The Punisher Title Card

A list of trivia related to The Punisher.

References to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Netflix Series

  • Punisher makes his second appearance in a TV series, the first being Daredevil.
  • Karen Page makes her third appearance in a TV series, the first being Daredevil and the second being The Defenders.
  • Brett Mahoney makes his third appearance in a TV series, the first being Daredevil and the second being Jessica Jones.
  • Turk Barrett makes his fourth appearance in a TV series, the first being Daredevil, the second being Luke Cage, and the third being The Defenders.

References to Marvel Comics

References to Real-World Events

Episode Titles

Front Toward Enemy
  • The title of episode 1.09, Front Toward Enemy, refers to a M18 Claymore mine with words "Front Towards Enemy" stamped on the front of every Claymore mine.
  • The title of episode 1.10, Virtue of the Vicious, is a reference to Oscar Wilde's quote: "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious.".
  • The title of episode 1.11, Danger Close,
  • The title of episode 1.12, Home, refers to dialogue between Frank Castle and the illusion of Maria: "Come home, Frank. Let's go home." - "I am home."
  • The title of episode 1.13, Memento Mori, is the medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of reflection on mortality, which can be translated as "Remember, you will die". This phrase was previously mentioned by Micro in Danger Close, referring to Punisher's Vest.
  • The title of episode 2.01, Roadhouse Blues, is probably a reference to The Doors's song with the same name.
  • The title of episode 2.02, Fight or Flight, refers to the fight-or-flight response, a physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival.
  • The title of episode 2.03, Trouble the Water, is a reference to Bible scripture (John 5:4): "For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had."; which was quoted by Potter.
  • The title of episode 2.04, Scar Tissue, refers to Billy Russo's disfigured face, now covered by scars.
  • The title of episode 2.05, One-Eyed Jacks, is a title of a 1961 Western film directed by Marlon Brando.
  • The title of episode 2.06, Nakazat, is a transcription of the Russian word "Наказать" what translates as "To punish".
  • The title of episode 2.07, One Bad Day, is a nod to the Punisher's line from the Daredevil episode New York's Finest
  • The title of episode 2.08, My Brother's Keeper, is part of the Tyndale translation of the story of Cain and Abel that previously was referred in the first season of Luke Cage.
  • The title of episode 2.09, Flustercluck, refers to Amy Bendix's quote about their situation with Frank Castle: "This is such a total flustercluck."
  • The title of episode 2.10, The Dark Hearts of Men,
  • The title of episode 2.11, The Abyss,
  • The title of episode 2.12, Collision Course,
  • The title of episode 2.13, The Whirlwind, refers to John Pilgrim who called Frank Castle "the whirlwind", begging him to spare his sons. Also, is a reference to Bible scripture (Hosea 8, verse 7): "He that sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.", which Pilgrim quoted in Trouble the Water.

Other Trivia

  • Like the other Marvel Netflix series, there is a reference to Star Wars franchise: Lewis Wilson had a model of a Naboo Starfighter in his bedroom.
  • This is the first Marvel Netflix series to not feature Claire Temple.