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"People are going to get hurt. And not just them. There are other forces at play here. The last thing the world needs is a Helstrom family reunion. We light that fuse, and God help us all."
Caretaker to Louise Hastings

The One Who Got Away is the third episode of the first season of the television series Helstrom.


Daimon and Ana learn more about the destruction their father left in his wake. With Gabriella, they pay a visit to a potential victim and find themselves in deeper than they ever could have imagined. Hastings shocks Caretaker with a stunning revelation.


At a frat house, scattered, dead, bloody bodies of frat boys lay on the ground as a young man runs from a hooded figure. Eventually, the man sits on a chair and one of the bodies, having been possessed by Magoth, rises from the ground and approaches the hooded man, stating that Daimon Helstrom has been warned and knows they are coming. The hooded figure states that there is more to be done and wants the woman brought to him.

Ana Helstrom wakes up from a dream of her coughing up blood. She receives a call from Daimon questioning what Ana did to affect Victoria Helstrom to the point of bringing her back. Her brother goes on to say that Victoria has never been this lucid in years. Thus, Daimon wants them to now work together to help their Mom stay this way. Ana reluctantly agrees after Daimon mentions that their mother has been asking about them, especially remembering memories from when they were kids. Caretaker surprises Ana at the lobby of her hotel. She is not happy he is there but does begrudgingly answer his question, and thus confirms that her Dad has been released and is alive once more. Her plan is to track and kill him but Caretaker thinks she can not take her dad on alone.

At Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, Victoria truly seems to be back and Daimon looks hopeful at having his mom back, while Ana is shocked to see her again. When Daimon mentions going outside, Victoria has a meltdown stating that Father will be there soon. Just as Ana is trying to bail, Mother grabs onto Ana’s hands and laughs menacingly as she mentions how in the end, Ana and Daimon’s father always catches his victims in the end. The demon inside Victoria then goes on to say how she does admire the Helstrom Matriarch’s stamina. Even going as far as to say that Victoria is quite the fighter because nothing was going to stop her in warning her children about the return of their father. Mother then gets even more elated when she realizes that Ana has not told Daimon about their father’s return. At first, Daimon doesn’t want to believe it; mentioning that their dad is dead, and that his body was found and cremated. Mother then tells the two Helstrom siblings that it is truly amazing what can happen when there is unfinished business that needs to be dealt with.

Later, Dr. Hastings and Rosetti join the siblings to discuss the return of their Dad. Hasting then explains to the Helstrom siblings that Rosetti researched the past to find previous possible survivors from their father’s murders. Ana thinks she was the only one that was able to get away. But in reality, Rosetti discovered that a woman by the name of Zoe Richards got away from their father. They are only finding out now because Zoe’s family wanted their privacy. But if she is led to be believed, then according to Hastings, that would make Zoe the last known victim of Father. She proceeds to tell Daimon that not only does the timing fit, but so does the methodology as well. Rosetti suggests that they should warn Zoe, but Ana counter her suggestion and says that maybe they can use her as bait.

Dr. Hastings hides some medication in her pocket before entering her office to find Caretaker there. He tells her that they have a problem, and instead of immediately answering, Hastings calls Caretaker by his first name when she greets him.

Caretaker admits that he feels like something is up with Hastings and that there is something she is not telling her. Hastings laughs it off and tells him that paranoia is a common side effect of bad weed. Caretaker proceeds to list how he has not heard from her in months, and she does not return his calls. Noticing that she is in a bad mood, he asks her if now is a bad time. She mentions that she has to go check in on her favorite patient. He smiles and says that he also would not mind checking in on Victoria himself.

Elsewhere in Oregon, the Helstrom siblings and Rosetti are on the road when Ana questions Rosetti’s life as a nun, celibacy and all. Ana states that Rosetti is way too pretty to be a legit nun and does not look the part. Daimon chastises his sister and asks Rosetti and mentions how Ana is not a big believer in boundaries or propriety. Ana counters what her brother said, by advising Rosetti to not believe Daimon at face value. That in reality, he has got a wild streak as well, but just hides it better than she does.

Meanwhile, Caretaker talks with Hasting about how Victoria continues to get weaker as Mother gets stronger. He goes on to say that the longer they wait, the more uncertain things become. He wants to take care of Victoria; believing it will solve all their problems if he does. Hastings however, reminds Caretaker that Daimon has conservatorship over Victoria and power of attorney, so right off the bat, Caretaker’s whole plan is a non-starter. But even if were not, she states that along with Daimon, she too believes that the best approach for Victoria is a holistic one. Which treats Victoria’s situation in a pragmatic way. Unfortunately, Caretaker is firm in his belief that Hastings is just putting off the inevitable. Caretaker scoffs as Hastings walks away. The two eventually continue talking, and Hastings admits that she would be lying if she said that she did not share some of Caretaker’s concern. But while she does take it to heart, she is confident in the way she is currently handling it. Caretaker goes onto say that ever since he brought Ana in, it has been an issue for all parties involved. That the risk of the Helstrom siblings being together just scares people. He warns that if word gets out that Ana and Damien are working together, there will be blowback. Mother allows for Caretaker to get a look before shutting it on his face.

