The Punisher (Original Soundtrack) is the soundtrack for the TV series of the same name. It was released on iTunes on November 17, 2017.

Track Listing

  1. The Punisher Main Title
  2. Quiet Reflection
  3. The Runaround
  4. Dig Deep
  5. Misdirection
  6. Lewis Gets the Boot
  7. Rampage
  8. Billy Motivates
  9. Hiding Evidence
  10. Judas
  11. Family Dinner
  12. Just in Time
  13. Made an Enemy
  14. Keep It Running
  15. Escape the Base
  16. Like a Soldier
  17. Heads Will Roll
  18. Frank's Choice
  19. Billy's Lair
  20. No More War to Fight
  21. The Punisher End Title

Songs in the Series but not on the Soundtrack

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