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"I am the Watcher. The Multiverse, every single world, every story is my home, and I will protect it to the end."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu, also known as The Watcher, is one of the Watchers who had observed the Multiverse from his place in the Nexus of All Realities. Along with his fellow Watchers, Uatu abides by an oath that prohibits him from interfering with events occurring within the realities he observes. This changed when an Infinity Stones-wielding Variant of Ultron sensed his presence and learned of the Multiverse, thus forcing him to violate this oath in order to protect the numerous timelines threatened by the omnicidal AI. Recruiting Captain Carter, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, Erik Killmonger, Gamora, Thor and later Black Widow as the Guardians of the Multiverse, they were successful in preventing Ultron from advancing his devastation to much of the Multiverse.


Multiverse Observer

Early Actions

"I swore an oath. I cannot exert my will on the natural order of things. I cannot intervene."
―The Watcher to Ultron[src]

Due to the fracturing of the Multiverse, Uatu resided in the Nexus of All Realities, from where he could observe alternate universes. Uatu took an oath to never interfere in the affairs of the Multiverse and simply observe what went on.[4]

Captain Carter

"At humanity's darkest hour, a skinny kid from Brooklyn became Captain America. After turning the tide of World War II, he made the ultimate sacrifice, restoring peace and saving this universe. But in another universe, a single choice created a whole new hero."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu observing Captain Carter's reality

Uatu recalled how in the main timeline the Nazis started World War II and how it forced the SSR to make Steve Rogers into the super soldier known as Captain America. He then observed the first alternate universe, seeing how Peggy Carter chose to stay in the room and take the Super Soldier Serum instead of Steve Rogers and became the heroine known as Captain Carter. Uatu observed that universe as events played out, and saw when Carter was transported into the 21st century.[1]

Star-Lord T'Challa

Uatu observes Ravager T'Challa's reality

"As fate would have it, at that very moment, a Ravager spacecraft was arriving on Earth to abduct the spawn of the Celestial, Ego. But in this universe, Yondu outsourced the assignment to his subordinates."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu observed an alternate universe in which the Ravagers mistakenly abducted T'Challa, thinking that he was Peter Quill. Instead of returning him, Yondu Udonta kept him as his own son, leading him to become the Star-Lord of that reality.

Uatu sees a young T'Challa around Wakanda

Uatu began by looking when T'Challa stole the Orb on Morag and recruited Korath into the Ravagers. Uatu would question if someone's nature was a result of the individual or their reality, before looking back at when T'Challa was abducted from Wakanda and brought in before the Ravagers, noting how it happened, before observing the present. Uatu observed T'Challa's time with the Ravagers until he reunited with his family in Wakanda, where Uatu noted that while his family reunion was nice, the reunion between Ego and Peter Quill that was happening concurrently would most likely mean the end of that universe.[5]

Avengers Assassinated

Uatu observing Phil Coulson driving

"I am the Watcher. And where humans see chaos, I see the crucible that would transform this collection of individuals into a team of heroes. At least, that's how things played out in one universe. But in this one..."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu would later wade into a new universe, where after witnessing Tony Stark's murder, Uatu talked about how in the main universe he saw the chaos of the Avengers emergence as the crucible of greatness, before returning to witness the rest of the assassination of the candidates for the Avengers Initiative by the vengeful Hank Pym, and Nick Fury's attempts to stop it. Uatu later witnessed Loki coming and helping Fury teaming up to take down Pym, Loki's takeover, and Fury beginning to form a new team of Avengers, noting that there is always hope.[6]

Corrupted Doctor Strange

Uatu observing Doctor Strange

"He's on the wrong path. I could warn him, intervene, but the fate of his universe is not worth risking the safety of all others. Besides, I'd doubt he'd listen."
"Hello? Who's that?"
―The Watcher and Doctor Strange[src]

Uatu later ventured into a different reality, once there Uatu said how he had seen decisions can cause new stories, heroes, and universes rise, but what would happen if the wrong choice was chosen and what consequences would come. Uatu saw as Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer went to a gala but crashed en route. While Strange survived with no scratches, Palmer was killed in the crash. Uatu noted that in this world Strange lost his "heart" instead of his hands while seeing Strange grieve.

