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"Harlem's Paradise is the crown jewel of Harlem. It should go to someone who loves Harlem as much as I do. You know the story of the Sirens? The beauty of their voices compelled men off course to crash against the rocks. This club will be his siren. He'll be lulled by its song, lulled by so-called greatness."
Mariah Dillard

They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of the Netflix exclusive television series Luke Cage, as well as the series finale.


Mariah adapts to her new circumstances and goes to extremes to cover her tracks. Luke takes a new approach to protecting Harlem.



Mariah Dillard faces the court, with Blake Tower pressing charges against her for her illicit activity, multiple murders, SEC violations, and her involvement in the Rum Punch Massacre. Despite Benjamin Donovan's efforts to defend Dillard, Amanda Garmon denies the bail and puts her in the jail until the trial. Dillard speaks out that the Stokes Crime Family was the bulwark that had protected Harlem for years, and without her, the city will face terrible consequences.

Dillard's words turn out to be prophetic, as Harlem's streets are being swept by a wave of crime and violence. The New York City Police Department and Luke Cage desperately try to take the situation under control, but it only goes worse. Cage takes the blame for what is happening, since he thought that things will get better with Dillard out of the streets.


Misty Knight visits Tilda Johnson at Mother's Touch, asking her about Bushmaster, but Johnson denies her connections with him. Regardless, Johnson refuses to let Knight to search up her shop without a warrant and Knight notices that Johnson grows more similar to Dillard and warns her to stop whatever she was doing. When Knight leaves, Johnson finishes preparing medicine for Bushmaster, telling Sheldon and Ingrid Mackintosh that he needs more for recovery. Bushmaster tells Johnson that the evil will continue to grow and her mother's death is the only way to make things better.


Cage, D.W. Griffith, and Sugar work to figure out who was behind the gang violence in Harlem, as the Stylers were silent and the Korean Mob was recovering from losing Eric Hong. Suddenly, Shades walks into the Pop's Barber Shop to tell Cage that the Carbone Crime Family and the Puerto Rican Mob are planning to take over Harlem. Cage does not believe Shades but he tells him that Shades is no longer a player but the violence in Harlem is getting out of hand, so he wants Cage to take over.

Dillard gets sent to the Ryker's Island where she gets attacked by inmates, sent by Rosalie Carbone to kill her. Kalinda Potter, a prostitute who used to work for Mama Mabel, saves Dillard but demands her to pay to ensure her safety. Dillard, however, kills Potter and tells her subordinates that now they work for her, before contacting Donovan and telling him to bring money with him.

Cage meeting with Rosalie.png

Cage raids the Carbone family's office and takes out all men on his way before confronting Carbone herself. Cage demands Carbone to stay out of Harlem, but she is determined to take it for herself, so Cage threatens to destroy Carbone's business, so her life would be hell. Cage forces Carbone to accept his conditions to steer clear of Harlem and although he states that he cannot be bought, Carbone says that Cage simply does not know his price yet.

Bushmaster and Mackintosh make a decision to leave New York City, while Sheldon stays to thank Johnson for everything she did for them. Johnson tells Sheldon that she feels sorry for everything the Stokes family did to Bushmaster and she is done paying for her mother's sins.


Dillard speaks with Donovan at the prison, discussing her situation, with Donovan informing her that Shades is untouchable by law and his death would only make Dillard's case look worse. Dillard, however, thinks otherwise, noting that it is possible to put all responsibility on Shades and make it look like he manipulated her into being a criminal. Dillard then gives out the order to eliminate every remaining member of the Stokes family, except for Donovan, Johnson, and Sugar, so no one could testify against her.

As the NYPD investigates the murder spree of the Stokes family, Alex Wesley begs Johnson to tell her mother that he would not snitch, but Johnson cannot do anything to help him. Sugar informs Cage about the murders and Cage decides to speak with Dillard personally in an attempt to bring the peace to Harlem. Shades survives the attack on him and arranges a meeting with Dillard as well. Knight and Mark Bailey eventually discover Wesley's body and Johnson decides that she needs to do something about her mother.


Shades confronts Dillard, calling out her hypocrisy, since she wanted Shades to see the light, yet commited herself to violence with no way out. He tells Dillard that things would be different if she had listened to him and she has no one else to blame for what happened to her but herself. Dillard tells Shades that she has already took a life in prison and Shades says that it is her life from this point, and she cannot trust anyone, before bidding her goodbye. Dillard cries after Shades leaves her, before Donovan informs her that Johnson wants to meet.

Cage asks Knight to arrange a meeting with Dillard for him, but Knight refuses, as it would jeopardize her case, despite her trust in Cage. Cage, however, calls Foggy Nelson and asks him to get him Donovan's number, so he could meet Dillard off the record.


Dillard meets with Johnson at the jail, telling her that what Pistol Pete did to her as a child, changed her forever and although Dillard is supposed to love Johnson, she does not know how. Dillard then tries to convince Johnson that she is a nessesary evil, but Johnson refuses to accept that, due to all the pain and suffering Dillard brought to innocent people. Dillard informs Johnson that her leaving the prison is only a matter of time and they could start all over together, to which Johnson replies that Dillard has already killed or pushed away everyone who loved her. Dillard asks Johnson to look over Harlem's Paradise until she is out but Johnson only gives her a kiss before leaving the prison.

Cage watching Mariah die.png

At their meeting with Cage, Dillard states that with her and Carbone out of the picture, he is the one who remains to take the crown of Harlem. Cage argues that he is only concerned about maintaining the peace but Dillard notices the darkness inside him, and how both of them are, in some way, responsible for each other. Dillard voices her joy in seeing Cage on the top but suddenly collapses on the ground, coughing up blood, and realizes that Johnson had poisoned her. Accepting her demise, Dillard faces her death in Cage's arms, as he cannot save her anymore.

Cage and Griffith face to face.png

As the news of Dillard's death reach the streets, Knight informs Shades that the deal he made with the NYPD is now invalid, so he gets arrested for the murders of Candace Miller and Comanche. Johnson tells Joel Spurlock that Dillard's body should just be cremated and abandons any connection with the Stokes family she ever had. Sheldon approaches Cage at the barbershop and tells him that Harlem is in the right hands now. Griffith is frustrated over Cage's methods and tells him that if he wants to take the route of Harlem's new crime boss, he must leave the barbershop. Although Griffith is unhappy, Cage accepts his words and leaves, as someone has to make hard decisions for the greater good.

Cage and Sugar talking in front of Misty.png

Cage and Johnson meet with Donovan who voices Dillard's last will, stating that while Johnson inherited Cornell Stokes' keyboard, Dillard bequeathed Harlem's Paradise to Cage, thinking that the club will slowly corrupt him, so he could never be the same person again. Cage takes over the club, telling Knight that together, they can protect Harlem from both sides but Knight warns him that if he crosses the line, she will take him down. Sugar then tells Cage that Carbone and Anibal Izqueda came to discuss the business, and also that Claire Temple is outside, waiting for Cage. Cage tells Sugar to send Temple home and takes a seat in Harlem's Paradise to rule over the crime in Harlem, no matter how hard of a decision it is.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
That's a Good Reason Sharen Clark & The Product Of Time
Mariah Prison Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
The Payback James Brown
Redemption Song Bob Marley and the Wailers
Damnit Alex Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Power Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Family First Gabrielle Dennis
Fireside Serenade Trevor Duncan
Sweet Thing Rufus
Luke's Freedom Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Mission Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad
King's Paradise Rakim


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