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"You're a man of principle, of conviction. I understand that. I even admire it. But you went after my mother. That's not something that I can forgive."
Wilson Fisk to Ben Urich

The Ones We Leave Behind is the twelfth episode of the first season of the television series Daredevil.


Fisk seeks revenge while Karen is haunted by recent events. Daredevil makes a startling discovery about Fisk's financing.


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Karen Page rids herself of the gun she used to kill James Wesley and, after taking a shower, drinks herself to sleep. She has a nightmare where Fisk kills her; Page awakens fearfully.

Wilson Fisk discovers the body of his friend and emotionally, violently beats Francis for allowing him to go alone to his death. Leland Owlsley tries to link Wesley's death to the poisoning of Vanessa Marianna; Fisk puts a ransom on the streets for information about Wesley's killer.

Foggy Nelson goes to Josie's Bar to meet Marci Stahl; he wants her to know about everything Fisk is doing and gives her paperwork supporting those facts. After reading the pages, Stahl asks Nelson how he got them; he tells her that they came from the Masked Man. Nelson lets Stahl know that Fisk will see justice and she needs to be ahead of the coming repercussions of Landman and Zack's involvement.

Meanwhile, Murdock follows a blind man to Madame Gao's Warehouse; he discovers that the workers blinded themselves to work for Gao and her promise of a better life. After a brief skirmish, Madame Gao decides that she is done selling Steel Serpent and will return to her homeland. The fire that resulted from the skirmish brings the fire department and the New York City Police Department. Officer Brett Mahoney confronts the Masked Man, who tells Mahoney that he was not responsible for the death of Christian Blake and that Carl Hoffman is a crooked cop.

Murdock goes to Nelson and Murdock Law Office and cries with Page; without revealing too much of each other's circumstances, each share how they can not believe the depravity humanity can exhibit.

Fisk moves his mother from Saint Bénézet Retirement Care to Italy.

Ben Urich gets fired from the New York Bulletin after insulting Mitchell Ellison who would not run his story about the past of Fisk; Urich accused Ellison of being on Fisk's payroll. He visits Doris who convinces him to write a blog on the internet to get the story printed.


Urich goes home and begins to write when he suddenly finds Fisk sitting in the dark near him. Urich admits that he saw Marlene Vistain in the retirement home; however, he lies, saying that he saw her alone. When asked about the death of Wesley, Urich knows nothing. Fisk tells Urich that involving his mother was an unforgivable act; Urich tells Fisk that his threats are meaningless. Fisk reveals that he was not threatening; he kills Urich by strangling him. As he leaves, he steps on the picture of Ben and Doris.


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  • When Wilson Fisk is sitting in Ben Urich's house, behind him is a biography of New York urban planner Robert Moses, who like Fisk ran into much opposition over his plans for the city.[1]


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