Uatu's presence is felt by Doctor Strange

Uatu saw as Strange became a Master of the Mystic Arts, stepped up after the Ancient One's death, and stopped Dormammu. Strange was still mourning Palmer and decided to try to bring her back by any means necessary, and using the Time Stone to try and save Palmer. Uatu later witnessed Strange and Ancient One's fight, which resulted in Strange being divided into two individuals, before Strange used the Time Stone to travel to the distant past. When Strange was absorbing creatures to gain power, Uatu said that Strange was going down the wrong path and he could interfere, but reminded himself he couldn't do that as the fate of one world doesn't outweigh the fate of all of them, and Uatu doubted Strange would even listen. Strange sensed Uatu's presence and questioned if anyone was there, to which Uatu didn't respond.[2]

Abandoning Doctor Strange

Uatu is seen by Doctor Strange

"Honestly, if I could fix this, if I could punish you instead, I would. But I can't interfere. You, more than anyone else, should understand that meddling with time and events only leads to more destruction."
―The Watcher to Doctor Strange[src]

Uatu witnessed as the two Stranges fought each other, as Supreme Strange's growing power were tearing up his universe. The original Strange lost and was absorbed by Supreme, who used his power to bring back Christine Palmer. However, Strange realized the danger he caused with the frightened Palmer. While Strange was trying to hold the universe together, Strange saw Uatu and pleaded for him to help him fix this. Uatu allowed himself to be seen, shocking Palmer, and asked in the same way Strange "fixed" Christine, reminding Strange how he was warned.

Uatu refuses to help Doctor Strange

Strange apologized, noting that the world shouldn't pay for his arrogance and told Uatu how he had read about him, describing Uatu as a god, but Uatu stated that neither of them were gods. Strange begged Uatu to punish him and spare the world and Palmer, while Uatu told Strange that if he could fix it by punishing Strange he would, but regretfully stated that he could not interfere. Uatu told Strange that he should have known that messing with events would lead to destruction before leaving Strange, as the world was condensed into a marble with only a mournful Strange as its inhabitant. Looking at the reality, Uatu noted how much one life could potentially condemn a universe.[2]

Zombie Apocalypse

Uatu observing a zombie apocalypse

"Two weeks ago, Dr. Hank Pym journeyed into the Quantum Realm, searching for his long-lost wife. But in this universe, Janet van Dyne contracted a quantum virus that corrupted her brain. So when she finally reunited with her husband after thirty long years... Oof, that happened."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu later observed an alternate universe, in which Janet van Dyne brings a zombie virus from the Quantum Realm, and into Earth, infecting the United States of America. Uatu saw as Bruce Banner crashed into the New York Sanctum and his near escape from the zombified Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Wong, Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian. Uatu saw and narrated how Hank Pym saving Janet van Dyne caused the outbreak, and the Avengers' heroic arrival was the thing that sealed humanity's doom.

Uatu sees a group of survivors' journey

Uatu witnessed as Banner found the other survivors and their trip to find a cure from the Vision. When that plan failed he saw as the remaining survivors left to go to Wakanda to help create a cure with the Mind Stone, believing it to be a safe haven. While en route, Uatu said how even in the darkest time, heroes hold on to hope. However, as Uatu saw that Wakanda had been overrun by zombies led by a zombified Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet almost complete, he finished by saying even if that hope means the end of the universe.[7]

Killmonger's War

Uatu seeing Erik Killmonger and Tony Stark

"Without Tony Stark's fateful capture in Afghanistan, the Age of Iron Man would never come to pass. Though the man was saved, a hero was lost, and a villain was given a new chance."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu later entered into another universe. He saw as Tony Stark was rescued by Killmonger in Afghanistan. After the rescue, Uatu looked back on the life of the main Tony Stark, saying how heroes were forged in darkness, their allies, and their sacrifice. Uatu then turned his attention back to the other universe and lamented that since Stark wasn't captured that Iron Man was lost, but finished by saying that Killmonger was given a new chance. Uatu saw as Killmonger rose up the ranks with Stark, and them building the Liberator Drones. He then saw as Stark and Killmonger sent James Rhodes to a black arms deal with Ulysses Klaue for Vibranium, and the intervening T'Challa.

