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"This is our moment of victory. And we're all here, together."
Molly Hernandez

The Great Escape is the second episode of the third season of the television series Runaways.


Karolina, Chase and Janet plot their own escape from the Algorithm, while in the real world the rest of the Runaways team up to fight Jonah and get them out.


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Upon learning that his daughter has begun working on a platform so they can return to their home planet, the Magistrate considers leaving his wife on Earth and leaving with Karolina Dean in her place. As it happens, Stacey Yorkes is able to track down Dale and Gert Yorkes to the cabin they were hiding. However, the Wife resurfaces and attacks them, but she is subdued and knocked out by Old Lace, enabling Dale and Gert to flee.

Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru are still hiding in the Stein Mansion's laboratory thanks to the Staff of One, waiting for an opportunity to seize the Abstract. Since the Magistrate has taken it back to Victor Stein's study and changed the controls to access the Healing Algorithm, they have no choice but look for the Abstract. Meanwhile, Molly Hernandez and Xavin are able to infiltrate the mansion as well. They hide in a car which the Daughter uses to drive to the Wizard Headquarters to oversee the crafting of the platform, much to Wizard's staff bewilderment. The Daughter also seizes the opportunity to kidnap a young food delivery guy she brings back to his father so he can consume him.

Chase Stein and Janet Stein, now realizing that they are in the Healing Algorithm, are able to make contact and figure out that they can influence the simulations. Karolina is visited by the Magistrate in her own simulation, who reiterates his wish to bring Karolina to Gibborim, but Karolina refuses to join him. The Magistrate then returns to the study, and notices that the Abstract is missing, as well as the Staff of One, which was dropped by Minoru after she heard Morgan le Fay's voice urging her to give in to the darkness.

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Shortly afterwards, Chase, Janet and Karolina are able to reunite in the simulation. They locate their way out of the simulation, but have to wait until the door is unlocked by Wilder. However, the Magistrate manipulates the Algorithm from the outside to slowly choke Chase. Using her powers, Karolina is able to counter the action, although she nearly vanishes in the process. Before the Magistrate can react, Minoru attacks him while Alex works on unlocking the door. In the ensuing fight, the Staff of One is seemingly destroyed.

Wilder is finally able to unlock the exit of the Algorithm, but Janet chooses to sacrifice herself to leave the portal open so that both Chase and Karolina are able to escape. Nico is subdued by the Magistrate, but he is attacked by Hernandez and Xavin, who deploy Inhibitor Pods around him, and leave him for dead. The Runaways, now fully reunited, return to the Hostel. They reluctanly agree to let Chase remain in the Hostel before Xavin raises another problem: one of them is probably possessed by the Magistrate's Son, and she suspects Minoru, who admits that it is possible.


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