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"Star-spangled man with a plan and all that. It's always been in the job description. Listen, this suit, it comes with expectations, brother."
Lemar Hoskins to John Walker

The Star-Spangled Man is the second episode of the first season of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.


John Walker is named Captain America, and Sam and Bucky team up against a rebel group.


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Captain John Walker is in his old high school's locker room, reeling from his appointment as the next Captain America. His friend Lemar Hoskins arrives to help him prepare for his interview in front of the stadium audience and on national television. During his televised appearance, Walker, despite being a highly-decorated soldier, confesses that it would be a tough job filling in the shoes of his idol and predecessor, Steve Rogers.

Among those watching the interview is Bucky Barnes, who angrily confronts Sam Wilson about giving up Rogers' shield to the U.S. Government. Wilson's drone Redwing is able to track the Flag Smashers down to Munich; Barnes tags alongside Wilson for the mission despite the latter's wishes. In the middle of a forest stands a ruined warehouse, where they find the Flag Smashers transporting stolen vaccines into trucks. The two attempt to stealthily ambush the group, but Redwing's heat vision discovers an apparent hostage in a truck, prompting them to chase the transports.

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Barnes breaches the truck and finds a young woman inside, but quickly realizes that she is not a hostage when she attacks with super strength. While the Flag Smashers pin down Barnes, the woman destroys Redwing and fends off Wilson. Walker and Hoskins arrive via helicopter to aid the two Avengers, having used Redwing to track their location. Barnes is left hanging from the transport's chassis, and while Wilson rescues him, Walker and Hoskins are overpowered and forced off the vehicle.

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As Barnes deduces that the eight Flag Smashers are enhanced by a Super Soldier Serum, Walker offers him and Wilson a ride to the airport, which they reluctantly accept. Walker explains that while the Global Repatriation Council manages resources for the blipped refugees, he and Hoskins are assigned to maintain order throughout the world. He also unsuccessfully tries to recruit the two to his cause, while attempting to assure Wilson that he is not trying to mimic Rogers' persona, but rather trying to become the best Captain America he can be. Meanwhile, the Flag Smashers take refuge inside the home of a supporter. Their leader receives a threatening text from an unknown number, and the group quickly discovers that Interpol had issued arrest warrants for all of them, prompting them to purge all traces of their identity.

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Arriving in Baltimore, Barnes brings Wilson to the home of Isaiah Bradley, a super-soldier whom Barnes fought during the Korean War as the Winter Soldier, to recruit him against the Flag Smashers. At the mention of the appearance of more super soldiers globally, however, Isaiah quickly breaks down, recalling his 30-year imprisonment as an experiment for the U.S. Government and HYDRA following the War, before forcing them out of the house. Wilson is infuriated at Barnes for not informing him about Bradley's existence. Their heated argument attracts the attention of the police, who ask if Wilson is bothering Barnes. After discovering their identities, the police instead arrest Barnes for missing his pardon-mandated therapy session.

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Walker arrives at the detention facility to release Barnes, while Dr. Christina Raynor forces Barnes and Wilson into a therapy session as a condition of his release. As Raynor uses the soul-gazing exercise to get the two to talk to each other, Barnes tells Wilson that by giving up the shield, he is essentially throwing away Rogers' legacy and all that he stood for, as well as his trust. Wilson in return defends his decision, and proposes that they never see each other again after their mission is completed. Impatient, the two abandon therapy only to find Walker outside, who informs them that the Flag Smashers' leader is named Karli Morgenthau, and that the group has been spotted in Central Europe.


As they are free agents, Barnes and Wilson decide to separate from Walker to confront the Flag Smashers. Meanwhile, at a Slovakian airport, the group is loading their boxes of stolen vaccines in an airplane as authorities close in. However, a Flag Smasher sacrifices himself to buy enough time for the plane to take off. Having been reminded of HYDRA's super-soldier research from Isaiah, Barnes gets the idea to visit Helmut Zemo in prison, seeking to extract all of the organization's secrets from him.


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Star Spangled Man
  • John Walker is introduced to a crowd as the new Captain America.
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