Uatu observing Erik Killmonger

Uatu then saw as Killmonger killed T'Challa and Rhodes, planning to cause a war between the United States of America and Wakanda. Uatu witnessed how Killmonger killed the confrontational Stark, brought the Liberator Drones to Wakanda, his fraternizing with Wakanda, and the war for Wakanda, which Killmonger "fought" for. Uatu observed how Killmonger was accepted by Wakanda, became the Black Panther, his conversation with T'Challa in the Astral Dimension, and how Shuri came to Pepper Potts to plan to take Killmonger down. Uatu said that heroes are never truly gone as they've inspired others.[8]

Party Prince Thor

Party on Midgard

Uatu observing Thor's party in Las Vegas

"A world restored, love blossoming. As children, both human and Asgardian, say, together, they lived happily ever after. Wait, what? Oh, dear. Perhaps I spoke too soon."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu later observed another alternate universe. After seeing Thor land in Las Vegas, Nevada on Earth, Uatu looked back on how Odin adopting Loki changed the main timeline and humbled Thor. Uatu revealed that in this alternate universe Odin returned Loki to Laufey instead of keeping him, making Thor a completely different person as he was raised as an only child.

Uatu is confused by Ultron's sudden arrival

Uatu watched as Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis observe Thor’s arrival, Thor’s humongous party on Earth with random assortment of alien species, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain Marvel's attempt to stop him, Foster summoning Frigga to help Thor, and Thor and his friends scrabble to clean up his party. Uatu then watched as Thor came back to ask Foster out on a date, and after she said yes, Uatu said how everything was seeming right with this universe, and that they lived happily ever after. However, Uatu sensed something else happening, which alerted him. Visibly surprised, he said he might've spoken to soon as he saw as a portal open up in front of Thor and Foster, with Ultron Sentries and Ultron coming out of it.[9]

Age of Ultron

Last Survivors

Uatu observing Black Widow and Hawkeye

"We've seen this before, a universe in the final days of destruction. But this particular story... this, this one breaks my heart."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu then recalled how he had seen universes in their final moments of destruction, but this particular universe's destruction broke his heart. He turned his attention to Ultron's home universe and observed as Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton fended themselves from a swarm of Ultron Sentries in order to secure a hideout in Russia. Uatu recalled how in the main timeline, Tony Stark created Ultron for peace and to be a suit of armor around the world, how Ultron created a body to possess, and how the Avengers had stolen the body from the Regeneration Cradle, thus creating Vision who become a hero. Uatu then explained how in this alternate universe, Ultron got his wish and uploaded his consciousness into the body, before obtaining access to the nuclear codes and wiping out all of humanity with nuclear explosives. Uatu then watched as Ultron killed Thor, Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, and Tony Stark. He then observed Thanos's arrival onto the destroyed Earth, his death at the hands of Ultron, and Ultron obtaining the Infinity Stones from the Infinity Gauntlet. He then watched as Ultron used the Reality Stone to recreate his army before travelling into space to decimate Asgard, Sovereign, Sakaar, Ego, Xandar, and the remainder of the universe.[4]

Discovered by Ultron

Uatu's presence is sensed by Ultron

"Basking in the boundless silence of his universe, Ultron ascended to a previously unattainable level of consciousness. He became aware of another. He became aware of the..."
"I see you. There... are universes beyond my own."
―The Watcher and Ultron[src]

After Ultron was left in the desolate universe, Uatu lamented that he had become a program without a purpose. As he continued to narrate Ultron's supposed state, he commented that Ultron had reached to a previously unobtainable level of consciousness, continuing that he had become aware of someone's existence. It was at that point that Uatu realized that the someone that Ultron was now aware of was himself.

Uatu becomes frightened by Ultron

Frightened and alarmed by this, Uatu shut off his viewing point, but still heard Ultron's taunts that he would find him. Uatu, still shaken, said how he had seen everything that had, would, and could've happened, but he had no idea how that happened. Uatu said that the Multiverse was in danger because of Ultron. Uatu straightened himself out and reminded himself that Ultron was not as invincible as he believes, and that there was still hope.

Uatu contemplates interfering

He then travelled to Romanoff and Barton's location at the KGB Archive Building in Moscow. While being invisible, Uatu found Arnim Zola's file and tried to get Barton to grab it. However, Barton didn't see it, much to Uatu's distress. As Uatu begged for the two to see the file, he heard Ultron taunt him again, which frightened him again. However, to Uatu's relief, Romanoff found the box and Zola's file.

