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"A wolf in sheep's clothing is the one you have to fear the most."
Colleen Wing to Danny Rand

This Deadly Secret is the third episode of the second season of the television series Iron Fist.


In an effort to ease the tension between Ward and Joy, Danny and Colleen switch gears and host a dinner party. Mary delivers a warning.


Iron Fist waiting outside the meeting

Danny Rand battles to keep the violence to a minimum while he waits for the peace negotiations to begin between the Golden Tigers and Yangsi Gonshi. Meanwhile, Colleen Wing is worried about Rand taking on too much for himself. Taking on Matt Murdock's crusade is taking its toll on Rand, and Wing is worried that Rand – who for so long had a clear enemy and cause – is looking for something to replace it.

At his NA meeting, Ward Meachum demands to know who among them told Joy Meachum about his attendance. They all deny working for Joy, causing him to angrily walk out. He phones Rand and heads over to his place, concerned that someone tracking him means that they are coming for Rand Enterprises. Ward mentions that Joy is in league with Davos, causing Rand to wonder why they have allied. Ward suggests that Rand host a dinner party for them all to talk and clear the air. He persuades Rand not to reveal his participation in the dinner when he invites Joy, fearing that she would not come if she knew he was there.

Wing breaks into Frank Choi's store before taking a call from Rand and agrees to host a dinner party that night, but is interrupted by BB who has been following her. As they talk, BB mentions that he knew Choi a little and that he had a favorite chair that Wing was standing on. Underneath, Wing finds a secret ledger written in Chinese and code.

Davos and Joy Meachum talk

Joy meets with Sofia Rios, who previously owned one of the patents that Rand Enterprises acquired and is now hers. Convinced that Rios' photovoltaic solar cell patent is a game changer, Joy wants to go into business with Rios. Davos arrives as Rios leaves, and they agree to take up Rand's offer of dinner.

Wing and BB leave Choi's store, and he tells her that he thinks he is either dead or soon to be dead because he was informing on the Golden Tigers. At Chikara Dojo, Mary leaves an envelope of surveillance photos under his door; not expecting him to be in, Rand chases her down the street to find out what they mean. She tells him someone named "Walker" is watching him.

Rand and Wing host the dinner party. It does not go well – Ward does not even show up and needs to visit Bethany to talk. Wing, sick of the verbal sparring, lays it straight out on the table. Davos hates her because she was part of the Hand, but he hates Rand more due to believing that he stole the Iron Fist from him. Joy lays out her anger at both Rand and Ward for concealing the fact that her father was alive. Davos goes for air and finds the surveillance photos, prompting them to leave.

Mary Walker threatening to behead Davos

Sherry Yang calls Wing and Rand to escort her to the peace negotiations, and that she with be parlaying in her husband's stead. During the meet, Rand sees something suspicious outside and believes the Golden Tigers are trying something. Wing tries to get Yang to safety but is pursued by Chen Wu. Yang stabs him in the eye. Rand makes short work of the Golden Tigers before following.

At Walker's apartment, Davos and Joy demand to know how Rand obtained the surveillance photos they had paid her for. Davos threatens her, but Walker is unphased and is prepared to defend herself.


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