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"When I trained as a corpsman, they gave me a goat. I named my goat Cassius because he was a G.O.A.T., right? You know what they did to that goat? They blew him up. They cut him. Gave him simulated IED injuries. And then they tell you to go out there and save his life. Because that's how we learned."
Curtis Hoyle

The Judas Goat is the sixth episode of the first season of the television series The Punisher.


With Frank in bad shape, Micro calls on Curtis for help. Madani and Russo continue to mix business with pleasure. Lewis stands up for his rights.


Frank's Nightmare.png

Wounded and feverish, Frank Castle imagines a Thanksgiving dinner with both the Castle and Lieberman families. Castle suddenly realizes something is wrong and looks down to find himself restrained to the chair. Soldiers walk in and surround them. Despite Castle's pleads, both families are slaughtered while Castle screams. He suddenly wakes up in pain. Micro enlists Curtis Hoyle's aid in treating Castle. At the hideout, Hoyle removes the arrow from Frank's shoulder. He has Micro help him, but Micro almost pukes when he sees the blood. However, Hoyle still manages to patch him back up. He also berates Micro for dragging Castle into this mess when he was trying to turn his life around. Billy Russo and Dinah Madani have another night together. In the morning, Russo sees Madani's file on Frank Castle and believes that their relationship has an ulterior motive for her.


Waking up, Castle's first thought is for Gunner Henderson. Micro informs him that his friend is dead and Castle worries about making good on his promise to Henderson. Micro tells him that he has made arrangements for Henderson to receive a decent burial. Castle thanks Micro. At Curtis' support group, O'Connor once more gives his views on what is wrong with America and its treatment of veterans. Hoyle replies with a story about his corpsman training, involving patching up a goat that was continually injured.

Sarah Lieberman confronts Zach Lieberman about the stolen skateboard. Angry, he slaps Leo Lieberman for snitching on him. Sarah confronts Zach about his anger, and he calls the family a bunch of snitches and traitors. Castle and Micro watch this on the computer monitor. Micro wants to help his wife, but cannot. Based on Madani's interest in Castle, Russo begins sending out radio calls; "Blackbird" calling for "Raven." Micro intercepts the transmission, and Castle tells him that he is Raven while Russo is Blackbird. Micro is worried that Russo calling out might be trouble, but Castle assures him that Russo is a friend. He also worries that Russo might know Castle is alive.


At the city courthouse, O'Connor and Lewis Wilson hand out NRA-supporting pamphlets. They are protesting a case being heard inside, about a teacher who brought a gun to his school. When confronted by a police officer, Wilson says he is peacefully protesting and not breaking any laws. Wilson starts getting mad, when the officer continues to try to get them away. Wilson then makes a motion and is arrested when the officer accuses him of reaching for his weapon. Wilson says he didn't and has a witness. However, he looks over to find O'Connor walking away from the scene. Wilson is then arrested by the cop.

Madani learns from Sam Stein that Henderson has been found dead on a mountain in Kentucky. In Kentucky, Madani and Stein survey the site of Gunner's death. Madani determines that a gunfight occurred in the woods and that there was probably two men. She takes evidence to be tested for DNA, but she believes that the survivor was Frank Castle. Meanwhile, Castle and Micro eat dinner and Castle tells a story of his family, but he remembers his nightmare from before.


Wilson arrives at Hoyle's support group early to talk to him about bailing him out of jail. During the conversation, Hoyle shows him evidence that O'Connor is lying about his military service. He was never awarded the Silver Star or served in Vietnam, having only enlisted in 1977. Meanwhile, Madani and Russo meet and she admits that Castle is still alive. She asks for Russo's help, so he goes to Hoyle to ask if he knows about Castle. Hoyle denies all knowledge of Castle. Russo tells him he the government believes he is alive. If it is true, Russo just wants to help him. Hoyle tries to talk to Castle, but to no response, so he angrily walks out. Micro then convinces Castle to answer Russo's radio calls if he really trusts him.


Wilson confronts O'Connor about his faked military service. Angry, Wilson punches O'Connor, who in turn, slashes at him with a knife. Wilson wrestles it away from him and kills O'Connor by stabbing him multiple times. At the waterfront, Castle meets with Russo and fills him in on what Henderson told him about Kandahar, and that Agent Orange, Colonel Ray Schoonover, and Colonel Morty Bennett were involved. Russo offers Castle an out – a new identity and work with Anvil overseas.

Castle, as Pete Castiglione goes to the Lieberman Residence and Sarah tells him about the kids, and how hopeless things seem. Micro watches over the monitor, unable to help. Castiglione cheers her up by telling her that he thinks things are going to get better for the family. At the waterfront, Russo waits for Castle, who doesn't show. Giving up, Russo gets into a car with William Rawlins.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Family Dinner Tyler Bates Frank Castle dreams of his and David Lieberman's families throwing him a welcome home dinner. The dream is then interrupted by a group of soldiers barging in.



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