Uatu fights Ultron in the Nexus of All Realities

As Uatu became hopeful again, Ultron busted into the Nexus of All Realities and began to engage in a fight against him. After being blasted away by Ultron, Uatu told him that he didn't have to do this, but Ultron said it was his purpose before attempting to blast Uatu again with the Stones. However, Uatu brought up a force-field to protect himself and to force Ultron away. Uatu then trapped Ultron inside a circular chamber and sent him into another dimension and told himself that it shouldn't have been possible. However, Ultron reentered the Nexus and reminded Uatu that anything was possible, before slamming Uatu out of the Nexus into an alternate universe. Ultron then mocked Uatu, remarking how how he just stood by and watched as good and bad events took place. Uatu replied that to respect his oath, he was unable to interfere.

Uatu powers up

Uatu powered up and transformed into a golden armor, proclaiming himself as the Watcher. He then engaged Ultron in another duel, going into hand-to-hand combat. Ultron then forced Uatu into countless alternate universes in order to disorient him and then enlarged himself in order to consume an entire galaxy, causing Uatu to fall into another universe. Uatu landed in front of several humans in New York City who were watching footage of Steve Rogers' presidential inauguration. Ultron arrived and pointed out how creepy it was that Uatu observed people without them knowing, before Ultron beat him repeatedly into other universes. Ultron then grabbed hold of Uatu's head and proceeded to kill him, but Uatu was able to get out of Ultron's grasp, punch his arm, and escape.[4]

Breaking His Oath

Uatu seeks Doctor Strange’s help

"I want to hear you say it."
"Okay... I can't believe I'm about to say this... I see now. I need your help."
Doctor Strange and The Watcher[src]

Uatu transported himself to what was left of Doctor Strange's universe, the Mirror Dimension. He confessed to Strange that he was out of options on how to deal with Ultron, to which Strange told him that he had been there and had been trapped in this prison as a result. Strange then questioned if Uatu was ready to break his oath and beckoned him to announce his intention to break his oath of not interfering. Uatu questioned if he really wanted to hear it, which Strange confirmed. With the Multiverse threatened by Ultron, Uatu, to his detriment, agreed and told Strange that he needed his help.[4]

Guardians of the Multiverse

"You are my best hope to save all of them. You are the Guardians of the Multiverse."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu selects T'Challa

Uatu then set out to gather his team. First he went to the first alternate universe he observed and located Captain Carter, who was fighting Georges Batroc on the Lemurian Star. After making his presence known, Carter became startled. Uatu then told her that she had been chosen by him and took her out of her universe. He then went to the next universe and found T'Challa in Missouri rescuing Peter Quill from Ego. After Quill pointed Uatu out to T'Challa, Uatu told him he was chosen and took him out of his universe.

Uatu chooses Gamora

Uatu then went to another universe to Nidavellir and found Gamora and Tony Stark. After being noticed by them, Stark remarked that Gamora would defeat him, but Uatu told Stark that he was not part of the mission and took Gamora out of her universe. Uatu then went to the next universe and traversed into Wakanda to the Citadel grabbing Erik Killmonger before he was apprehended by the Dora Milaje, Shuri, and Pepper Potts. Finally, Uatu went to Thor’s universe and found him in Las Vegas fighting against the Ultron Sentries, after they had attempted to destroy his universe. As Thor fought, Uatu tried to get his attention, but was unsuccessful, so he snatched Thor with his hand and took him to the others.

Uatu with the Guardians of the Multiverse

Uatu brought the team to a bar that Doctor Strange materialized and appeared before them abruptly, startling them. He notified them about Ultron and his campaign to destroy the Multiverse, while Strange explained the Infinity Stones to them. Uatu told them that he initially thought he only needed Strange but realized that he needed the team, dubbing them the Guardians of the Multiverse.

Uatu then witnessed as the Guardians executed their plan and travelled to an uninhabited planet in another universe. Uatu then watched as Thor alerted Ultron prematurely to their existence, which resulted in Ultron attacking them. Uatu then watched as Strange summoned all the zombies from the one universe he had observed earlier to distract Ultron as the Guardians escaped to Ultron’s universe. He then witnessed Natasha Romanoff finding them and agreeing to join them. Uatu watched as they fought against Ultron in order to keep the Soul Stone from him and their plan to destroy the Stones, but since the Infinity Crusher was designed for Gamora's universe the Stones were still intact. However, Romanoff found her motorcycle and the arrow that Arnim Zola had been transferred too. She teamed up with Carter in order for Zola to be uploaded into Ultron. Uatu then saw Zola kill Ultron and take over the vibranium body. He then saw Killmonger betraying the team, taking Ultron's armor to be in possession of the Stones, and attempting to use the Stones to kill the Guardians. However, Zola stopped Killmonger and attempted to take the Stones back, until Strange realized that the point of the mission was to separate the Stones. He then put a barrier from the Mirror Dimension around them, trapping Killmonger and Zola in it, before Uatu shrank the barrier.

