The Incredible Hulk: A Hero Called The Hulk is a book based on The Incredible Hulk.


A Hero Called the Hulk: When scientist Dr. Bruce Banner volunteers his own cells to test a top-secret government project, his experiments take a disastrous turn. Over-exposed to harmful radiation, his cells begin to mutate with monstrous results! Banner is transformed into the Hulk: a massive, green creature bursting with rage. Despite his self-exile, Banner never rests in his search for a cure. But when a powerful new monster, the Abomination, threatens to destroy the city, only the Hulk has a chance of stopping him. Can Banner to learn to trust himself and find the hero in his inner Hulk? Find out as he tells his story in A Hero Called the Hulk, based on the upcoming movie The Incredible Hulk. Readers between the ages of 5 and 7 will bulk up their reading skills with this full-color, superhero-themed, Level 2 Ready-to-Read!