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"I need to keep going. If I pitch a perfect game, then they might..."
"Dex. You could pitch a billion perfect games. It won't bring your parents back."
Benjamin Poindexter and Bradley

The Perfect Game is the fifth episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


To quell the rising backlash over his release, Fisk serves up a scapegoat for the FBI. Dex misses his mark after he runs into a woman from his past.


Spending time at his apartment, Benjamin Poindexter prepared to go to a job, having a look at the picture with his former colleagues from Brooklyn Suicide Prevention Center. Leaving his apartment, Poindexter proceeded to his daily routine - work for the FBI and stalking Julie Barnes.

Benjamin Donovan reported back to Wilson Fisk, stating that Felix Manning's men finished their task to kill Matt Murdock successfully, although Murdock's body was not found. Fisk was not pleasured with this and orders Donovan to remind Manning that he does tolerate loose ends. Agreeing, Donovan suggested that Murdock's body could sweep away, noting that a blind man could not survive something like this. However, Fisk showed Donovan the footage from security cameras of Ryker's Island, demonstrating Murdock's fighting skills. Although Donovan insisted that he made sure that Murdock actually lost his sight, Fisk suggested that man with skills like this had a chance to survive.


The conversation is interrupted as Ray Nadeem and Poindexter enters the room. Donovan officially insisted that the FBI must honor their agreement, due to Fisk's assistance in the operations against Albanian Syndicate. Nadeem stated that DOJ will drop the charges against Vanessa Marianna. Fisk expressed his respect to the FBI, saying that he will continue to collaborate with the Bureau. Taking his opportunity to take down Murdock, Fisk framed him as his criminal partner, making Murdock a target for the FBI.

Meanwhile, exhausted but alive, Murdock returned to his apartment where he changes his clothes. Suddenly, Murdock heard Nadeem on the stairwells who lead the agents to his apartment. Murdock manages to escape through the window before the agents break into his apartment. The agents make sure that the apartment is clear, however, Nadeem found Murdock's wet clothes, noting that Murdock recently was there.

Following her lead, Karen Page tracked down Manning at the club where she speaks with him. Page gave Manning an opportunity to testify against Fisk, stating that his criminal activities will be taken down, as soon as New York Bulletin will publish the story. However, Manning informed Page that he knew everything about her, as well as her family, assuring Page that she better stop following him.

Outside of the club, Page spots some men following her before she was intercepted by the FBI. Agents bring Page to Murdock's apartment where Nadeem questions her about him. Page avoided Nadeem's questions, saying that she did not know anything about Murdock's whereabouts. Nadeem then asked Page about the collaboration between Nelson and Murdock and Fisk's criminal empire but Page stated that they never worked with Fisk. He then showed Page his evidence, Confederated Global Investments check signed by Page, although she said that they were tricked by Fisk's man who offered them the case. Noting Page's answer, Nadeem showed her a picture of James Wesley who was killed by her. Panicked that the FBI could found out, Page changed the topic before leaving the apartment.


Back at Presidential Hotel, Donovan handed Fisk all materials about Poindexter that Manning's men could find. Fisk examined all the date, learning about his life in an orphanage, the murder of his couch committed by Poindexter and therapy session with Eileen Mercer. As Donovan asks Fisk why he is so interested in Poindexter, Fisk replied that he is a scapegoat for New York City and unwanted attention could interfere with his plans. In order to distract the public, Fisk decided to create a new villain for the people of New York and chooses Poindexter.

Foggy Nelson ran his election campaign in Nelson's Meats, together with Theo. Most of the attendees at the store were ready to support Nelson's campaign to take down Fisk. Nelson then noted that Nadeem entering the store who requests Nelson to speak privately. As Nadeem questions Nelson about Murdock, Nelson noted that his actions proved his statements about the FBI and Fisk. Nadeem proposed that Nelson could get rid of Murdock due to his criminal activities and also informs Nelson that Murdock used his ID to infiltrate into the prison and contact Albanians. Nadeem assured Nelson that as soon as FBI expose Murdock's crimes, both of Nelson and Page will be arrested too.

At the bar, Poindexter suddenly met Barnes working as a waitress in the hotel. Barnes recognized Poindexter as her former colleague at the suicide hotline what Poindexter agrees. Still surprised by a personal meeting with Barnes, Poindexter told her about his job to guard Fisk. Having a casual talk, Poindexter and Barnes discuss their previous jobs. However, Poindexter accidentally told her about the details of Barnes' life that he could not know. Terrified, Barnes quickly leaves Poindexter, much to his frustration.

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Nelson and Page meet at Nelson's Meets where they discussing FBI prosecution against Murdock. Nelson stated that the FBI does not know about Murdock's life as Daredevil, however, they can expose it by digging his life. Intending to protect Page, Nelson proposed to testify in exchange of immunity for her. However, Page, with attorney-client privilege, confessed that she killed Wesley.

Still frustrated, Poindexter returned to his apartment where he had a psychotic breakdown, making a hole in a wall and throwing furniture across the room. After using a knife that threw onto his group portrait, Poindexter calmed himself down by listening to one the tape recordings of his therapy session with Mercer.


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  • This episode is a Matt Murdock's smallest appearance in a Daredevil episode, having only appeared at the very end.


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