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"Jessica, you are now a full-blown super–"
"Do not say the H word."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones

The H Word is the first episode of the first season of The Defenders.


Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand investigate criminals and fight injustice, unaware their paths are about to cross.


Danny Rand fights Elektra

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Shaft fights Elektra, who has been sent to kill him, before Danny Rand and Colleen Wing arrive. They are unable to save Shaft from being fatally wounded. Rand hunts down and battles Elektra but she slashes him across the chest and escapes. Rand returns to the dying Shaft, who tells them that the fight is not there, but rather back at New York City.

The next day Jessica Jones wakes up in a bar that she accidentally slept through the night in. She then reunites with Trish Walker who tries to convince Jones to take on a hero role as people have started to recognize her following the Kilgrave incident. Jones, however, rejects the offer.

Luke Cage is released from Seagate Penitentiary

Meanwhile, Luke Cage is released from Seagate Penitentiary. Foggy Nelson, who has been acting as his lawyer since his last arrest, meets with him on his way out to tell him that Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz is at his disposal if he wants to start over. Cage denies this, saying he is moving forward.

Matt Murdock is making preparations for Aaron James' trial when he hears crime, but he ignores it when he hears that the police has intervened. James' trial takes place, which Murdock wins and allows Aaron to receive 11 million dollars. Afterward, Murdock talks to James, and gives him some advice for his upcoming hardships. He then speaks with Karen Page and they agree to go to lunch together.

As Rand flies back to New York City, he has a nightmare about the dead Order of the Crane Mother, which plays into his guilt of abandoning K'un-Lun. In the meantime, Alexandra Reid visits a hospital, where they tell her she will die in either a few weeks or months. Although they admit not much can be done. She orders them to continue the search for a cure.

Michelle Raymond visits Jones and tells her about her missing husband, John Raymond, however, Jones does not take the case. When she gets into her apartment, Jones receives a scrambled call telling her not to take it, so, intrigued, she changes her mind.

Cage arrives back in Harlem. He reunites with Claire Temple, and after the two have sex, they briefly discuss what Mariah Dillard and Shades have been doing to the community. Misty Knight visits and asks that she and Cage go for a walk. Meanwhile, Murdock and Page have coffee. Murdock mentions her story last week about a school board scandal, and they discuss him telling her the truth about being Daredevil, and she congratulates him on the Aaron James case.

Malcolm Ducasse visits Jones who has found the location from which the blocked number call came. In Harlem, Knight walks with Cage and they catch up about the goings on in the neighborhood. She shows him that Candace Miller's 25-year-old brother Sean Miller died recently.

Murock goes to confession with Father Paul Lantom once again about how he missed Elektra.. In Central Park, Madame Gao and Reid talk about their plan while Reid feeds the birds. Like Knight suggested, Cage pays Cole Miller a visit so as to help steer him on the right track. However, Miller simply tells him to leave and refuses his help.

Danny Rand and Colleen Wing return to New York City in time to feel the earthquake

Jones locates and visits Raymond's secret apartment, but quickly finds he is not in home but there are several C-4 bombs. Gao informs Reid that her arrangements have been made. She attempts to convince Reid to wait however, but Reid gives the order to go anyway. As a result of their plan, an earthquake rumbles through New York City. Murdock, Jones and Cage all feel it, as well as Rand and Wing, who just arrived at the city. Reid tells Elektra that it is nothing more than a city, and that she will see many more fall. Murdock uses his senses to hear the panic throughout his neighborhood, incredibly tempted to be Daredevil again and help them.


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Sunshine Mos Def
Terminal John Paesano
The Line D'Angelo
  • Luke Cage rides the subway and then the bus back home to Harlem. Claire Temple meets Cage and asks him for coffee. Cage and Temple arrive back at her apartment where they have sex.
Know What I Know Lou U
Dr. Greenthumb Cypress Hill


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