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"The Fist... It gives me purpose."
"You don't know what it is or how to use it."
"The fact is, it's my duty to carry it."
Danny Rand and Davos

The Fury of Iron Fist is the first episode of the second season of the television series Iron Fist.


While rival gangs battle for the soul of New York, Danny and Colleen cross paths with an old acquaintance. Joy embarks on a new adventure.


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Danny Rand continues Matt Murdock's role defending New York City. He attempts to keep the peace between Triad factions, trying to stop a war from erupting between the Yangsi Gonshi and the Golden Tigers. At night, Rand stops the Golden Tigers from hijacking a Yangsi Gonshi delivery truck.

After her experiences with the Hand and Bakuto, Colleen Wing has hung up her sword and no longer trains students at the Chikara Dojo. Instead, she volunteers at the Bayard Community Center, helping those less fortunate than her. At the Red Hook Pier, Davos meets with Hai-Qing Yang about a delivery; Yang tells him the price has gone up to 4 million. Instead of working at Rand Enterprises, Rand works for Albert at Royal Al Moving since he likes the physicality of the work.

At Bayard, Wing comes across a box containing a hairbrush and comb that catches her interest since it has her family crest emblazoned on it. While working, Rand and Albert meet Mary Walker, an artist who has recently moved to New York. Rand gets a call to meet with Ward Meachum.

Wing goes in search of whoever donated the box to Bayard; she tracks it down to Frank Choi, who runs a furniture store. Finding it closed up, she inquires about Choi from a local businessman and finds that he has a cousin, Henry Yip, who runs the Silver Lotus restaurant. Going to see Yip, she finds him being attacked by members of Ryhno's Gang and drives them off with threats to call the police. Yip thanks her, but feigns ignorance of Choi when asked.


Rand and Ward meet, but find the meeting has been called by a returned Joy Meachum, who wants to divest from the company, taking several patent designs with her. Ward wants to look over the paperwork first, but Rand signs immediately since he thinks it would be good for her. Ward is angry about the decision and leaves. Rand talks with Joy more and hopes that she is doing well.

Mary arrives home to find strange notes on the way telling her to "not leave the apartment" and "stop moving things around." Becoming panicked, Mary heads to the bathroom and is relaxed by the sound of running water.

Ward attends an NA meeting, where he continues to refuse to share his experiences. Privately, his sponsor, Bethany tries to get him to open up, but they end up having sex in a storage room. Elsewhere, Davos and Joy are in league together and plotting to take away all Rand holds dear.

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Rand and Wing dine at the Silver Lotus in order to try and get information out of Yip. As they eat, Ryhno's Gang storms the place, looking for protection money. Knowing that the Silver Lotus already pays protection money to the Golden Tigers, Wing and Rand try to defuse the situation. Wing handles the gang members in the kitchen, while Rand delays the Golden Tiger reinforcements that arrive so they do not discover the gang's presence. Thankful, Yip admits that Choi disappeared since he owes money to the Golden Tigers and he was just trying to protect his cousin by saying nothing.


On the way home, Rand and Wing are approached by Davos. Talking privately, Davos expresses his frustration that Rand left K'un-Lun, and now the city is gone. He also believes that the Iron Fist is his by birthright.

As Davos and Joy resolve to enact their plan, Rand is alone underground, practicing with the Iron Fist while the eyes of Shou-Lao watch him.


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