"Who are you?"
"I'm Daredevil."
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The Devil You Know is the sixth episode of the third season of the Netflix exclusive television series Daredevil.


Driven to the edge, Dex loses his way until he's offered a lifeline by Fisk. Matt comes to Karen for help, which she agrees to give — on one condition.


Telling Foggy Nelson about the murder of James Wesley, Karen Page returns to her apartment where she meets Daredevil. Although Page was not impressed by his return, Murdock asks her to help him to take down Wilson Fisk. Murdock informs her about an alleged attack on Fisk what forced the FBI to release him from Ryker's Island. He asks Page to find Jasper Evans, however, Page refuses to help Murdock.

In return of all intel that allowed the FBI to take down the Albanian Syndicate, Fisk is finally given with his property. Meanwhile, Benjamin Poindexter suffers from another mental breakdown and tries to calm himself down with Eileen Mercer's tapes.

Despite her refusal, Page finds information about Evans and meets with Nelson, telling him about her counter with Murdock. Nelson points out that the FBI is onto them because they need Murdock, so he tells Page to find Evans for him on the condition that Murdock needs turn himself to the FBI.


Still frustrated, Poindexter arrives at the hotel where he confronts Fisk, guessing that he employed Julie Barnes what ruin everything for Poindexter. Fisk tells Poindexter about the murder of his father and says that he knows what Poindexter feels. Leaving Fisk's suite, Poindexter rewatches their talk before Alvarez shows him a newspaper article about the investigation of Poindexter, which makes him a scapegoat for the FBI.

Page goes to Clinton Church to speak with Murdock, however, Maggie Grace says that he left the church. Grace and Page talk about Murdock and his complicated nature, as well as his childhood.

Poindexter is summoned to the New York City FBI Office where Tammy Hattley and Winn inform him that they have to put Poindexter on short leave because of unwanted attention from the press. Poindexter tells Ray Nadeem about it and despite Nadeem's efforts, he still feels that he is all alone with his issues.

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Page arrives at Evans' location where he attempts to attack Page, only to be stopped by Daredevil. Page tells Murdock that he needs to surrender to the FBI what Murdock suddenly accepts, saying that he doesn't want to put his friends in danger anymore. Daredevil then demands Evans to tell everything he knows about Fisk, however, he says that Fisk would kill his son. Page promises protection for him and his son, so Evans agrees to testify against Fisk.

Nelson meets with Nadeem at the FBI office where he informs Nadeem that Murdock agrees to surrender. However, Nadeem has to listen to their witness who has damming evidence against Fisk. Nadeem reports back to Hattley, telling her about Evans and Murdock. Nadeem informs Hattley that Evans disappeared from prison what points out that Fisk is guilty.


Poindexter has yet another mental breakdown, being haunted by Barnes' voice which even forces him to commit suicide. However, Poindexter is called by Fisk whose manipulation was successful and Poindexter was ready to comply. Fisk sends Felix Manning to equip Poindexter with the gift Fisk prepared for him.

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Murdock, Nelson, and Page bring Evans to the New York Bulletin Building and asks Mitchell Ellison to receive testimony from Evans. Nelson also contacts the FBI, telling Nadeem that Murdock at the Bulletin office. However, before Evans could testify, the building was assaulted by Poindexter in Daredevil's suit who brutally murders several New York Bulletin employees and prepares to kill Evans. Poindexter emerges into a fight with real Daredevil, however, Poindexter manages to defeat him. He then attacks Ellison and eliminates Evans before leaving the building.

At that moment, the FBI agents led by Nadeem arrives at the building to investigate. While Poindexter takes down all agents and escapes, Daredevil avoids the other team of agents and escapes too. Nadeem witnesses the massacre perpetrated by Poindexter and officially states that it was committed by Daredevil.


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