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Thor: God of Thunder is a 2011 third person single-player video game based on the film Thor developed by Liquid Entertainment and co-written by Matt Fraction, the Eisner Award-winning writer of the comic book series. Thor: God of Thunder marked Thor’s first standalone appearance in a video game and features the voices of Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Jaimie Alexander, who reprise their roles from the film.

The game was released on May 3, 2011 in North America and is available on all major video game platforms (with the exception of the PSP and PC). The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game can be played in 3D on 3DTVs and on 2DTVs via TriOviz INFICOLOR 3D glasses. The Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 versions were met with unfavorable reviews, while Wii version was met with mixed reviews and the DS version was met with favorable reviews.

Prologue Trailer

On Asgard, the Einherjar are gathered and watch as Thor kneels before Odin, who holds up the hammer Mjølnir. He has Thor rise to his feet and bestows the hammer upon him as Thor vows that he will always use it to protect Asgard. Heimdall looks towards the palace as storm clouds gather above it, as Thor calls down lightning and leads Odin and the Einherjar in a cry of "For Asgard!."

On Niflheim, Loki is confronted by a group of Frost Giants. He remarks that he does not have all day and they clear the way as their leader Ymir emerges. Loki is shown inspecting the Casket of Ancient Winters in Odin's Vault as Ymir agrees to help him defeat Asgard. Loki remarks that it will take more than just Ymir to lead Thor to the Cave of Ages as Ulik looks skywards in on Vanaheim as does Surtur on Muspelheim.

In the Cave of Ages, Mangog roars in fury.[1]


  1. The Jötun Invasion
  2. Vengeance
  3. Best Served Cold
  4. The Spire
  5. Deep Freeze
  6. The Ruins
  7. The River
  8. Frostgrinder
  9. Firestarter
  10. The Mine
  11. The Drill
  12. Surtur
  13. Frozen Rainbow
  14. Defense of Asgard
  15. Mangog


Taking place before the events of Thor, Frost Giants secretly invade Asgard, freezing Heimdall in the process.

Meanwhile, Thor spars with Sif and Loki in a battle arena near the edge of the city when a Frost Giant freezes Sif while Loki goes to tell Odin of the attack. The Frost Giant sends his minions to battle Thor in the arena. After Thor defeats them, he frees Sif from her icy prison. She advises him to reach the Gjallerhorn and warn the city of the attack. They go their separate ways and Thor combats the invaders with the help of the Einherjar. When Thor reaches the Gjallerhorn, he discovers that the Frost Giants have frozen it and that they seek the Casket of Ancient Winters. Once he defeats them, Thor releases a sharp blast from the Gjallerhorn.

With Asgard alerted to the invasion, Thor faces a large Jotun armored in ice: a Frost Goliath. Thor defeats him and Sif arrives with a group of Einherjar guards. The still-living Jötun attacks one of the guards, whom Sif saves by pushing him out of the way, being stabbed in the chest herself in the process. The guards kill the Jötun as Thor cradles the dying Sif in his arms. Loki then arrives with Odin, who tells Thor that she has saved many lives this day, that her death has not been in vain and that Valhalla's gates will open wide at her arrival. Thor is not comforted by these words, and vows to kill every Jotun in Niflheim as vengeance. Odin forbids this, saying that war will only bring more death and misery and that there are things on Niflheim that should not be disturbed.

Despite Odin's orders, Thor remains insistent on going to Niflheim and Loki agrees to help him in order to wipe the Frost Giants out. He advises Thor to go to Heimdall and convince him to use the Bifrost Bridge to send him to Niflheim. Loki visits Odin, who informs him that he shall use the Odinforce to revive Sif. Loki tells him that Thor will defy him and wage war against the Jötuns until Ragnarök. Odin states that his intention in reviving Sif is to prevent Thor from starting another war with the Frost Giants. Loki expresses belief that this plan will work and that Thor will defend Asgard in Odin's stead while he recovers in the Odinsleep. Odin uses the Odinforce to revive Sif, but states that she will not wake for several days. Drained of an immense amount of power, Odin enters the Odinsleep.

