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"Apologies, Mr. Nesbitt, bloods still up."
"Best you mind him, Thomas."
"Ya miserable mutt, where was all that fight ten minutes ago?!"
―Thomas and Nesbitt[src]

Thomas was a member of the Kitchen Irish who was killed by the Punisher alongside several other mobsters.


Kitchen Irish

Massacre at the Burren Club

Thomas was among the members of the Kitchen Irish who were called to the Burren Club for a meeting. Before the meeting began, Thomas organized an illegal dog fight using Max, only for Max to not be violent enough. Just as Thomas was chaining up Max after the fight, Nesbitt arrived and was growled at, leading to Thomas first apologizing to the Irish leader before berating the dog for not showing that much aggression during the fight itself.

Once Max had been chained up, Thomas rejoined the rest of the Kitchen Irish members and listened as Nesbitt gave a speech in which he claimed that it was time that the Kitchen Irish retook their place as the criminal leaders of New York City now that Wilson Fisk was locked away inside Ryker's Island. However, as Nesbitt was speaking, a bullet fired by the Punisher hit Nesbitt in the forehead and killed him, before the room erupted in a hail of bullets. Thomas drew his gun and fired back but was quickly shot and killed with almost everyone else there.[1]







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