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"This is what commitment looks like, Danny. That night at the pier, you told me you're protecting this city, but you've never had the strength of character to walk a hard line. This war between the Triads, I ended it in a single day."
"No, you didn't. You just became another faction in the conflict."
Davos and Danny Rand

The Dragon Dies at Dawn is the sixth episode of the second season of the television series Iron Fist.


Misty and Colleen's trip to the tattoo parlor turns painful - but not for them. As Davos crosses names off his list, Mary makes Danny an offer.


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Misty Knight begins interrogating Mary Walker and learns about the ritual that Davos had some expert tattooists known as the Crane Sisters perform. Using the art of Tebori, they followed his instructions to transfer the Chi from Danny Rand to Davos. Knight and Colleen Wing head off to investigate the Crane Sisters. However, Joy Meachum realizes that Walker did not tell Knight the whole truth – if she delivered Rand to Davos, then she knows where he is.

Elsewhere, Davos continues to kill criminals off the list provided by Chen Wu. Back at Chikara Dojo, Walker offers Rand a deal; she will take him to Davos if he pays her enough to leave and stay gone. Ward Meachum tries to talk him out of it, but Rand agrees, reasoning that if he can bring in Davos, and Wing and Knight obtain the information on the ceremony, then they will be in a good position to restore the Iron Fist to him. Ward also learns that Walker was responsible for telling Joy about his NA meetings.


Davos takes down a Yangsi Gonshi-affiliated chop shop, and notices that members of Ryhno's Gang are following them. Wu informs him that they are little more than scavengers and asks if he should put them on the list. Davos tells him not to, at least for now. Joy and Ward talk at Dojo and Ward reveal just how abusive their father was to him, and how he spared Joy from his anger.

At Walker's apartment, Rand and Walker collect her gear that she used to take down Rand to use against Davos. Rand asks her why she played the mind games in introducing herself to him, and Walker reveals her DID diagnosis, the existence of the Mary alter, and her plan to buy an isolated place in Arizona to stop any triggers that cause her to switch identities.


Wing and Knight arrive at the Crane Sisters tattoo parlor. The women see through their act of wanting tattoos so Knight tells them about Davos and his killing spree, pointing out the three are possible accessories to murder. The Sisters try to grab their gear and run, but a fight ensues that ends with the three Sisters in custody. They learn about the ceremony and the fact that a specific bowl that remains in Davos' possession is needed to perform it. The Crane Sisters agree to help Wing and Knight perform the ritual since they had no personal stake in the matter – it was just a job to them.

Rand and Walker confront Davos and manage to subdue him, but not before he breaks Rand's leg with the Iron Fist. Walker calls an ambulance, but a sudden rainstorm triggers her Mary personality to emerge. Rand is taken to hospital while Mary just wanders away in the rain, oblivious to what just happened.


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  • As they arrive at the site where the ritual took place, Danny Rand asks Mary Walker what she is planning to do.
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