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"For whatever it's worth, I'm glad you're here."
"The circumstances could be better. I'm just saying, you know, I'm glad we found each other."
Daredevil and Jessica Jones

The Defenders is the eighth and final episode of the first season of The Defenders.


As New York edges closer to disaster, Elektra sees what's beyond the wall, and the Defenders make a last-ditch effort to save the city.


The Defenders continue to argue about the decision to blow up Midland Circle. Luke Cage argues that it is wrong and he cannot be apart of it, but Claire Temple says they have to do it so they can finally destroy the Hand. Jessica Jones also agrees with Daredevil and Colleen Wing. Outvoted, Cage agrees to do it as long as only the Hand die, not one innocent person. Madame Gao returns underground to see Elektra and tells her the others are finding an escape as the end is nearing.

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Wing pressures them to let her go down with them, but Temple says she can't hold them off upstairs by herself. Wing stays as long as the Defenders don't fail Danny Rand again. Captain Strieber and Misty Knight talk about an intruder that stole the Midland Circle blueprints and explosives. Strieber suggests it was the Defenders, but Knight cuts him off. They then realize that they are going to use it to blow up Midland Circle. Knight goes to call bomb squad. At the precinct, Karen Page does research using the evidence that the police had brought in. Trish Walker walks in surprised at how much evidence there is. The power then comes on. Page and Walker talk about their friend vigilantes until Foggy Nelson and Malcolm Ducasse walk in telling them that cops are being sent to Midland Circle.


The Defenders search for a way underground. Cage finds an opening to an elevator, they use it. Wing and Temple walk around above, planting bombs. Wing reminds Temple that she is a hero as well, she has saved just as many lives, but doesn't make the headlines. Temple hears Bakuto coming and they hide. An angry, Knight wanders outside trying to get in, then calls Temple. Wing reveals herself and slowly walks over to Bakuto. Temple's phone rings alerting him of her presence as well. Wing and Bakuto engage in a sword fight, which Knight hears over the phone, so she breaks in. Wing and Bakuto continue to fight. Bakuto offers her a chance to join him again and she responds saying she doesn't need him anymore. More Hand men walk in. Temple subdues one while Knight walks in and shoots the other. Knight shoots Bakuto, but the bullets do no damage. He then pushes her aside while he returns to Wing. Temple comes in and is quickly held with a sword to her neck. He goes to kill Temple, but Knight gets in the way saving Temple. However, the sword cuts off Knight's arm. Wing runs at Bakuto and slices his throat, she then decapitates him with a final blow.


Underground, a stealthy Rand takes out Hand members around the room, Gao finds him and notifies him that he has wasted his Chi. She uses Rand's feelings of K'un-Lun to get inside his head, but he quickly regains his composure only to be punched by Gao. The Defenders finally reach the bottom and Jones walks out alone, trying to catch them off guard. Daredevil and Luke Cage sneak up and start fighting. Iron Fist is found by Jones and he joins the fight. The Defenders finally properly team up, Rand uses his fist to punch Gao, starting the battle. Cage beats Murakami while Iron Fist and Daredevil team up, but Iron Fist suddenly loses his chi. Daredevil fights Elektra, but holds back. Jones then throws Elektra across the cave. Daredevil tells the others to get to the surface while he stays below. They tell him not to, but he convinces them. Daredevil whispers one last thing to Rand before they leave. Hand soldiers climb the elevator to get the three heroes on the way up. Daredevil and Elektra square off. Murdock tells her he's lost her once and doesn't want to do it again. He continues to try to get her to stop, but she keeps hitting him. She then slices his chest, leaving him on the ground. Elektra throws her sword at the elevator shaft which sends it falling down. Jones leaps up and catches the wire, holding the wire in one hand and the elevator in the other. Rand and Cage climb up the wire and meet her at the top. Daredevil takes her to the ground, she tells him she's not afraid of death because he will be with her, like he should be.


On the surface, officers enter the building and try to arrest the vigilantes, but Cage apologizes saying he can't let that happen. Everyone except the Hand and Daredevil evacuate the building. Meanwhile, Elektra has Murdock in a chokehold. Murdock remarks that this is karma, for ever thinking their relationship could work. She says it did work, they are together now. Gao approaches Murakami who asks what is happening, Gao replies saying, "the end." The timer then hits zero, blowing up the building. Murdock holds Elektra close, she apologizes for all of the pain she has caused. He then leans in and kisses her, as the building comes crumpling down on top of them. The rest of the Defenders watch from the streets. Rand tells them Murdock had no intention of making it out alive, but he said one thing to Rand, "Protect my city." At the precinct, Jones walks in to see Ducasse and Walker. Cage walks in with Temple and Rand walks in with Wing. Nelson and Page stand up to see Murdock, only to be left with an empty room.

A few days later, Walker addresses her fans covering up the Destruction of Midland Circle as a cause of the unstable supports. Nelson meets with Temple and Cage as their lawyer saying that the destruction is being covered up by the DA. Meaning there will be no criminal charges. Cage tells Nelson he is sorry for his loss. Temple talks with Nelson about their mutual friend. Nelson says it is his fault because he brought Murdock the Daredevil suit. Temple tells him he loved the city and the people more than himself.

Knight wakes up from surgery to see Wing at her bedside. Knight looks down to see her stump that has replaced her right arm. Wing offers Knight the opportunity of a robotic arm from Rand Enterprises. She tells her she'll think about it. Jones finds herself at a bar. Cage walks in to talk to her about their past together, saying they could've handled it differently. Rand meditates in Chikara Dojo when Wing walks in. He asks her how Knight is doing, she responds saying she is strong. Rand strives to be the man to the city that Daredevil was. At Alias Investigations, Jones enters to find her door unlocked. She opens it up to see Ducasse working to fix her apartment.

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At Clinton Church, Page stands at the alter crying when Nelson walks in to ask how she is doing. She struggles to grasp at the idea of Murdock still being alive, saying they haven't stopped digging. Nelson tells her it's been days. They then sit down together. Meanwhile, Iron Fist looks over the city just as Daredevil once did. At Saint Agnes Orphanage, a nun tells another nun to get Maggie, a bruised and cut Matt Murdock lays asleep on the bed.


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Protect My City John Paesano
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  • Jessica Jones drinks at a bar when Luke Cage arrives. He speaks of how their last meeting ended and his happiness that it was not her who got stuck in the hole, then asks for her to stay in touch.


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