"EMT and backup on the way. Two minutes out."
―Thompson to Brett Mahoney[src]

Detective Sergeant Thompson is the New York City Police Department officer based at the 15th Precinct Police Station.


Thompson and Brett Mahoney were tasked by the New York City Police Department to investigate the shootout at the Central Park. Examining the bodies of the Kitchen Irish members, Mahoney asked Thompson to tell other officers that they are done.

Later, Thompson and Mahoney were sent to the Saint Michael's Cemetery where they approached Daredevil before realizing that he was with the Punisher. Mahoney told Thompson to hold the Punisher at the gunpoint and call the emergency for him, while he was arresting Daredevil. However, Mahoney changed his mind and let Daredevil leave the scene and went to help Thompson with the Punisher.[1]

For the successful arrest of the Punisher, Thompson, as well as Mahoney, was promoted to the Detective Sergeant. Having been called into the Farm, Mahoney and Thompson had soon discovered a group of young children held in cages and almost completely drained of their blood, with Stan Gibson cradling his son Daniel and begging Mahoney for aid. Mahoney sent Thompson to cooperate with other officers and organize the help for children.[2]

The NYPD was called to the pier outside of New York City to clear out the wreckage from the recent shootout and explosions left by the Punisher. Thompson was asked by Mahoney to take Karen Page home, so she got Page in the car and drove away from the pier.[3]



  • Handgun: As an NYPD officer, Thompson possessed a handgun as her personal weapon. She used the handgun to keep the Punisher at the gunpoint before she and Brett Mahoney arrested him.






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