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"No wonder you have no clue what caused the Nexus event on Lamentis. Both of you are swooning over each other."
"Tell me the truth."
"It's the apocalypse. Two Variants of the same being, especially you, forming this kind of sick, twisted romantic relationship."
Mobius M. Mobius and Loki

The Nexus Event is the fourth episode of the first season of Loki.


Frayed nerves and paranoia infiltrate the TVA as Mobius and Hunter B-15 search for Loki and Sylvie.


A young Sylvie Laufeydottir is abducted from an alternate Asgard by a Minutemen unit led by Ravonna Renslayer and brought into the Time Variance Authority. There, she witnesses a fellow variant being restrained as he attempts to flee, and is subjected to the extensive screening process. She eventually escapes before her courtroom hearing by biting Renslayer and using her TemPad to travel to alternate timelines. In the present day, Renslayer meets with the Time-Keepers in regards to Sylvie. Afterward, she chats with Mobius M. Mobius, informing him that Hunter C-20 had passed after being subjected to Sylvie's influence. Renslayer then presses Mobius to locate and capture the two Loki variants.

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With the destruction of Lamentis-1 imminent, Loki and Sylvie prepare for their demises. Sylvie reflects on her past as a lifelong fugitive of the TVA, hiding from them within numerous apocalyptic events and eventually dying in one. When Sylvie asks about what makes up a Loki, Loki states that they will only continue to survive in the face of death. The pair begin to hold hands, which creates a Nexus spike detected by the TVA; they are arrested in the nick of time and brought back into the Office. The pair are taken into separate Time Theatres. As Mobius prepares to throw Loki into a Time Cell, Loki attempts to inform Mobius that he has been lied to by the TVA about his origin, but Mobius dismisses this. Loki is thrown into the Time Cell, which recreates a memory of Loki's past. He encounters Sif, enraged at him for cutting her hair; she punches him to the ground and walks away, only to return mere moments later and repeat her actions. Loki recognizes he has been trapped in a time loop.

Mobius returns to Renslayer and unsuccessfully attempts to convince her to allow him to interrogate Sylvie. Coming across Hunter B-15 outside her Time Theatre, he relays Loki's words about the TVA to her. After Loki attempts to escape his time loop by confessing his narcissism to Sif, Mobius retrieves Loki from the Cell and interrogates him about Sylvie. He also asks Loki about what he had said earlier. Loki claims to be using Sylvie as a pawn for his own means, but his true feelings about her are revealed to Mobius when he falsely tells him that B-15 has pruned her. Loki then elaborates on his words, declaring that everyone who works for the TVA, including Mobius, were all ordinary people living on the Sacred Timeline, before being abducted by the Time-Keepers. Mobius continues to deny this, closing the case and sending Loki back into the Time Cell.

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Elsewhere, B-15 considers Sylvie's revelations, beginning to recognize memories that the Time-Keepers have repressed. Recalling her prior enthrallment by Sylvie, she takes her back to 2050 Roxxcart, believing that the memories were deceptions. Sylvie tells her otherwise, and B-15 invites her to probe her mind. B-15 begins to tear up as she remembers her past life. Meanwhile, Renslayer celebrates their apparent victory with Mobius, asking him where he'd like to go if he could pick anywhere on the Sacred Timeline. Mobius declares that he's happy at the TVA, before secretly swapping his TemPad out with Renslayer's and excusing himself early. Retreating to the Library, Mobius looks into C-20's file on the device and comes across a recent compromising recording of her with Renslayer present, realizing that Loki was correct about the TVA.

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Mobius retrieves Loki again from the Time Cell, only to come across Renslayer, who had learned of the TemPad swap. As Mobius declares that the one place he'd like to go on the Sacred Timeline is wherever his true home really is, Renslayer orders him to be pruned. Loki watches on helplessly. Renslayer retrieves Sylvie, wet from the rain at Roxxcart; Renslayer deduces that B-15 is now helping Sylvie, and orders her to be pruned when found. Renslayer has both Loki's face the Time-Keepers to await deletion. Sylvie's attempts to forcefully confront them are prevented with Renslayer's Time Twister, but B-15 arrives, freeing them and throwing Sylvie her sword. B-15 is quickly knocked out by the supervising Minutemen, leaving Loki to fight them alone while Sylvie directly confronts Renslayer; both eventually take down their enemies. Sylvie then uses her sword to decapitate one of the Time-Keepers, revealing them to be mindless androids. As the pair plan their next move, Loki prepares to confess his love to Sylvie, but Renslayer returns and prunes him with her Time Stick. Sylvie quickly disarms her, demanding the truth about the TVA.

Loki wakes up in a strange, post-apocalyptic land, contemplating if he has landed in Hel. However, he is met with four other Loki variants, who invite him to come along to stay alive.


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Carnival of the Animals: XIII. The Swan Clara Rockmore & Nadia Reisenberg
If You Love Me (Really Love Me)
(Édith Piaf cover)
Brenda Lee
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I'll Take That Drink Now Alan Silvestri


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  • Jaimie Alexander is uncredited for her appearance as Sif in the episode.
  • The cutting of Sif's hair by Loki is a reference to Norse mythology in which the same incident happened.


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