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The Incredible Hulk: The Big Picture is a motion comic included with the Walmart 2-disc set of The Incredible Hulk. The comic covers the origin of Hulk and how he found himself in South America.


Bruce Banner is about to undergo a procedure for his gamma radiation project, which he researched and developed himself and with the help of his girlfriend, Betty Ross. The project is funded by the US military under supervision of Betty's father, General Thaddeus Ross. Under pressure to gain the approval of Betty's father, Banner wants results. Thinking that the project can save the lives of soldiers and with the military budget close to an end, he is determined to continue with the procedure.

While seated, Banner is monitored and exposed to 15 seconds of gamma radiation at level 1. With no effects after the exposure at level 1, Banner manually sets the radiation higher despite Betty's warnings. The results are unexpected as Banner turns into the Hulk and tears the facility up. Betty and several graduate students assisting with the project are injured and subsequently hospitalized due to the destructive powers of Hulk.

Three days later, General Ross tries to convince Banner to subject his powers to further study, noting that he has tried for 20 years to create a super soldier such as Hulk. However, Banner blames both Ross and his own disregard of scientific procedure and safety for Betty and their students getting hurt. He decides to run away, determined not to become like Ross. The general tries to stop Banner and sends his men after him, but Banner is able to leave the building disguised as a janitor.

Trying to get away from Ross, Banner jumps into the back of a truck at a stop until they arrive at the Canadian border. The truck is searched by border patrol, much to the driver's annoyance, and the agents find out Banner is wanted in Virginia. When they try to arrest him, Banner gets angered and transforms into the Hulk, throwing the truck away and wrecking many cars. After the incident, Ross arrives at the scene with the military and finds Banner's watch, a gift from Betty.

For months, Banner is able to stay under the radar as he travels the world in search of a cure. One day, he finds a lost young boy Miguel in the jungles of South America and helps him to find his home. Once arriving at the mansion, a terrorist cartel surrounds Banner, thinking he is an American spy. Banner is then brutally questioned by the cartel leader, Espinoza.

Meanwhile, not far from the mansion, Emil Blonsky, Bill Mantlo and Greg Pak are making their way through the jungle, set to capture Espinoza alive. When they get close, the group is taken under fire and they jump to the ground. An explosions then follows, coming from the cartel's position, followed by an incoming flying jeep crashing nearby Blonsky's team.

Refusing to lose sight of his mission, Blonsky moves forward to the mansion, thinking that the guards will be distracted. When he arrives, the mansion seems to have been under heavy attack, yet Blonsky is unable to find any trace of explosives or shells from the enemy. He learns Espinoza is incapacitated, together with all his men. The only unharmed eyewitness was Miguel, but the boy's explanation doesn't make any sense to Blonsky.

That was the last time Ross got any intelligence about Banner. Knowing he could now be anywhere, Ross sits at his desk trying to connect all the pieces together to track Banner down, waiting for him to make a mistake. Meanwhile, Banner receives a job at Pingo Doce Bottling Plant in Brazil.










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