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"I know who you are. You're the whirlwind."
John Pilgrim to Punisher

The Whirlwind is the thirteenth and final episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher, as well as the series finale.


Frank, Pilgrim, Madani, Russo, Amy, Curt and the Schultz family. No bullet is left unspent as Season Two comes to an explosive conclusion.



Devastated and enraged, Billy Russo rushes to Krista Dumont's apartment and brutally attacks Dinah Madani. Madani manages to shoot Russo thee times, while he strangles Madani to get back at her for what she did with Dumont. Eventually, both of them lose consciousness and collapse on the floor next to each other.


Anderson and Eliza Schultz prepare Michael and Lemuel Pilgrim for their mother's funeral at their mansion. Anderson still expects John Pilgrim to return home, but Eliza tells him that Pilgrim no longer has a place with them, and they should take care of his sons without him. Suddenly, Anderson receives a call Frank Castle who had kidnapped David and threatens to kill him, saying that he's aware of the blood trail they leave to protect their legacy.


Unaware that Castle is recording their conversation, Anderson and Eliza threaten him, but Castle only replies that he will set David free in exchange for unharmed Amy Bendix. Afterwards, Eliza contacts Pilgrim and informs him that Castle abducted David and asks if Bendix was still with him, unaware that Pilgrim failed to capture her. Pilgrim lies that she is with him and unharmed, and Eliza orders him to ensure the safety of their son, so his own sons would be safe as well.


The NYPD arrives at Dumont's apartment to investigate and Madani wakes up while being attended to by a paramedic. Brett Mahoney informs Madani that Dumont is still alive but badly injured, while Russo managed to escape, although Madani shot him three times. Madani ponders how could she survive after her confrontation with Russo, while Mahoney explains that Russo will die soon no matter what. Clearing the air between both of them, Mahoney returns Madani her Homeland Security badge, but Madani refuses to take it.


Curtis Hoyle receives a text from Bendix who confirmed that she is alive and knows where Pilgrim is residing. Castle arrives at the hotel and engages in the firefight with Pilgrim, however, he manages to take Bendix hostage. Pilgrim states that if he wants Bendix alive, he must bring David to an exchange and leaves the hotel, while Castle has to fight the NYPD officers at the scene. Castle attempts to follow Pilgrim, but he shakes Castle off and drives away with Bendix, leaving Castle behind.


Suffering from blood loss, Russo reaches out to the candestine doctor Charles, forcing him to treat to his wounds. As Russo threatens him and tells not to use anesthesia, Charles removes one bullet from Russo's body before he passes away from the pain. Assuming that Russo is dead, Charles takes his money and leaves his body in a dumpster. Russo manages to wake up once again and climbs out of the dumpster, stumbling and gasping for air.


Back at the Campervan Hideout, David is still shocked that his parents are such heartless murderers, who did the unthinkable to protect their legacy. Talking with Hoyle, David calls him a good man and questions why is he going along with Castle's plan, to which Hoyle replies that he only wants a peaceful resoulution for himself. Hoyle then decides that keeping David as a hostage is wrong and hands him over to Mahoney, who agrees not to press any charges against him.


Although David was now free, Castle still contacts Pilgrim and tells him that he is ready for the exchange and he should bring Bendix with him. Bendix tells Pilgrim that the Schultz family is using him and force him to kill innocent people, but Pilgrim does not listen to her, as he must comply. Pilgrim brings Bendix to the exchange and sets her free, however, Castle admits that he was lying and David was gone a long before he came to pick him up. Castle and Pilgrim then engage in a final showdown, in which Castle emerges victorious, and before Castle prepares to finish him, Pilgrim begs Castle to spare his sons after he is done with the Schultzes.


Leaving the whole incident behind him, Hoyle returns to his apartment, before he receives a call from Russo who tells him that he is at the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church. Russo tells Hoyle that he is bleeding and will die soon, asking him to come, but Hoyle does not reply. Understanding what Hoyle thinks, Russo asks him at least not to call the police, confessing that although he does not deserve any forgiveness, he is afraid to die alone.


Madani visits injured Dumont at the hospital and sympathizes with her, since Russo practically dragged her into his war. Dumont, however, insists that their love is real and all she did for Russo was of her own volition. Madani tells Dumont that when they were fighting, she shot Russo three times and now he is bleeding somewhere on the streets. Dumont refuses to believe her, saying that Russo cannot die and he will definitely come back to her, no matter what Madani says.

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Meanwhile, Russo still lies at the church floor, rapidly losing blood, before he sees Castle approaching him. Russo admits that he expected Castle being the last person that he will see before dying. Russo is about to apologize to Castle for everything he did to him even though he still could not remember, but Castle ignores Russo's epitaph and simply executes his former best friend without any hesitation. Madani, Hoyle, and Mahoney find Russo's body at the church, and Mahoney questions them about Castle's involvement. However, both Hoyle and Madani remain silent, so Mahoney has no choice but to close the case.

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At the Schultz Mansion, Bendix confronts the Schultzes and threatens them with a gun, but Eliza tries to attack her from behind. Castle saves Bendix by killing Eliza and then faces Anderson who has to watch his wife bleeding on the table. Castle informs him that all the evidence of their conspiracy have been exposed and gives him a choice, either live with the truth or take his own life. Realizing that his life is now ruined, Anderson chooses the latter. Meanwhile Castle and Bendix allow Pilgrim to take his sons and leave in peace.


The next day, Castle and Bendix part their ways, as Castle sends her to Florida to find her own peace as well, now that Pilgrim and the Schultzes are no longer a threat. Three months later, Castle embraces his life as the Punisher and goes back to his vigilante crusade against criminals of New York City. He receives a call from Madani who left the Homeland Security and joined the CIA, asking Castle if he is willing to assist them in eliminating the high-profile target. Castle dismisses Madani's request as he has enough work to do on his own, and goes to execute two criminal gangs without any mercy.


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Rooster Alice in Chains
The Whirlwind Tyler Bates
Frank's Farewell Tyler Bates
The Punisher's Job Tyler Bates
  • Frank Castle walks into a building and shoots down two groups of gang members. End credits.


  • This episode includes an epitaph before the ending credits for the late Stan Lee.
  • The title of the episode is derived from John Pilgrim's Bible verse previously spoken in Trouble the Water, Hosea 8:7: "He that sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind".


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