"In light of recent events, the Council has determined our best course of action is to shut down the Isodyne Program."
―Thomas Gloucester[src]

Thomas Gloucester was a powerful American businessman, and one of the leaders of the Council of Nine. He was murdered by Whitney Frost after the Council attempted to have her killed.


Wall Street Crash of 1929

"I'm still living off the dividends from the Crash of '29. The Crash that Tom here had the vision to orchestrate."
Hugh Jones to Calvin Chadwick[src]

A rich and powerful member of the Council of Nine, Gloucester led a financial firm that had a hand in every dollar that flowed through Wall Street.[2] In 1929, Gloucester warned Hugh Jones that he would manipulate the stock market to fall in an unprecedented way so that Jones could be ready for the consequences. Through Gloucester's warning, Jones became incredibly rich, so much so, eighteen years later, Jones was still living luxuriously off the dividends and praising Gloucester for what he did.[1]

The End of Isodyne Energy

"We are in possession of what could be the greatest discovery of all time."
"You've failed to illustrate that to us, Calvin."
Calvin Chadwick and Thomas Gloucester[src]
Jones Tom

Gloucester and Hugh Jones

Gloucester assisted in a coverup involving Isodyne Energy, hiding Jane Scott's body in his County Cold Storage Building.[3] He later went to the Arena Club where he and the other council members told Isodyne Energy owner Calvin Chadwick to move on from the Zero Matter incident and to focus on his senatorial campaign. Chadwick attempted to convince Gloucester and the other members that the project was still viable, but Gloucester was adamant that Chadwick should cease his endeavor. Gloucester watched as Chadwick, being forced to agree with the rest of the Council, extinguished the lit candle in front of him, as the other councilmen had done earlier.[1]


Acarter206 02174-1-

Gloucester listens to Whitney Frost

"I-I must say, uh, we all thought you were going crazy, but thank you for bringing this to our attention. I believe we're all in agreement on how to proceed."
―Thomas Gloucester[src]

Gloucester attended the political fundraiser for Calvin Chadwick along with the other members of the Council of Nine. During the fundraiser, the Council of Nine met with Chadwick and his wife Whitney Frost. Frost proceeded to demonstrate her powers over Zero Matter and was shocked by her abilities.

Acarter206 02348

Gloucester is consumed by Zero Matter

After thanking Chadwick for bring his wife's powers to their attention, he stated that the Council was in agreement as to what needed to be done next. While Chadwick distracted the initially delighted Frost, she was suddenly attacked by two guards who attempted to choke her to death. However the vengeful Frost unleashed her powers on the guards killing them and freeing herself. Next, she turned her powers on the members of the Council, killing Gloucester and three other members by absorbing them into her skin.[2]





  • In the comics, Thomas Gloucester is one of the members of the Secret Empire, seeking to restore an aristocracy ruling over not only the United States of America, but the entire world.


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