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Thor's Arena Helmet[1] was the protective gear Thor took with him into battle against Hulk during the Contest of Champions, a collapsible helmet with sharp-edged wings.


Duel in the Grand Arena

Before going to fight against the Grandmaster's champion in the Grand Arena, Thor was equipped with a collapsible helmet along with the rest of his weapons. Thor activated the helmet while waiting for his opponent, who turned out to be Hulk. Although Thor tried to avoid the fight by having Bruce Banner's personality resurfacing, he was forced to duel against his friend. Despite the violence of the hits they exchanged, Thor managed to keep his collapsible helmet on during most of the fight, but he ultimately lost it when he got pinned to the ground and Hulk punched him repeatedly.[2]


Thor chose a helmet of Asgardian-reminding design for his duel in the Grand Arena. Besides its basic protection, the helmet could be used as a deadly weapon due to its collapsible wings. Their sharpened edges could be used as blades if properly positioned during a headbutt.[3]


  • The helmet shares a similar design to the Winged Helmet that Thor wore during his coronation ceremony, as they are both an homage to the helmet that Thor uses in the comics.


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