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For the other novelization of The Incredible Hulk, see The Incredible Hulk
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The subject of this article comes from an alternate universe which resulted from a divergence in history with the main timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Incredible Hulk Movie Novelization is a movie novelization of the film of the same name.


After vowing never to put his loved ones in harm's way again, scientist Dr. Bruce Banner flees to Brazil in search of the cure to the Gamma Radiation poisoning in his blood that turns him into the uncontrollable creature Hulk.


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Differences between Book and Film[]

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  • The prologue is taken from the Alaska deleted scene from The Incredible Hulk except Bruce Banner's plan for suicide is not mentioned.
  • Bruce Banner's Aikido instructor scratches him, drawing blood. Banner stops his exercise and cleans the wound before putting on an adhesive bandage.
  • Banner's earlier cut from the Aikido instructor is the origin of the blood that oozed out his arm onto the conveyer belt, instead of a cut he got immediately prior when closing the lid to a switch box. The conversation between Banner and the Marcos de Souza is not shown.
  • Instead of Banner hitting the off switch, it was actually another worker.
  • A drop of Banner's blood ends up on the side of a bottle instead of landing on the conveyer belt.
  • In the Pentagon, the person who drank the soda is called a boy instead of a man by Kathleen Sparr, similar to the other The Incredible Hulk novelization. Additionally, the novel adds Thaddeus Ross asking for Joe Greller.
  • Banner has different conversations with Mr. Blue.
  • Prior to Greller and Ross already talking in the base, the novel shows two soldiers discussing Emil Blonsky before hopping in the plan. Blonsky also arrives during their conversation. Additionally, Greller doesn't explain who the ace is and they also have a slightly different conversation.
  • On the plane, Sparr's explanation of the mission is not shown, Ross leaves out everything except that he stole military secrets when explaining why they should not wait to see if he is a fighter. He simply says to put him to sleep instead of saying to trank him. However, Ross continues to explain that each two-man team will be issued a radiation sensor, prompting one of the soldiers to ask if he stole Plutonium, to which Ross replies that "it was something like that"
  • Instead of Banner's conversation with Silva happening right after the bottle incident, it happens on a Friday afterwards. Silva has more men with him instead of being alone. Also, he suggested coffee instead of lunch and Banner kept dodging Silva's punches while, in the film, they are instead told to stop after Banner dodges Silva's first attack. Also, in the novel, it is placed after Ross' preparations for the mission, not before like in the film.