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The Guardians of the Galaxy: Remix Special 4-Frame is a series of 4-panel mangas released on the MagaPoke app to promote the Japanese release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, known in Japan as Guardians of the Galaxy: Remix.


Misfits save the galaxy! A worldwide hit! From Marvel Studios, which produced the Avengers, an "impossible" team was born that surpassed the Avengers. All five members are wanted. Rather than working for justice or peace, they just happened to be together in a prison, but somehow they become the last hope to prevent the destruction of the galaxy!?...The adventures and battles of the most unheroic heroes in history are brought to an overwhelming scale. A thrilling sci-fi action blockbuster![1]



At a karaoke bar, Star-Lord performs "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" as a duet with another woman at the bar until he's run out of the bar by the woman's boyfriend.

Rocket & Groot Vol. 1[]

While a store is having a sale on technology, Rocket Raccoon notices that the only items on sale are out of date models. Proclaiming that the sale is a scam, Rocket begins to disassemble one of TVs on sale, which leads to one of the store's employee's attacking Rocket. Rocket begs for Groot's help, but he's too distracted dancing to music coming from a nearby set of speakers.

Rocket & Groot Vol. 2[]

Rocket Raccoon and Groot travel to a zoo in hopes of getting some free food. Upon arriving at the zoo, Rocket is mistaken for an escaped red panda leading him to be attacked by the zoo's employees. He yet again begs for Groot's help, but Groot is too enamored with the zoo's guinea pigs to come and help his friend.


Drax the Destroyer heads to a bowling alley to participate in a game of bowling that was advertised on a flyer. While Drax is initially accepted into the competition, the other participants force Drax to leave the alley after he accidentally crushed a bowling ball between his hands.


Gamora tries a crepe from a street vendor. She loves the delicacy, but she believes it's a human trick to make her lower her guard. Because of this, Gamora threatens the man who sold it to her with Godslayer.

Star-Lord Extra[]

While in a music store, Star-Lord learns about how much music has changed since he left Earth.

Everyone Comes Together[]

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Marvel Exhibition with Excitement![]

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Co-Starring Together![]

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Rent a Car with Excitement![]

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Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing![]

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Commemorative Photo with Fun![]

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Sentient Species[]