Uatu and Strange went back to Strange's dimension, the Mirror Dimension, where Strange pointed out how Uatu knew how the battle would unfold before it started as well as Killmonger's betrayal. Uatu then thanked Strange for helping him and his sacrifice to keep watch over the pocket dimension.

Uatu regrouped with the Guardians in the bar and thanked them for saving the Multiverse, before allowing everyone to walk out the door back to their respective universes. Carter, however had second thoughts since she couldn't be with Steve Rogers, and asked if she could go back in the past. Uatu told her that her time and world needed Captain Carter, so she went back to her universe. Uatu was then left with Romanoff, who bluntly told him she wasn't going back to her universe since it had been destroyed. Romanoff then accused Uatu of not caring about them and that they were just stories to him. Uatu told her that was far from the truth and that he is inspired by their stories, which meant everything to him. He then asked her to go through the door again, but she refused. Uatu said that the door was more of a metaphor before transporting Romanoff to another universe onto a Helicarrier, where S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve Rogers, Carol Danvers, and Nick Fury were fighting against Loki and his forces. Uatu told Romanoff that he put her in a universe that had lost their Widow. Romanoff then thanked Uatu, before overpowering Loki and using his Scepter to incapacitate him, before being recruited by Fury to join his team.

Uatu looked on his team, saying that all creatures search for a place to belong, and call home. As for him, Uatu proclaimed that every universe, and story is his home, and that he will protect it to the end.[3]


"I observe all that transpires here, but I do not, cannot, will not interfere. For I am the Watcher."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu takes his role as a Watcher seriously, and does not interfere with what happens in the alternate universes within the Multiverse. Uatu did not interfere when Peggy Carter became Captain Carter, when T'Challa became Star-Lord, when the Avengers were assassinated, when a Zombie outbreak was released, Erik Killmonger's personal war, or Thor's party in their respective universes. Most notably, when Doctor Strange ended up causing his universe's destruction he begged Uatu to save it, but instead Uatu chastised Strange while telling him that he could not.

Uatu does have some limits though on not intervening, as when Doctor Strange was absorbing more creatures for power, he considered to interfere, but reminded himself that he could not, because of his oath. He also seemed pained that he couldn't show Hawkeye and Black Widow the way to defeat Ultron, saying it'll save many lives. At first he shows little to no emotion towards the realities he was presenting, which Black Widow chastised him for, but gradually began to show empathy towards those he observed, even admitting that one which Ultron eliminated all life broke his heart. He honestly admitted to Strange that if he could intervene and help he would, and cheered on Hawkeye, despite knowing he was not heard or seen. He would admit to Black Widow that he cares for the Multiverse and the stories, saying he'll protect it to the end. He was also a humble person, not seeing himself as a god at all.

However, when Ultron sensed him, he was shocked and horrified at the implication of Ultron escaping from his home universe to another. As the AI actively tracked him down, Uatu slowly became more willing to intervene, eventually being forced to break his oath when he lost control of the Nexus of All Realities to Ultron, as seen when he asked Doctor Strange for help despite what the latter did to his own universe.

Powers and Abilities


"The galaxy, to your eyes, a hundred billion points of light. But where you see light, I see worlds and the countless stories that fill them."
―The Watcher[src]

Watcher Physiology: Like all of his species, Uatu is a cosmic being of immeasurable power, he possesses a wide variety of immense, seemingly godlike powers and abilities. His power is only surpassed by that of Ultron empowered by all of the Infinity Stones.

