surtur on his throne, he appears to be a giant skeleton that eventually catches fire and grows larger rather than already being present in his fiery form.
  • Surtur doesn't inform Thor that Odin isn't on Asgard or explain that he will be the cause of Ragnarök.
  • The Fire Demons and the Fire Dragon only appear after Thor has begun attacking Surtur instead of appearing immediately when the battle begins.
  • Thor doesn't seemingly kill Surtur in Muspelheim or take his Crown of Black Fire back to Asgard, with Thor simply escaping from Surtur after their battle.
  • Thor and Loki find an amnesiac Odin in New York City, not Tønsberg, Norway.
  • Hela is released from her prison in Hel because Loki dethroned Odin rather than because of Odin's death.