"The Scarlet Witch is not born, she is forged. She has no coven, no need for incantation."
"I'm not a witch. I don't cast spells. No one taught me magic!"
"Your power exceeds that of the Sorcerer Supreme. It's your destiny to destroy the world."
Agatha Harkness and Wanda Maximoff[src]

The Series Finale is the ninth and final episode of the first season of WandaVision, as well as the series finale.


The events of WandaVision come to a head, and the destinies of all who took part are determined.


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Agatha strangled Billy and Tommy

Wanda Maximoff attacks Agatha Harkness to break her hold on Billy and Tommy, before ordering her children into their house to shield themselves. Agatha reveals that she can absorb Wanda's chaos magic, attempting to strike a bargain: consume Wanda's powers in exchange for allowing her to maintain the false Westview reality with her family.

Maximoff and Vision prepare to fight

After temporarily subduing Agatha, Wanda is approached by White Vision, whom she recognizes as the original body. Unfortunately, he attempts to kill her, but Wanda's Vision arrives to engage White Vision in battle. As Wanda admits her regret to her Vision for the lack of honesty surrounding the Westview Anomaly, he reveals that he now understands the reason why she crafted her reality. The couple prepares to fight for their home- Wanda confronts Agatha while the two Visions fight in the skies.

Inside Agatha's home, Monica Rambeau is trapped by "Pietro Maximoff," who refuses to let her leave. She uncovers a document regarding ownership of the property, revealing that Agatha does not own the house, but rather "Pietro," whose real name is Ralph Bohner. Monica discovers that the puka necklace he sports is enchanted; after removing it, Ralph's mind is freed from the sorcery.

At the S.W.O.R.D. Retreat Base, Jimmy Woo is brought in handcuffs to Director Tyler Hayward, who boasts that without video proof from inside the Anomaly, he will be able to cover up his resurrection of Vision and his attempted termination of Wanda. Jimmy threatens Hayward with FBI intervention, after which he is thrown into a hay bale. There, he frees himself from the handcuffs, before contacting his FBI allies at Quantico.

Maximoff confronted by Westview residents

Agatha ambushes Wanda at the town center, revealing that the Darkhold contains a chapter dedicated to the Scarlet Witch. According to the book, the Scarlet Witch is forged into existence, is not bound to a coven or incantation, and possesses magic surpassing that of the Sorcerer Supreme. The Scarlet Witch is destined to destroy the world. As Wanda attempts to reject any correlation to legend, Agatha releases every citizen from Wanda's enthrallment, who immediately guilt her with pleadings and questions about their loved ones. Overwhelmed, Wanda bursts into anguish, her magic creating bands around each person's necks and beginning to suffocate them. Back at home, Billy senses his mother's outburst, prompting him and Tommy to rush over.

Wanda quickly reverses the choking spells, and as the citizens beg for their release, she begins to destroy the Hex. The barrier opens up, and Hayward orders his troops into Westview to eliminate Maximoff. As the reality dissipates, Wanda's Vision, Billy, and Tommy begin to disintegrate, leading her to stop the process. As the Maximoff family reunites, they are confronted by Agatha, White Vision, and Hayward's platoon of troops. Agatha attacks the troops, lifting them in the air, but Wanda helps to break their fall. Wanda and Vision leave to continue their confrontation with Agatha and the white alternative, respectively, leaving the children to fend off Hayward.

The Twins WV EP9.jpg

With Billy's telekinesis and Tommy's super-speed, they redirect the troops' aim toward Agatha, prompting Hayward to emerge from his vehicle, intending to shoot and kill the children. Monica rushes in and uses her body to block the bullets; she fails to block one, but Billy's telekinesis stops it. Hayward attempts to use his vehicle to ram the three, but is stopped by a food truck driven by Darcy Lewis.

The true Vision restored

The two Visions' duel leads into the public library, where they halt fighting to negotiate peacefully. White Vision declares that his prime directive is to "destroy The Vision," and both admit to not being the true Vision; White Vision does not have the Mind Stone nor memories, while Wanda's creation does not possess original material. Wanda's Vision suggests that the original Vision's memories are being stored away for the sake of a more easily-controlled sentient weapon. Wanda's Vision restores the memories of White Vision, freeing him of S.W.O.R.D.'s control. His past life restored, White Vision realizes that he is now the one true Vision, and promptly flies away from Westview.

Scarlet Witch reclaiming all of her magic

As Wanda's Vision reunites with his children, Wanda ambushes Agatha, subjecting her to a hallucination, revisiting her 1693 trial and attempted execution. As the corpses of the deceased witches begin to reanimate, they recognize Wanda as the Scarlet Witch, the Harbinger of Chaos. As Wanda is tied to the stake, Agatha offers to keep Westview in her false reality in exchange for Wanda's power. Wanda seemingly accepts the bargain, transferring the chaos energy and her life force to the witch. However, this is revealed to be a hoax, as Wanda had cast the same runes Agatha had used in her basement to nullify her magic on the walls of the Hex. She proceeds to absorb a powerless Agatha's magic, morphing into the Scarlet Witch as depicted in legend.

Maximoff witnesses Vision being destroyed

Agatha warns Wanda about her unparalleled power, offering herself as a tutor for the Scarlet Witch. However, Wanda instead places Agatha under a spell that reverts the witch's personality and appearance to her 'Agnes' character, trapping her in Westview. The Hex begins to shrink and reverse its reality overwrite across town, and the Maximoff family returns home for a final time. Wanda bids farewell to her children, thanking them for choosing her to be their mother. As normality creeps up to the Vision Residence, Wanda and Vision prepare to bid each other goodbye. Vision voices wonder at the nature of his existence across time: first a voice with no body, then a body but not human, and now a memory. He wonders what his next form will take as he and Wanda profess their undying love.

The Hex fully dissipates, and with it, the house, Vision, Billy, and Tommy. Walking through the Westview town center once more, a hooded Wanda's former thralls scowl at her as she returns to see Monica, who reveals that given her power, she would've brought her mother back. Wanda apologizes for her actions, admitting that there is still much for her to learn about her power. As authority figures arrive, the two women say goodbye to each other. Wanda then flies away from Westview, observing the welcome sign one last time before departing.

Maximoff reading from the Darkhold

In a mid-credits scene, Monica reunites with Jimmy as he takes over the Westview Investigation from Hayward, who is escorted out in handcuffs. She is called into the local theatre by an FBI agent, who reveals herself to be a Skrull sent by an old friend of her mother regarding an intergalactic mission. In the post-credits scene, Wanda is now living in the wilderness by herself, studying the Darkhold. Suddenly, Wanda is pulled from her readings by the sounds of Billy and Tommy crying out for her help.


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