Thor reaches Bifrost and Heimdall is reluctant to transport him to Niflheim. Seeking vengeance for his inability to stop the Jötuns, Heimdall steps aside and allows Thor to pass, but refuses to send Thor himself. Using the power of Mjølnir, Thor activates Bifrost. Once he reaches Niflheim, Loki advises Thor to defeat the Jötun warriors and draw out their leader, Ymir. Little does Thor know, Loki has allied himself with Ymir and instigated the attack on Asgard. Thor fights his way through the Frost Giants and reaches Ymir's throne room, but a storm that he is unable to control prevents him from entering. Loki alerts him that Ymir is using a Storm Spire to summon the storm. Thor destroys the Spire and makes his way into the throne room. As he enters, Loki informs him that the ice beneath the rooms hides a giant fissure that leads straight to Niflheim's core, with Ymir's will the only thing keeping the heat at bay. Thor vows to shatter Ymir's will with his hammer and expose the Frost Giants to a source of infernal, unending heat.

Thor defeats Ymir, who vanishes into the ice. Loki warns him that Ymir cannot be destroyed while he has ice with which to replenish himself. Loki shows Thor the entrance to the Cave of Ages and informs him that it contains a weapon so powerful it could melt all of Niflheim. Thor notices carvings in the lost tongue of Odin, and wonders why the Allfather would hide such power in this frozen Hel. Loki says that Odin hopes for a peace that will never come and suggests that he has lost his nerve. Ymir returns and warns Thor not to open the cave or the Nine Realms will suffer for it. Ymir attacks Thor again, vowing not to let him bring the Apocalypse. Thor opens the gate and the burst of power that comes forth knocks him off his feet and melts Ymir. Thor has unleashed Mangog, a terrible monster forged from the combined hatred of billions of souls. Mangog reveals that Odin imprisoned it there several millennia ago, and leaves for Asgard to seek vengeance. Regretful of his actions, Thor begs Loki to activate the Bifrost and bring him home. Loki vows to do it at once.

Instead, Loki travels to Vanaheim and bargains with Ulik, lord of the Rock Trolls. Loki vows to help Ulik and the other Trolls escape their exile in Vanaheim and return to Nornheim by activating Frostgrinder, an imitation of Bifrost created by the Vanir, if Ulik will distract Thor long enough for him to clean up Thor's mess and prove himself a more fitting heir. Ulik agrees to these terms.

Thor is surprised to discover that Bifrost has transported him to Vanaheim instead of Asgard. He is attacked by Skraelings, Rock Trolls and Mire Giants before finding a records building. Here he discovers old recordings that reveal that the Vanir intended to use Frostgrinder to crush Asgard, had difficulty controlling their enslaved Rock Trolls and intended to enslave Midgard. However, Odin unleashed Mangog upon them and they were wiped out. Before their extinction, they discovered that the chains with which Odin controlled Mangog contained Scabrite, and deduced that the substance was the key to defeating the beast. Meanwhile, Mangog attacks Asgard and Loki attempts to defeat it with the Casket of Ancient Winters, but the beast is too powerful. Mangog opens several portals which allow the Frost Giants and Fire Demons to enter Asgard and fuel the creature with their hatred. Loki realizes that his plan has failed and that he must bring Thor back or Asgard will be destroyed.

Ulik rallies his forces and Loki advises him to let Thor use Frostgrinder. Ulik chides Loki for breaking their deal and refuses to let anyone use Frostgrinder before himself. He then orders his henchmen to kill Thor. When Thor defeats them, Ulik unleashes a powerful War Beast which ultimately proves itself no match for Thor. Finally, Ulik confronts Thor himself and is defeated. Loki appears and informs Thor that Mangog has opened portals allowing Asgard's enemies to attack and that even Odin may not be a match for it, having been weakened by the Odinsleep. Thor points out that Mangog was imprisoned by Scabrite and can be again. Loki reminds him that Scabrite is only found on Muspelheim and advises him against facing the Infernir on their home world. Thor insists that he must, for Asgard and the whole of the World Tree.

Thor reaches Muspelheim and Loki informs him that Scabrite can be found in the Infernal Forge. Thor intends to absorb it with his hammer. Loki warns him to avoid confrontation with Surtur, the ruler of Muspelheim. Thor battles many Fire Demons and destroys the Core Drill before he reaches the Forge, where is confronted by none other than Surtur himself. Surtur, wanting vengeance for Odin's theft of the Eternal Flame many years before, refuses to let Thor pass. Thor defeats him and shatters his Twilight Sword, allowing Mjølnir to absorb its Scabrite.