As it turns out, the traumatic experience she endured has made Zoe into a paranoid woman. Rosetti speaks to Zoe about talking about her experiences. Zoe shuts the door on them but as they walk away, it seems as though someone is talking to Zoe, who eventually lets them in while holding onto a handgun on one hand. Meanwhile, the frat boy who survived the massacre at the hands of Marduk Helstrom is watching from afar as the Helstrom siblings and Rosetti go inside the Richards Residence.

At the hospital, some supernatural force instructs the patients to kill Caretaker through cardboard games.

Rosetti takes the lead in talking to Zoe, who eventually talks about that particular day, which affects Ana, who seems to be remembering that particular day as well. She takes a moment to walk to the bathroom and continues seeing things as she goes.

Zoe continues to tell the story of a little girl who seemed lost, looking for her dad, then shortly after that, her dad arrived. Daimon checks up on Ana just when she is snooping through the house. The two argue because Ana thinks something is up with Zoe. She confronts Zoe then touches her, but to no effect. The three leave when Zoe grabs her nearby gun and kicks them all out. Ana informs them that she does not believe Zoe because Dad burned the girl alive.

Back at Saint Teresa Center for Mental Health, Caretaker invites himself to lunch with Dr. Hastings. Unfortunately, Mother causes the alarm to go off, which in turn prompts the patients to be directed out. In the chaos, Caretaker gets attacked by a patient during the evacuation. Dr. Hastings tries to help but is kicked away. Fortunately, Caretaker is able to get the patient off him and unintentionally finds Hastings’ bottle of medicine too.

At her hotel in Portland, Oregon, Ana is laid out on bed, remembering the involvement she had in Zoe’s apparent death at the time.

Elsewhere, Daimon and Rosetti discuss what happened at the Richards Residence and Ana’s behavior. Rosetti tries to assist with the dysfunctional sibling situation, when Damion realizes that Ana could possibly be going back to the aforementioned house to prove him wrong.

As it turns out, Dr. Hastings has lung cancer, and Caretaker has now figured it out. She states that her replacement is Rosetti but Caretaker wants to know why she did not bother to tell him. Caretaker gets closer on the couch in Hastings office and hugs her while he asks if anyone else knows her diagnosis. She states that other than a doctor and the staff, it is just Caretaker who knows what she is currently dealing with. Eventually, she confides in Caretaker that all she wants at this moment is to go out to eat a decent taco with an old friend.

Ana is out clubbing and reading people through a touch. Eventually a guy gropes her from behind, and she gets a vision of the guy shooting someone. She is about to leave with him but then notices Zoe at the club, too. She goes after Zoe but not before taking out an upset Jake. At the house, Daimon and Rosetti are looking for Zoe and Ana. He goes upstairs, and Rosetti goes down into the cellar alone. A woman with a half-burned face happens to be in there, pouring gas on the floor who claims to be the real Zoe.

Zoe Richards questions Rosetti on the whereabouts of her sister, Aubree Richards. As it turns out, it was Aubree who the trio had been talking to earlier. Zoe has recognized Ana, who unbeknownst to her is chasing Aubree and not Zoe throughout the town. The real Zoe tearfully admits that her twin sister told her the world would not accept her. That in reality, what her sister is doing to her is killing her. Rosetti calls for Daimon to help once Zoe lights a match. The two successfully get Zoe out with the help of his powers. She informs them that a college kid came to them with an idea to help them get revenge after Rosetti and the Helstrom siblings left the Richards residence. She apologizes and tearfully says that in the end, she just wanted the pain to stop.

Zoe further reveals that Aubree has now likely led Ana into a trap. Daimon at first is not too worried, saying that his sister can more than handle herself. But Zoe states that Aubree will not be alone. That someone stronger will be there to finish the job.

While not seeing her, Ana hears Aubree say how she should have been there that day, and that maybe she could have done something for Zoe. Aubree’s guilt over failing her sister back then has now become revenge. Out of nowhere, Father headbutts his daughter with the body he is currently possesing. The two of them fight but while Ana is knocked to the ground, he attacks Aubree. She pleads for her life, and states that it is not her he wants. Aubree screams as she asks Marduk what he even is. Eventually, Father kills Aubree, and Ana yet again witnesses it. But then jumps down a couple stories from the abandoned building to get away from their Dad. She is a bit disoriented, but is eventually found by Daimon. She immediately tells him what she saw, and this time Damion believes her.

While chowing on tacos, Caretaker points out that Rosetti will not be able to handle what is about to come. He and Dr. Hastings had the job of keeping the siblings apart for the sake of the world. If the family reunites, who knows what will happen. He proceeds to tell Hastings that he means it when he says that he will be there for her.


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