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"Every minute that you spend standing, hiding in this suit of armor, the more separate you become from the very things that you wanna protect."
Claire Temple to Matt Murdock

The Man in the Box is the tenth episode of the second season of the television series Daredevil.


Murdock and Foggy get caught in the crossfire of the Punisher's revenge. Karen and Murdock dig for the truth in very different ways.



Brett Mahoney arrives at the Farm where he finds Stan Gibson and his son Daniel along with the other young people who were being drained of their blood. Outside, Daredevil tells Mahoney that the victims need to get medical attention somewhere discreetly, so that the Hand cannot return to recapture them. He tells Mahoney to take them to Metro-General Hospital, where someone he can trust can care for them.

Mahoney delivers the patients to Claire Temple, who has them placed in a wing that this under construction, without formally checking them into the hospital. When she examines them, she discovers that their fingerprints have been burned off. In the hallway, she is met by Murdock, who tells her that the patients were harmed by Nobu Yoshioka, whom he believed had burned to death. He warns her that she is in danger because she is helping them, but assures her that he will be watching the hospital to protect her and the patients.

With his enhanced hearing, Murdock overhears a voice on a police radio announcing that Frank Castle had escaped from prison.

At the New York State Supreme Court Building, Karen Page, Foggy Nelson and Murdock arrive, having been summoned by District Attorney Samantha Reyes. They are taken through security individually by Gallagher and then shown into Reyes' office. As they are being shown in, Nelson casually remarks that Castle had escaped from Cell Block D. Murdock immediately realizes that this is the same cell block in which Wilson Fisk was incarcerated. Murdock believes this is not a coincidence.

In Reyes' office, she and Blake Tower ask for Nelson and Murdock's help in finding the Punisher. Murdock tells Reyes that if she expects their help, she needs to tell them everything she knows. Reyes admits that the massacre at Central Park that killed Castle's family was a failed sting operation to try to capture the drug dealer known as the Blacksmith. Reyes believed that clearing the park of civilians would look suspicious, and because of that, there were civilian deaths during the shootout.

Reyes Murdered.jpg

Very upset, Reyes shows them an X-ray of a skull that she found in her daughter's backpack. She is terrified that Castle has targeted her daughter, although Page tells her that it's very unlikely. She tells them that her daughter is in a secure location but that they must find the Punisher. With his enhanced senses, Murdock hears a gun being cocked and screams for everyone to get down, knocking Page over and covering her with his own body. Bullets shoot into the room, wounding Nelson on the arm and killing Reyes.

Outside of the courthouse, Murdock speaks to Nelson as he is being treated by an EMT. Murdock tells him that he is going after the Punisher. After he leaves, Page and Tower join Nelson. Tower admits that he knew about the coverup of the Central Park massacre, but that the coverup was well underway by the time he started working at the D.A.'s office. He tells them he is leaving town and suggests that they do the same. Page offers to accompany Nelson to the hospital but he assures her that he will be fine.

Murdock visits Ryker's Island, and is met by Benjamin Donovan, who presents him with a contract written in Braille, outlining the terms of his meeting with Fisk. Murdock signs it and is led into a room where he sits face to face with Fisk.

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He accuses Fisk of helping Castle escape, but Fisk denies it. Murdock then threatens Fisk, telling him that he will use every legal loophole he can think of to ensure that Vanessa Marianna never returns to New York City. Enraged, Fisk releases himself from his bonds and slams Murdock's head into the table. Murdock is able to land a punch on Fisk, cutting his lip, before Fisk threatens to destroy both Murdock and Nelson's lives when he gets out of prison. Shaken and angry, Murdock leaves.

At the New York Bulletin Building, Mitchell Ellison is busily coordinating his reporters to get a story on the shooting at the courthouse. When Page arrives, he is thrilled to find out she was there, and then concerned about how shaken up she is. She asserts that Castle did not do the shooting, but Ellison is not convinced. They both realize that Gregory Tepper is in danger and leave to find him.

At a private airplane hanger, Elektra orders a drink at the bar where she is met by Jacques Duchamps who flirts with her. When she gives him a false name, he lets her know that he knows who she really is. She correctly guesses that he has been sent to kill her.


Ellison and Page arrive at Tepper's apartment to find that they are too late; Tepper has been murdered. Page, seeing the chaotic scene, assures Ellison that this is not Castle's style, but Ellison accuses her of being too personally involved in the story to be objective. Ellison feels it's their responsibility to warn the New York City Police Department of any other people who might be in danger. When Page offers to go to her apartment to retrieve her files, Ellison insists she has police protection. When she complains that he never would have treated Ben Urich this way, he soberly tells her that he'll never make that mistake again.

At Metro-General, Daniel regains consciousness, and Temple examines him. She tells him that his father is there, and leaves them to have a moment to speak together.

Temple finds Murdock on the roof of the hospital, in his Daredevil's Suit. She is surprised that he's not visiting Nelson, but he can tell that Nelson is fine with his enhanced senses. He blames himself for Nelson getting shot. Temple fills Murdock in on the condition of the patients, saying that there were unidentified organic compounds in their bloodstream, leading the medical staff to believe they were incubating a substance that was then drained from them. Murdock is exhausted and tells Temple that everything he does gets undone and that he is done with the law and his friends. He tells her that at best, they are a distraction, and at worst, he puts them in danger. She tries to convince him that he is wrong and to visit Nelson, but he refuses.

At Page's apartment, the two police officers stand guard outside as she looks for her files on The Punisher. She hears something and when she calls out to the officers, there is no response. She pulls a .380 from her dresser drawer right before Castle appears. Although he repeatedly tells her that he didn't shoot Reyes, she holds the gun on him, threatening to shoot if he doesn't raise his hands. Suddenly, gunfire erupts, and Castle knocks Page to the ground, shielding her with his own body. He sarcastically asks her if she believes him now before the two escape.

In his prison cell, Fisk enjoys dinner until he winces from the cut on his lip. He calls for Miguel Valdez, and asks him to contact Donovan. Fisk would like to re-examine Murdock's file.


At the airplane hanger, Elektra fights Duchamps. He attacks her using twin sai, but she is able to overpower him and stab him. When she tells him that the Hand will never kill her, he tells Elektra, with his dying breath, that he was sent by Stick.

At Metro-General, Hand ninjas begin to scale the building. Murdock, hearing it, puts on his Daredevil helmet and prepares for battle. Inside, alarms go off, and Temple finds the young patients standing expectantly, with a dead Stan Gibson at their feet.


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