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"Councilwoman Dillard, can you comment on the arrest of your cousin, Cornell Stokes, at Harlem's Paradise tonight, on charges of police corruption, extortion and murder? Is it true that he's responsible for the murder of decorated Harlem police detective Rafael Scarfe?"
―Thembi Wallace to Mariah Dillard[src]

Thembi Wallace is a reporter for WJBP-TV.


WJBP-TV Reporter

Interviewing Mariah Dillard

"Are there any topics you want to focus on?"
"Well, Harlem. How to shape it, how to elevate it, and how my complexes will help–"
"Boring. We've heard that speech from you a million times and a half."
―Thembi Wallace and Mariah Dillard[src]

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Reporting on Danny Rand

"Daniel Rand's miraculous return to Rand Enterprises is making headlines once again after a video where he apologizes for a corporate scandal puts the fate of the company at stake. A spokesperson for the class action suit claimed that Rand Enterprises callously turned a blind eye when it was brought to their attention that a chemical plant may have been responsible for fifteen cases of cancer in a Staten Island neighborhood, endangering the lives of innocent children."
―Thembi Wallace[src]

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Reporting on Trish Walker

"Mrs. Walker, Thembi Wallace, WJBP News. Is it true Trish Walker's been admitted to the hospital?"
"No comment."
"Can you confirm reports that she's had a relapse?"
―Thembi Wallace and Dorothy Walker[src]

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Reporting on Bushmaster

"And now, a WJBP breaking news update. Tonight, a grisly discovery at Harlem's Shirley Chisholm Complex turned a ribbon-cutting celebration into a macabre nightmare. A warning: The visuals you are about to see are deeply disturbing. Three severed heads were placed at the complex, owned by former councilwoman Mariah Dillard. And with emerging reports of an armed attack at a party thrown by Harlem-based Wall Street impresario Raymond "Piranha" Jones and Mexican Cartel-level violence, one wonders if there are more ominous events ahead."
―Thembi Wallace[src]

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Research Facility Attack

"No one from Rand will comment on why the skirmish happened, if anything was stolen, or what Luke Cage's rumored involvement was. The police continue to search for McIver, also known as Bushmaster, who escaped police custody three days ago after setting off an explosive device inside a police armored van. Three officers were severely injured in the blast, but McIver's body was never recovered."
―Thembi Wallace[src]

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War for Harlem

"Hell has returned to Harlem. Violent crime has increased 75% since the arraignment of former councilwoman turned criminal godmother Mariah Dillard Stokes. Police and emergency response times have increased to all-time highs."
―Thembi Wallace[src]

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Gregory Sallinger's Situation

"Thembi, like any good citizen, I am hoping to help the police in their investigation."
"Maybe because I give a shit."
"We're live. Please watch your language."
Trish Walker, Jessica Jones and Thembi Wallace[src]

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"Despite these unwarranted attacks on my character, I have always tried to make clear what I want which I can't say for you, Thembi. It's very clear what you and the rest of your media friends want. You want a story. Not the news. Not the truth. Just a story that you will do anything to sell."
Mariah Dillard to Thembi Wallace[src]

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