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Thor: Crown of Fools is a digital comic tie-in set before Thor: The Dark World.


Join Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three - and even that sneaky trickster Loki - on an all-new, all-Asgardian adventure! What deep-buried secrets will the Crown of Fools reveal about Thor's allies-and can the god of thunder resist his own temptations to free his friends?


A legion of birds attack Asgard, leading Sif and the Warriors Three on a quest to locate the source of the disturbed wildlife. As they approach the castle, they find Thor. Thor explains that Heimdall saw the quest and alerted him as the plan is dangerous. Sif tells him that since it isn't a request from Odin himself, she doesn't need to obey. With this, Thor decides to follow them instead. In the forest, Thor explains that Loki's finding of the different ways into Asgard, like how he got the Frost Giants there, has set off abnormal behavior is the wildlife. Suddenly, they are attacked by Asgardian Wolves. After defeating them, they realize they are at a crater housing a castle. The castle is old, yet the crater is new. Within, Volstagg sees a feast. Fandral sees a woman in restraints, and Hogun sees a dragon. Sif sees Odin's throne, with blood. Sif takes the throne, knowing that she might have to lead Asgard if her king is dead.

Meanwhile, Fandral saves the woman, Hogun stabs the dragon, and Volstagg has finished his feast. Thor then sees Loki, who sits on the window sill. He boasts that Odin let him free from his imprisonment. Thor agrees to join him so they could rule Asgard together. Fandral now has a family, Hogun sleeps, Volstagg eats some more, and Sif, now the All-Mother, sits on her throne. Thor is then grabbed by Loki, who tells him they will be tyrants. Suddenly, Thor is woken up out of his spell. He realizes that it was all illusions. Sif and the Warriors Three are tied up. The enthralled group then attacks Thor, while he tries not to fight them. While trying to talk Sif out of the spell, Thor sees the perpetrator, a Frost Giant wearing the Crown of Fools. Thor knocked the crown off his head, which woke the Frost Giant up from his own spell. The Frost Giant apologized saying that the crown was deceiving him and he meant no harm. Thor brought the Frost Giant back to Jotunheim while Sif and the Warriors Three secured the crown.






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