Thor returns to Asgard, which is under attack from both the Frost Giants and the Fire Demons. Loki informs him that Odin stands against Mangog in the Althing, but advises Thor to aid Heimdall and Sif in retaking Bifrost. Odin has stated that Mangog cannot be defeated until the forces that feed it hatred are destroyed. Thor reaches Bifrost and instructs Sif to lead the Einherjar in holding it while Heimdall informs him of incoming threats. Thor defeats Jötuns in the training ground, unfreezes the Gjallerhorn to boost the spirits of Asgard's warriors, rescues a group of Einherjar and prevents the Fire Demons from detonating a Scabrite bomb.

With Asgard's enemies defeated, Thor makes for the Althing to confront Mangog. Since Loki advised him to do that which unleashed the creature, Thor brings him to help him defeat it. They find the weakened Odin barely holding his own against it. He urges them to finish the abomination that they have unleashed. Weakened without the hatred of Asgard's enemies fueling it, Mangog is vulnerable to the power of Scabrite and is destroyed once and for all. Odin informs Thor that he shares the blame for the destruction Mangog has caused, having created it. He then informs Loki that due to his ability to see all whilst in the Odinsleep, he is aware of his deceptions, and that unlike Thor, Loki has not achieved redemption this day. Odin then releases the souls that created Mangog, granting them a long-awaited and richly deserved rest. Thor leads the Asgardians in a victory cry of "For Asgard!."









Canon Status

This game contains several plot points that contradict the established canon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it is thus considered non-canon.

FrostGiant1-Thor.png The Frost Giants attack Asgard twice during the events of this game. In Thor, the Frost Giants break into Odin's Vault during Thor's coronation in an attempt to steal back the Casket of Ancient Winters, and it is clear that this is the first time they have moved against Asgard since the Battle of Jotunheim.[2]
Vanir People.png In this game, the Vanir have been extinct for millennia, having been wiped out by Mangog for rebelling against Odin. Hogun appears in Thor and Thor: The Dark World, with numerous other Vanir also appearing in the latter film.[2][3]
Hulk vs Surtur.png In this game, Thor battles Surtur on Muspelheim. In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor is surprised to discover that Surtur is still alive, having believed Odin to have killed him half a million years previous.[4]
2011 thor 020.jpg In the Wii version of this game, Thor travels to Earth to repel an attack by the Fire Demons. In Thor, he is banished to Earth and it is clearly his first time there.[2]
Thor Ragnarok 111.jpg In the Nintendo DS version of this game, Thor travels to Hel and battles Hela. In Thor: Ragnarok, it is revealed that Odin imprisoned Hela thousands of years before, and Thor had not previously been aware of her existence.[4]