  • Superhuman Strength: Uatu possesses extraordinary divine and immense levels of superhuman strength that is virtually incalculable and limitless, as he is able to carry, lift and exert billions of tons of force. He is numerous times more stronger than any species in the multiverse, being far stronger than any Kree, Asgardian, or Titan, and is only surpassed by Ultron who has the power of six Infinity Stones.
  • Superhuman Durability: Uatu's body is extremely durable, numerous times more resistant to physical and energy damage than any species in the multiverse, equaled only by other members of his species, far outclassing any Kree, Asgardian, Titan, and even Ego who is a Celestial, thereby making him almost invulnerable and indestructible. He was able to withstand the energy blasts from the Infinity Stones, numerous hits from Ultron amplified by the power of the Infinity Stones, and falls from immense heights, all without any damage. During the battle with Ultron, when he and Ultron arrived in another universe, Ultron enlarged himself to a point where he managed to consume an entire galaxy, causing it to explode and completely destroying it, with Uatu being the only survivor. In same battle after arriving in another universe, Ultron mercilessly beat Uatu, the force of his punches causing them to transverse from one universe to another, until they ended up on an alternate Jotunheim which left him temporarily unconscious for a few seconds. By the time The Watcher regained his consciousness, Utron focused all of the Infinity Stones' energy in his hand and attempt to crush his head, but The Watcher managed to resist long enough for him to break free and open a portal to escape, leaving with only minor injuries.
  • Superhuman Speed: Uatu can run at extreme speed, possibly faster than light speed, much faster than any being in the multiverse. He was able to keep up with the speed of Ultron and sometimes even faster than him in battle, and is fast enough to block or dodge most of his attacks.
  • Superhuman Agility: Uatu is much more agile than any being in the multiverse, rivalled only by the other Watchers, with perfect balance, equilibrium, flexibility, and dexterity. He was able to dodge Ultron attacks agilely and and sometimes even outmanoeuvre him in battle.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Uatu muscles produce no fatigue toxins during physical activity, far surpassing any being in the multiverse. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time and without tiring at all. He was able to last much longer in a fight with Ultron compared with Captain Marvel.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Uatu can react and dodge objects traveling at extreme speeds, much quicker than any being in the multiverse. He was able to dodge or avoid most of Ultron's attacks.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Uatu can quickly recover from injuries, his healing is much better than any being in the multiverse. As after his fight with Ultron, Uatu had sustained serious injuries, but by the time he visited Doctor Strange for help, he showed no signs of them.
"The entire Multiverse at your fingertips and you spend all your time up there?"
Ultron to The Watcher[src]
  • Immortality: Uatu is immortal, he is able to forever, without dying due to old age or illnesses.
  • Flight: Uatu can fly at extreme speed, possibly faster than light speed. He can fly, glide and float through the air and vacuum of space without outside help.
  • Self-Sustenance: Uatu is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space unaided. He doesn't need air, and does not appear to need food, water, or sleep to survive.
"I have seen everything that has ever happened. Ever will happen. Ever could happen."
―The Watcher[src]

