The Heartbreak was the ship used by Leet Brannis to store the technology stolen from Howard Stark.


Finding the Ship

Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis navigated through the sewers, that Carter knew very well given that she spent a full week inside the sewers in 1942.

Carter and Jarvis arrived at the tide gate, guessing where Leet Brannis would have taken a raft full of volatile technology, but Carter realized one of the ships, The Heartbreak, was adorned with the symbol that Brannis drew moments before his death.[1]

Investigating the Ship

Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis arrived at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan to investigate The Heartbreak, the ship with the symbol that Leet Brannis drew moments before his death. Carter realized that, despite its dilapidated appearance, the ship was still connected to the electric system, and prepared to board it grabbing her handgun, and Jarvis asked if she had a spare weapon.


Carter and Jarvis boarded the ship, without realizing they were being observed by a woman disguised in a man's suit, and quickly located the technology stolen from Howard Stark. Carter went to examine the crates, and Jarvis warned her to be careful. Carter picked the first item she came across, the Constrictor, and Jarvis explained that, despite having been originally designed for back massage, it caused an involuntary and catastrophic muscle contraction that ended up breaking the bones.

Carter decided to call the Strategic Scientific Reserve for backup, but Jarvis advised her that she could not reveal that it was she who found the items. Carter refused to leave them in the ship so that anyone else could find them, or handing them to Jarvis due to the danger of being stolen again; though none of these possibilities was what Jarvis was suggesting.

To prove his point, Jarvis simulated the interrogation that the SSR would surely give her, explaining that Leet Brannis revealed their location during her private investigation with Howard Stark. Jarvis pointed that revealing the truth would not clear Stark's name; in fact, it would have the opposite effect and Carter would be a suspect along with him.

Carter wanted her colleagues to respect her due to her efforts. Jarvis explained her colleagues would not respect her; they would only use the opportunity to disprove and discredit her. Jarvis acknowledged that the only way to clear Stark's name would be doing it from the shadows.

Carter, realizing that Jarvis was right, told him to call the SSR as an anonymous tipster, but warned him not to let Ray Krzeminski claim the merit, as Daniel Sousa was in the night shift, and she preferred that Sousa got the credit for her work if any should get it. Before leaving, Carter reminded Jarvis that Sousa knew his voice, so he should fake an accent.[1]

Muscle for Hire

Peggy Carter waited inside The Heartbreak until Edwin Jarvis returned from calling the Strategic Scientific Reserve for reinforcements, but she was ambushed by Jerome Zandow, a man hired by Leet Brannis to guard the ship.

Zandow attacked and disarmed Carter, and started to taunt her now that she was seemingly defenseless. Zandow told them that Brannis had already warned that someone would come to take possession of the technology and he was not afraid to kill a woman; Carter told him she would not make it easy.

T and T 14

Zandow attacked Carter, who despite her skill and speed, was unable to overcome Zandow's brute strength. Zandow grabbed a metal pipe and started to strangle Carter, but Jarvis managed to ambush Zandow and hit him in the head. Zandow was not knocked out by the hit, and easily overcame Jarvis' attacks.

Zandow pushed Jarvis against a wall, and tried to use the metal pipe to strangle him. Carter grabbed one of Howard Stark's weapons, the Constrictor, and used it to easily break Zandow's arm, and subdued him with the metal pipe to knock him unconscious.

Jarvis noticed the car siren that meant the SSR agents were about to arrive, and prompted Carter to leave, even despite Zandow being a witness and possibly incriminating them.[1]

Confiscation of the Arsenal

Daniel Sousa and Ray Krzeminski arrived at the docks to investigate the anonymous tip that informed them about the location of Howard Stark's technology inside one of the ships.

Sousa located The Heartbreak, and boarded it with Krzeminski, locating the stolen cargo and an unconscious Jerome Zandow. Sousa warned Krzeminski to be careful with the items, as he was too excited thinking they would be promoted for finding them. Sousa was concerned that instead of discovering something, once again the solution was handed to them, but Krzeminski compared it to a Christmas gift and went to call Chief Roger Dooley.

Dooley quickly arrived with Jack Thompson and many other armed agents to take the technology into custody, unaware that they were being observed by a woman dressed in a man's suit. Thompson coordinated the operation, ordering to check every box and transport it carefully.

Thompson informed Dooley that the man found inside the ship, Jerome Zandow, was a sideshow performer at Coney Island that usually acted as muscle-for-hire. Dooley wanted Thompson to interrogate Zandow, as he wanted to know the reason why Zandow did nothing but wait while having a full arsenal in his possession.

Sousa informed Dooley that all the crates had been loaded up inside their truck, and Dooley ordered to take the technology as quickly as possible to the Strategic Scientific Reserve facility, custodied by two cars. Thompson volunteered to call their scientists to figure out the nature of all the technology, and Dooley asked them to drive carefully, as with the precedent of the destruction of the Roxxon Refinery, the technology had the potential to sink the island of Manhattan.[1]



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