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"The thing about war is, it only works if both sides believe they’re the good guys."
Alexandra Reid[src]

The First Season of The Defenders premiered on August 18, 2017 on Netflix.


Marvel's The Defenders follows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal - to save New York City. This is the story of four solitary figures, burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they just might be stronger when teamed together.[1]


While seeking out allies to combat The Hand, Danny Rand and Colleen Wing learn from a Chaste operative in Cambodia that the war with The Hand would take place in New York City shortly before encountering a recently resurrected Elektra Natchios. Rand and Wing's pursuit would lead them to a reluctant alliance of convenience with Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage each of the three heroes conducting separate investigations into The Hand. Jones was hired by a housewife to search for her missing husband, John Raymond, Cage was requested by Misty Knight to investigate the unexplained deaths of young adolescents, while Murdock was requested by former colleague Foggy Nelson to aid Jones from legal troubles. They all converge at an office building owned by its socialite owner Alexandra Reid, who is revealed to be the senior leader of The Hand.

With the aid of Stick, the heroes learn of the Hand's remaining leadership composed of Reid, Madame Gao, a resurrected Bakuto, Sowande, and Murakami. Unknown to the heroes, the Hand had depleted their supply of Dragon bone when resurrecting Elektra in order to weaponize her as The Black Sky, and their recent operation is to excavate the resource underneath New York City's Midland Circle. The Hand's only method of facilitating this is through the usage of Rand's Iron Fist power. Sowande is murdered by Stick when attempting to escape captivity, while Elektra murders Stick when kidnapping Rand. Shortly after, Elektra murders Reid in order to assume leadership of The Hand. Murdock, Jones, and Cage rescue Rand while Wing, Knight, and Claire Temple plant bombs to destroy Reid's office building and permanently end The Hand. During the aftermath, the Defenders' activities were covered up, while Knight is undergoing a medical recovery for her severed arm. Daredevil is presumed dead to the public, Jones reopens her private investigation agency, Cage resumes his street patrols in Harlem, and Rand assumes hero patrol duties in New York City.


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Image Title Number Airdate Writers Directors
The H Word The H Word 1.01 August 18, 2017 Douglas Petrie & Marco Ramirez S.J. Clarkson
Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand investigate criminals and fight injustice, unaware their paths are about to cross.
Cage vs Rand 2 Mean Right Hook 1.02 August 18, 2017 Lauren Schmidt Hissrich & Marco Ramirez S.J. Clarkson
As a new conspiracy takes shape, Matt finds old habits are hard to break, Jessica gets in over her head, Luke tracks a lead, and Danny meets his match.
Defenders Empire Worst Behavior 1.03 August 18, 2017 Lauren Schmidt Hissrich & Douglas Petrie Peter Hoar
Elektra's secrets are revealed. Danny changes his tactics. Matt gives Jessica some legal advice. Luke searches for the White Hat.
DefendersRoyalDragon Royal Dragon 1.04 August 18, 2017 Douglas Petrie & Marco Ramirez Phil Abraham
As the Defenders get to know each other over dinner, they're greeted by a series of party crashers -- none of them friendly.
TakeShelter Take Shelter 1.05 August 18, 2017 Lauren Schmidt Hissrich & Douglas Petrie & Marco Ramirez Uta Briesewitz
Elektra's loyalties are questioned, Colleen clashes with an old acquaintance, and Luke proves he knows how to take a hit.
HandAshesAshes Ashes, Ashes 1.06 August 18, 2017 Drew Goddard & Marco Ramirez Stephen Surjik
Stick offers up a theory, Danny finds himself sidelined, and Alexandra learns that it's not easy being the leader.
Three hero sandwich Fish in the Jailhouse 1.07 August 18, 2017 Lauren Schmidt Hissrich & Marco Ramirez Félix Enríquez Alcalá
Matt, Jessica and Luke embark on a desperate search. Colleen and Claire debate heroism. Elektra tries to recruit an all-important ally.
Defenders unite The Defenders 1.08 August 18, 2017 Lauren Schmidt Hissrich & Marco Ramirez Farren Blackburn
As New York edges closer to disaster, Elektra sees what's beyond the wall, and the Defenders make a last-ditch effort to save the city.


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