Uatu observing the multiverse

  • Nigh-Omniscience: Uatu is aware and knows everything of all the existing universes in the Multiverse. However, the only thing he cannot predict is Ultron, as he was genuinely surprised by Ultron appearing in Party Thor's reality, and was shocked that Ultron was able to see him and later even break through the barriers of the Nexus of All Realities, which he deemed that it should not be possible. However, later he was able to foresee the Guardians would win against Ultron ultimately. This indicates that even though Ultron managed to surprise him at first, he was still able to know and see the future of Ultron correctly before the events being happened.
  • Invisibility: Uatu can make himself invisible, in order to observe without being seen. Specifically when he was in the same room as Hawkeye and Black Widow, neither of them could see nor hear him. However, Doctor Strange was able to sense his presence and later even see him as he consumed powerful mystical entities to increase his power. Ultron was also able to sense his presence and see him after obtaining the power of six Infinity Stones.
  • Size Manipulation: Uatu can change his size in conjunction with his environment. He could be big enough to use his palm to pick up and hold Thor. Uatu can also change the size of objects as he shrunk a Mirror Dimension barrier to trap Erik Killmonger and Arnim Zola.
  • Holographic Projection: While explaining their objective and what are they up against to the Guardians of the Multiverse, Uatu generated a holographic display of the worlds that were being attacked by Ultron and the appearance of Ultron with all the Infinity Stones.
  • Interdimensional Travel: Uatu has the power to bypass the barriers between realities throughout the Multiverse and able to travel to any point of the multiverse. In the battle against Ultron, they fought across the multiverse. He was able to travel to different universes and observe them, including but not limit to Main Universe, Super Soldier Peggy Carter Universe, Ravager T'Challa Universe, Avengers Assassinated Universe, Corrupted Doctor Strange Universe, Killmonger's War Universe, Party Prince Thor Universe, Age of Ultron Universe and Warrior Gamora Universe.
    • Teleportation: Uatu can teleport in order to see points of interest to observe. He can also teleport anyone to any point of the multiverse. He was able to teleport Peggy Carter, T'Challa, Gamora, Erik Killmonger, and Thor to a bar created by Stephen Strange.
      • Portal Creation: Uatu can open portals to any location in the multiverse. After being defeated and nearly killed by Ultron, Uatu opened a portal to escape by transporting himself to what was left of Doctor Strange's universe, the Mirror Dimension. Uatu can also take others with him, warping both himself and others to another universe. He opened a portal and teleported the Guardians of the Multiverse to a deserted planet from another universe to fight Ultron, he later teleported them to Ultron's home planet.
  • Time Travel: Uatu can travel throughout any points within the timelines he surveys. This was demonstrated when he watched Doctor Strange back in the past wanting to change an Absolute Point in time. He also saw Captain Carter's World War II, T'Challa's abduction, the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse, the events that led to Thor having a party on Earth, Ultron's rise to power, and all previous events in the main timeline.
  • Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Uatu is able to manipulate cosmic energy to use it in many ways, including but not limited to create shields and barriers, telekinesis, accumulate cosmic energy in his hands, manipulate matter and channel energy.
    • Force-Field Generation: Uatu is capable of using cosmic energy to create energy constructs. He was able to create shields and barriers strong enough to withstand the energy blasts from the Infinity Stones and contain Ultron in a sphere.
    • Telekinesis: Uatu can move objects with his powers. After trapping Ultron in a force-field, he sent him out of the Nexus of All Realities.
    • Matter Manipulation: As a being of immeasurable power, Uatu is able to manipulate matter at a molecular level. He was able to conjure a golden armor onto him, and later change his combat attire into his Watcher uniform.
    • Energy Channeling: Uatu can cause interference and power surges in nearby technology. When he appeared in a bar created by Stephen Strange, he was able to cause the surrounding light bulbs to flicker.
    • Energy Blasts: Uatu can accumulate his energy into his hands to increase the damage behind his blows. He was able to stagger Ultron and knock him back using this power.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Thanks to his omniscience, Uatu is able to pinpoint the moment in which a divergence in reality happens, due to knowing every detail of the initial event. He was also able to outsmart Ultron, despite the him having all the Infinity Stones which made him nigh-omnipotent, as he formed a team that ultimately defeated Ultron.
  • Master Tactician: Uatu is master strategist and tactical genius, being able to plan way ahead of events and execute it flawlessly, knowing exactly how it will unfold. He was able to choose all the right members to form the Guardians of the Multiverse which have the perfect combination of skills and experience that alone will triumph, being able to battle against Ultron and win ultimately without any of the members dying. Even more than that, Doctor Strange in the end realized that Uatu foresaw every moment on how the Guardians plan against Ultron would unfold successfully, from the failed Infinity Crusher to Killmonger's betrayal, and Strange's sacrifice.

The Watcher facing off with Ultron

  • Master Combatant: Uatu is an exceedingly skilled master hand-to-hand combatant, with an extensively knowledge in various forms of combats. He could match up with Ultron during a long fight.
  • Omnilingualism: Uatu is capable of understanding and most likely speaking all known languages within the Multiverse.


  • Watcher Uniform: Uatu possesses a uniform to indicate his status as a Watcher.
  • Golden Armor: Uatu possesses a golden armor that he used for combat. He wore the armor during a fight with Ultron.





Objective Targets



  • In the comics, Uatu the Watcher resides at the Blue Area of the Moon, where there is oxygen and breathing is possible, from where he observes Earth. In spite of the Watchers having made an oath of not interfering with events in the history of the planet they are meant to observe, Uatu very often violates this oath to aid humanity, most notably to help the Fantastic Four to save Earth from Galactus.
  • Uatu is the first Marvel Cinematic Universe character to debut in an animated medium.
  • This is the first version of Uatu who appears to be dark-skinned.

Behind the Scenes

  • Fans had speculated that Uatu was the Watcher Informant, Stan Lee's cameo character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, but Kevin Feige disproved this theory by confirming, at the time Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was being released, that while the cinematic rights to the Watchers were shared between Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox, Uatu was owned solely by Fox.[10] However, Uatu's rights were transferred back to Marvel when Disney acquired Fox in 2019.[11]
  • What If...? head writer A.C. Bradley has stated that the show hasn't used the name "Uatu" to refer to the Watcher because then the audience could feel that there's more than one being watching the show's events, whereas Bradley intended to focus the narrative on how the Watcher observes different characters and realities and how those affect him.[12]


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