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"Such a pity. That two accomplished women should be standing on opposite sides."
"Yes, you're such a staunch defender of the womanhood. I can tell by the way you shot an unarmed, innocent woman."
Whitney Frost and Peggy Carter

The Edge of Mystery is the eighth episode of the second season of the television series Agent Carter.


Peggy and Sousa propose a trade with Whitney Frost, while the SSR gets help from Howard Stark that may be the key to eliminating Zero Matter.


Jason Wilkes awakens to find Whitney Frost observing him and experimenting with how long he can stay tangible after he absorbs Zero Matter from her. After a lot of discussions, Wilkes decides that he will work with Frost on understanding the substance.

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Ana Jarvis has not awakened yet after her surgery and Edwin Jarvis is convinced by Peggy Carter to clean himself up and stay by her side until she does. She and Daniel Sousa go to see Joseph Manfredi to learn why he is assisting Frost and ask him to tell her to trade Wilkes for the uranium rods she desires. Manfredi agrees to the trade. Ana awakens to hear Edwin making a list of promises to her; she tells him not to make a promise he cannot keep. Doctor Chung asks Edwin to meet him in the hallway. He informs Edwin that Ana can no longer have children due to the gunshot; neither tell Ana. Edwin calls Rose Roberts and asks her to keep an eye on his wife. He gives her a list of things to keep Ana happy and also hands her his will.

Meanwhile, Jack Thompson is in England, pretending to be drunk with Nick Driscoll who gives him a redacted file with information on M. Carter (M for Margaret). He plans on using this information to blackmail Carter into returning to New York.

Aloysius Samberly prepares fake uranium rods for the exchange when Edwin arrives and insists on going with Sousa and Carter to free Wilkes; as Carter and Edwin discuss the notion, they hear the telefax operating, informing them of the specifications to build a Gamma Cannon. Howard Stark had faxxed them the instructions. Thompson arrives at Howard Stark's Estate to show Carter that he has privileged information on her; Carter says that they are all fake.

Carter, Jarvis, and Sousa meet with Frost and Manfredi to make the exchange. Wilkes is returned to Carter, but as they leave, one of Manfredi's men drops the rods, causing Frost to realize that she has been tricked. Manfredi's vehicle follows Carter's truck leaving an unusually big distance between them. Wilkes, who's mind is effected by the zero matter, reveals that he is now helping Frost to find the real rods. He holds a gun on Carter which forces Sousa to tell him that the real rods are in the Auerbach Theatrical Agency, despite Carter's pleads not to. There, Vernon Masters retrieves the rods as he uses the Memory Inhibitor on Thompson, just as he learned that Masters answered to Frost.

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The team, which now includes Thompson and Samberly, go to the desert as the sun rises. Frost has an atomic explosion take place which opens a rift in the sky. Wilkes and Frost stand near the rift, but only Wilkes is taken inside, to the screams and anger of Frost. Carter's team fires the Cannon at the rift, but Jarvis does not have faith in the plan and goes solo to confront Frost. Wilkes lays silent on the desert ground as the rift collapses.

Upon his arrival, Jarvis shoots Frost point-blank; Carter screams for him to stop. Frost heals quickly and tells Manfredi not to kill her enemies since Wilkes might be more cooperative if they are alive. They then capture Jarvis and Carter.


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Busy As A Bee (I'm Buzz, Buzz, Buzzin') Benny Goodman & His Orchestra
Rigoletto: Act I - "Caro Nome" Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, John Landor & Rachel Rosales
Far Above Cayuga's Waters Chad Michael Murray & Damian O'Hare


  • The periodic table that Vernon Masters moves to reveal a wall safe is not accurate for the era of the episode. It has elements such as Copernicium (Cn), which was discovered in 1996.


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