Differences Between Consoles

  • The Wii version contain several differences from the versions on other consoles.
  • The Nintendo DS version has a similar plot, but with a few differences:
    • Asgard is attacked by an army of Rock Trolls. Loki rushes to the throne room and alerts Thor and Odin. As his sons go to defend the city, Odin fears that Thor's anger will be his downfall. During the defence of the city, Thor fights alongside Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg and Sif. However, Sif is overpowered and gravely wounded. Thor attempts to carry her to Odin so that he may heal her, but is pursued by Trolls. Volstagg rescues them and offers to take Sif the rest of the way while Thor leads the defences to the North. Thor defeats the Trolls and a powerful War Beast, crushing the invasion.
He then travels to Himinbjorg and demands to know where the Trolls came from, but Heimdall replies that someone is blocking his vision in an attempt to hide this information. Loki then arrives and informs Heimdall that Odin calls for him. Once Heimdall leaves, Loki reveals to Thor that the Trolls came from Vanaheim and that he clouded Heimdall's vision as he knew that Heimdall would not allow Thor to go without Odin's consent and that Odin would never permit any kind of retaliation. He then activates the Bifrost Bridge and sends Thor to Vanaheim.
Thor battles his way through the Trolls, and Loki informs him that they used Frostgrinder to enter Asgard. Loki later tells Thor that Sif has died, enraging Thor. Thor reaches Frostgrinder and is confronted by Ulik, the Lord of the Trolls. Thor defeats Ulik and Loki alerts him that he has found Sif in Hel, but Heimdall is guarding Bifrost again so he must use Frostgrinder to travel there.
However, Thor is sent to Niflheim instead. Loki reveals that there is no direct path to Hel and that Thor must find a passage hidden in the mountains. Thor fights his way through the Frost Giants and Loki directs him to a great peak in the East. Thor is attacked by Ymir, the oldest and most powerful of the Frost Giants. He defeats him and finds the entrance to Hel, but Loki informs him that he will be unable to help him down there.
In Hel, Thor fights his way through the souls of the dead until he finds Sif, but she runs away when he approaches. He eventually catches up to her and she is revealed to be Hela in disguise. Thor defeats Hela and she informs him that Sif never made it to Hel. Thor demands to know where she is and Hela states that she may be in the Cave of Ages.
Thor returns to Niflheim and Loki guides him to the Cave of Ages, but warns him that he senses a strong presence within. The Cave is guarded by a Jotun brute, whom Thor battles and defeats. Thor then opens the Cave, unleashing the monstrous Mangog. As Mangog sets out to destroy Asgard, Sif appears and tells Thor that Odin did in fact save her and that Loki has told them what he has been doing. Thor realizes that Loki has been playing a trick on him all along, but Sif insists that he forget that for now as Asgard needs to be defended.
Once they return to Asgard, Odin informs Thor that Mangog is too powerful for any of them to defeat and that it can only be defeated by a shard of the rare Twilight Sword, but it belongs to Surtur, the Lord of Muspelheim, who will not part with it willingly. Heimdall sends Thor to Muspelheim where he battles the Fire Demons. Thor is angry when Loki approaches him, but heeds his advice to use heavy objects to shield himself from a fiery rain. Thor eventually battles Surtur and defeats him, claiming a shard of the Twilight Sword.
Thor returns to Asgard and sees that the Trolls are attacking once again. He helps Heimdall subdue them and Odin sends the Warriors Three to destroy Frostgrinder. Odin himself then travels to Niflheim to prepare a new prison for Mangog. Thor fights his way through the invading Trolls and meets up with Loki again, who apologizes for his actions and insists that his trick was only meant to earn Thor's respect. Thor finally confronts Mangog, but the beast is too powerful. It almost defeats him, but Loki comes to his aid and shields him. Loki then drains Mangog of power, but is weakened as a result. Thor advises him to take cover and rest while he defeats the creature, Thor finally defeats Mangog and Loki congratulates him. Thor thanks Loki for his help, and Loki apologizes for his deceit and hopes he can be forgiven. Thor replies that he forgives Loki and trusts that nothing like that will ever happen again. Loki replies "Of course not, Thor. Never...".


Achievement Trophy Requirements
KRAK-KA-BOOM!!! KRAK KA BOOM.jpg Acquire all Trophies
Set in Motion Set in Motion.jpg Complete Asgard
Rage of Battle Rage of Battle.jpg Kill 10 Jötun Invaders within 30 seconds
Like Father, Like Son Like Father Like Son.jpg Maximize Thor's Odinforce
If He Be Worthy If He Be Worthy.jpg Defeat a giant enemy without taking any damage
Reap What You Sow Reap What You Sow.jpg Complete Niflheim
Slayer Slayer.jpg Quickly obliterate 30 Frost Giants during the first battle on Niflheim
Favored Prince Favored Prince.jpg Complete all Feats in Asgard
Golden Apples! Golden Apples.jpg Maximize Thor's Health
Feat Fetish Feat Fetish.jpg Complete all Feats in the game
The Mighty Thor The Mighty Thor.jpg Acquire all Valor Upgrades
Savior of Asgard Savior of Asgard.jpg Complete the game
Legend of Valhalla Legend of Valhalla.jpg Complete the game on Valhallan Difficulty (hardest)
Marvelous Marvelous.jpg Unlock all costumes
Electric Electric.jpg Unlock all Lightning Colors
Warrior's Madness Warrior's Madness.jpg Kill 4 or more enemies with a single melee attack
Valorous Valorous.jpg Acquired an upgrade
Sharpshooter Sharpshooter.jpg Destroy the Jötun Ice Bridge
Snuff Job Snuff Job.jpg Extinguish 10 Warlord flames with Wind Powers
Fire Fighter Fire Fighter.jpg Complete all Feats in Muspelheim
Crash Landing Crash Landing.jpg Crash the Core Drill within 4 minutes of landing on it
Into the Void! Into the Void.jpg Knock 30 enemies into abysses on Muspelheim
Flawless Defense Flawless Defense.jpg Complete the defense of Asgard with 75% Morale
Prodigal Son Prodigal Son.jpg Complete all Feats in Asgard Besieged
The Bomb The Bomb.jpg Prevent the Scabrite Bomb from detonating without using any tap or charged Elemental Powers
Resonator Resonator.jpg Stop the Resonator Beams in the Smelting Room without getting hit by them
Sins of the Father Sins of the Father.jpg Complete Vanaheim
Barge Hauler Barge Hauler.jpg Complete River Barge area with Mire Giant at 40% Health or better
Spelunker Spelunker.jpg Open the Cave of Ages within 4 minutes
Cold Warrior Cold Warrior.jpg Complete all Feats in Niflheim
Jungle Runner Jungle Runner.jpg Complete all Feats in Vanaheim
Through the Fire Through the Fire.jpg Complete Muspelheim
Volley Volley.jpg Reflect 3 of the War Beast projectiles
Ejected Ejected.jpg Rip the Jötun warrior out of the Frost Goliath's chest
Homecoming King Homecoming King.jpg Defeat Mangog
Gentle Giant Gentle Giant.jpg Spare a Mire Giant


