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"There was someone there when I came to. But it wasn't a good Samaritan. It was the Devil. And whatever was inside him, he passed it into me."
"Ghost Rider."
"That's the deal I made. I swore to go after those who spilled innocent blood. And then I was reborn."
Robbie Reyes and Gabe Reyes

The Good Samaritan is the sixth episode of the fourth season of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the sixth episode of the Ghost Rider pod.


Robbie’s shocking story on how he became Ghost Rider is finally discovered as Coulson and his team’s lives hang in the balance.


Eli Morrow witnesses Joseph Bauer's first experiment

In a flashback, Eli Morrow discusses with his colleagues from Momentum Labs, Joseph and Lucy Bauer. They show him a Quantum Battery they built thanks to the Darkhold. They start to experiment with it and successfully create carbon, seemingly out of nothing. They all celebrate but Morrow is doubtful about the results and asks to see the book used by the Bauers, but Joseph refuses.

In present day, Melinda May leads a S.H.I.E.L.D. team to the Momentum Labs facility in order to find Lucy Bauer and Morrow. They are long gone, but Leo Fitz and Phil Coulson figure out that Bauer took some equipment from the facility in order to replicate and reverse the process which turned her into a ghost. Bauer and Morrow are thus gathering equipment in order to perform their experiment in a new facility which can provide much more power, since this could be the reason the original experiment failed and turned Lucy and her colleagues into ghosts.

Gabe Reyes worries about his brother Robbie. He is visited by Daisy Johnson who takes him aboard the Zephyr One, where his brother is. Upon seeing all of this, Gabe believes that his brother Robbie is a secret agent working for S.H.I.E.L.D. At the Playground, Director Jeffrey Mace assigns Jemma Simmons to a secret mission that he says is for the U.S. Government. She has to wear a black hood before being taken to an undisclosed place. Mace then uses a Quinjet in order to board the Zephyr One and arrest Johnson and Reyes after the mission to Morrow's prison and the murder of Santino Noguera. Therefore, Johnson and the Reyes brothers hide into the plane's Containment Module which is placed beneath the plane's floor so that the Director troops cannot find them.

Robbie Reyes transforms into the Ghost Rider

Isolated in the Containment Module, Robbie decides that he must not lie to his brother Gabe and decides to disclose the whole truth about his mysterious nightly activities. Robbie tells Gabe that on the night they were both shot by gangsters, he actually died and was saved by a man with a demonic figure whereas his brother thought that he was simply injured and had received help from a "Good Samaritan". Blaze then transferred the Spirit of Vengeance that he was carrying into the new Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider fights Jeffrey Mace

Fitz and May try to determine Bauer's plans and whereabouts. Fitz figures out that Bauer needs a powerful source of energy. As he needs to access some S.S.R. files, he goes to Coulson and Mace, but the Director rejects his request as non prioritary since he finally found Johnson and Reyes. Mace orders to return to the Playground but Reyes, having learned that they have a lead on his uncle, forcefully gets out of the Containment Module with his Ghost Rider powers, much to everyone else's surprise. He then briefly fights Mace before being told by his brother to stop.

Fitz finally access the redacted files he needed, which guide S.H.I.E.L.D. to an old Roxxon Corporation power station, where Morrow and Bauer finally set up their experiment. Morrow then reminds Bauer of how the Darkhold drove Joseph insane and persuaded him to perform experiments so that he could create matter out of nothing himself instead of using a machine. Meanwhile, Coulson, May, Fitz, Alphonso Mackenzie and Ghost Rider make a team in order to stop Bauer. They are confronted by Bauer, which makes Ghost Rider stay behind in order to stop her.

Lucy Bauer tells Robbie Reyes the truth about his uncle

Coulson and May find the Darkhold and decide to take it to safety. Coulson thus gives it to May to bring it back on the Zephyr One while he stays on the facility. In another part of the power station, Fitz and Mackenzie struggle to shut down the power but to no avail. Mackenzie decides to return on the Zephyr One to fetch an E.M.P. device in order to shut the system down. Shortly after, Coulson finds Morrow and discovers that he intends to use the reactor for himself in order to gain matter creation powers. Meanwhile, Bauer tells Reyes that his uncle was responsible for the experiment that turned her and their colleagues into ghosts as he tried to gain godly powers. Angered, Ghost Rider kills Bauer and goes to find his uncle.

Eli Morrow embraces his newfound powers

Morrow starts his experiment as Coulson and Fitz try to stop him, but they are too late and a mysterious blast shakes the entire facility. Afterwards, Morrow gets out of the reactor unharmed and discovers that he can produce matter with his bare hands.


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