"When you kill them... don't hurt my boys. I know who you are. You are the whirlwind."
John Pilgrim to Punisher[src]

The Whirlwind is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher, and the twenty-sixth and final episode of the series overall.


Frank, Pilgrim, Madani, Russo, Amy, Curt and the Schultz family. No bullet is left unspent as Season Two comes to an explosive conclusion.


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Enraged Billy Russo rushes to Krista Dumont's apartment where he confronts Dinah Madani. In the brutal fight, Russo chokes Madani, seemingly killing her but not before Madani fired three bullets to him.

At their mansion, Anderson and Eliza Schultz prepared Michael and Lemuel Pilgrim to their mother's funeral. Anderson still protecting John Pilgrim but Eliza assured him that he is damaged goods and can bring trouble to them and his children. Later, Anderson received a video-call from David Schultz but instead of him, he saw Frank Castle who kidnapped David.

Recording their dialogue, Castle stated that he knows everything about their blood trail and demands to return Amy Bendix to him or David will die while Anderson threatens to kill Castle and everyone he ever cared about. Later, Pilgrim received a call from Lemuel who asks him where his father is going to return. But then Eliza informs him that David was taken by Castle and he needs to return David to his parents, hinting that otherwise his children can be hurt.

Madani managed to wake up and Brett Mahoney informs that Dumont is alive but badly injured and Russo escaped. Madani wonders who she is still alive but Mahoney proposed that Russo was wounded by her and slowly died from blood loss. He then returns Madani her badge and sidearm but Madani decided to end with it.

Still in the trailer with kidnapped David, Curtis Hoyle informs Castle that Bendix is alive and texted him the location of Pilgrim. He arrived at the hotel where she guided him to Pilgrim's room. Castle breaks into his room but he has been in the room next door. After the brief gunfight, Pilgrim manages to get away from Castle, taking Bendix hostage. Castle follows him confronting several NYPD officers and makes his way to the parking deck but Pilgrim drives away from the hotel.

Wounded Russo reached to the clandestine doctor Charles and forced him to patch Russo up. Charles managed to remove one bullet from him but then Russo loses his consciousness and Charles thinks that he is already dead. Charles took a bag with Russo's money and leaves him in a dumpster. However, Russo is still alive and climbs out of a dumpster and stumbled off, gasping for breath.

David still wondered who his parents could be such heartless murderers. He then admits that Hoyle is a good man, unlike Castle, and asks him why he doing that. Hoyle answers that he doesn't know and all he wants is return home, like David. Hoyle then decided to let David go and hands him to Mahoney.

Castle returns to the trailer and finds it empty before he is called by Pilgrim. Castle says that he must arrive at him with Bendix if he wants to return David. Bendix noted that Schultzes just using Pilgrim, forcing him to kill innocent people. Pilgrim with Bendix arrived at the trailer where Castle claims that David with him and demands to let Bendix go. She escaped but then Castle informs him that David is gone and he doesn't know where is he. Castle and Pilgrim have a final showdown and Castle managed to defeat him. Before his death, Pilgrim begs Castle to spare his children after he kills Schultzes.

Returning to his apartment, Hoyle received a phone call from Russo who informs him that he is bleeding and will die soon at the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Russo asks him will Hoyle come to see him but due to his silence, asks him not to call the police. Russo confesses to Hoyle that he doesn't deserve his forgiveness but he doesn't want to die alone before dropping his phone.

Madani visited injured Dumont in the Sacred Saints Hospital where Madani sympathizes her because Russo dragged her into this. However, Dumont says that she loves him and Russo didn't drag her. Madani then informs her that she shot Russo several times and now he is bleeding on the street. Dumont doesn't believe her, thinking that he is making his way to her.

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The Punisher finally executes Billy Russo

Suffering from blood loss, Russo sees Castle in front of him. Ignoring Russo's epitaph, Castle executed his best friend without hesitation. Russo's corpse is founded by Hoyle, Madani, and Mahoney who was called by Hoyle. Hoyle and Madani making clear that case is solved and no one of them doesn't know about Castle.

Arriving at the Schultz Mansion, Bendix threats to kill Eliza but she attempts to her back before Castle kills her. He then approached Anderson who watches at his wife's corpse and said that recording of their dialogue is online and he has a choice: live with truth exposed to everyone or kill himself and Anderson choose the second. Pilgrim, meanwhile took his children away. The next day, Castle told his goodbye to Bendix and sent her to Florida.


The Punisher gunning down more criminals

Three months later, Castle received a call from Madani who was recruited into the CIA. She informs him that she wants to recruit Castle in order to get rid of a high-profile target, however, he refuses. Castle then confronts the leaders of two criminal gangs, shooting them down without mercy.


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The Whirlwind Tyler Bates
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The Punisher's Job Tyler Bates
  • Frank Castle walks into a building and shoots down two groups of gang members. End credits.


  • This episode includes an epitaph before the ending credits for the late Stan Lee.
  • The title of the episode is derived from John Pilgrim's Bible verse previously spoken in Trouble the Water, Hosea 8:7: "He that sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind".


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