Non-Canon Bios

Thor: God of Thunder provided a backstory for Hela that is not compatible with the canon of Thor: Ragnarok and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"Your compassion is your downfall, Odinson."
"You treacherous hag."
"You are in my realm now, Thor. Let's have some fun, shall we?"
―Hela and Thor[src]

Hela is the ruler of Hel.

Thor entered Hel after being falsely led by Loki to believe that Sif had died from an attack by a Rock Troll. Hela disguised herself as Sif and lured him into a trap. The two battled and Thor defeated Hela. She revealed that Sif had never reached Hel. Thor questioned her about Sif's possible whereabouts, and she suggested that Sif might be in the Cave of Ages on Niflheim, telling him that she had seen the dead end up there before. Thor did not believe her, but had no choice but to follow her lead, though he warned her that if it was a trick it would not be the last she saw of him. Once he left, Hela remarked that she planned on it.

Thor: God of Thunder provided a backstory for Surtur that is not compatible with the canon of Thor: Ragnarok and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

"So like your father. Brave. Strong. And foolish. The Sons of Muspell will ride over your ashes to claim Asgard."
―Surtur to Thor[src]

Surtur was the most powerful of the Fire Demons and the ruler of Muspelheim.

Thor traveled to Muspelheim with the intention of finding Scabrite, having discovered that Odin had used it to subdue Mangog centuries before, intending to use it to defeat the beast. Loki informed him that he would find Scabrite in the Infernal Forge, but warned him to avoid confrontation with Surtur.

Thor clashed against many Fire Demons and defeated two Infernir Champions, and used the Core Drill to break open the barrier to the Forge before destroying it. Entering the Forge, he found the Twilight Sword and was confronted by none other than Surtur himself. Wielding the sword, Surtur attacked Thor, declaring that the Sons of Muspell would ride over his ashes to claim Asgard and that the Twilight Sword would cleave a path through Asgard to the Eternal Flame, which Odin had taken from him centuries before. They engaged in fierce battle and Thor was able to shatter Surtur's armor. He then knocked the Twilight Sword from Surtur's grip and defeated him by unleashing the full power of Mjølnir upon him. Thor shatted the Twilight Sword, allowing Mjølnir to absorb its Scabrite.[5]


Different versions of the game received significantly different reviews. Tom McShea of GameSpot gave these versions a 2.0/10 calling it "a terrible game with almost no redeeming qualities". Richard George from IGN gave the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions a 3.0/10, mostly due to the difficulty arising from severe glitches throughout. GameZone gave the 360 and PS3 versions a 3/10, stating "All in all, Thor: God of Thunder isn’t a game you’ll want to pick up unless you see it in the bargain bin. Sure, it’s cool to have awesome powers and a crazy big hammer, but various problems make Thor a mistake-prone, dollar store hammer kind of guy. Fortunately for us, at least the movie was fantastic." The Nintendo DS version of Thor: God of Thunder has received an 8.0/10 score from IGN and a 5.5/10 from GameSpot. GameZone gave the DS version a 7/10, stating "While it’s not a perfect game, there’s a lot to like about Thor, and it definitely isn’t worthy of the bargain bin treatment that less ambitious licensed titles receive. If you’re looking for a great gift for a young fan of the movie or you’re a diehard Thor fan yourself, then this game is sure to be a (thunder) blast." The Wii version of the game has received an 6.0/10 from IGN and a 5.5/10 from GameSpot, who praised the game's striking visual style and said the gameplay is fun but mindless. GameZone gave the Wii version a 7/10, stating "If you want some no-nonsense brawling gameplay, Thor: God of Thunder should keep you entertained. It’s not perfect or even great by any means, but it’s a good beat ‘em up nonetheless."


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