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"Daredevil... must die."
Nobu Yoshioka

The Dark at the End of the Tunnel is the twelfth episode of the second season of the television series Daredevil.


Daredevil goes underground to save an old friend. Karen follows a dangerous lead. The law firm of Nelson & Murdock may have reached its final chapter.


Years ago, twelve-year-old Elektra trains with The Chaste under the tutelage of Stick while Star watches. Star is impressed with her skills but notices that she's about to kill one of her opponents. Stick intervenes and tells her that it is wrong for her to kill one of their own. She replies that it didn't feel wrong.


In the present, Elektra attacks Stick at the Wall of the Chaste, claiming that she was always better at killing than he was. Daredevil arrives in his Daredevil body armor to break up the fight. Hand ninjas surprise and attack them, and vanish with Stick. Murdock is amazed that they could leave without leaving a trail. He is determined to find and save Stick. Natchios warns Murdock that she will kill Stick, and threatens to kill him as well if he interferes. She kisses him.

At Pier 81, Detective Sergeant Brett Mahoney tells Karen Page that she should go home while the police collect evidence from Frank Castle's assault on the ship. He tells her that there is no way Castle could have survived the blaze. She is horrified to see the burnt bodies being bagged and tagged, including Gosnell who had some clearly noticeable facial scars.

At the law office of Nelson and Murdock, Murdock examines Braille subway maps as Foggy Nelson packs his things. Murdock explains to Nelson that he's wondering if the Hand is using subway tunnels to move throughout the city without being seen. Nelson tells him about his grandfather, a bootlegger during Prohibition, and how he used abandoned railway tunnels to move product while eluding the authorities. He encourages Murdock to look there instead. Before Murdock leaves, the two of them admit feeling both sadness and relief that Nelson and Murdock is no more.

At the New York Bulletin, Page meets with Mitchell Ellison, who is relieved that she's all right. She claims she no longer has a story to research, considering Castle is dead. Ellison asks her leading questions until she reveals her frustration that no one knows about the real Castle, not the vigilante, but the father, husband, and war hero. Ellison tells her to write that story instead.


In order to research her story, Page visits the home of Colonel Ray Schoonover, Castle's former commanding officer. She asks him about what Castle was like as a man, and he reminisces happily about the time they spent together in the service, telling her about Castle's impressions and how he would sing kids' songs. As she looks at the photos on the wall, she recognizes a soldier starting with Schoonover and Castle as one of the bodies from the attack at the pier. Schoonover, noticing that she's staring at the photo, tells her that the man's name is Gosnell, and was loyal to him even after his military service. Realizing that Schoonover is involved somehow, she tells him she has everything she needs for the story and attempts to leave. Schoonover pulls a gun on her and calmly tells her that Castle murdered Gosnell.

Meanwhile, Daredevil finds the abandoned railway tunnel that Nelson told him about and is attacked by Hand ninjas. At first, he is able to fight them by tracking the sounds of their weapons and can follow the wounded by the scent of their blood. However, the ninjas realize what he is doing and stop using their weapons, attacking him by hand. Disoriented because he can't predict their movements, Daredevil can't defend himself from them.


Stick, being tortured by Hirochi, softly speaks so that Daredevil can hear him with his enhanced hearing. He tells him to track the ninjas by their exhalations. Daredevil does and is able to incapacitate them. Hirochi, believing Stick's mutterings to be delusional, continues to torture him, asking him where "it" is.

Schoonover forces Page into her car. When she turns it on, an old cassette of Ben Urich's is playing. Page realizes it is a message from Castle. Schoonover directs her to drive along a darkened road and to pull over. When she does, a car crashes into the passenger side of her car.

Daredevil attacks the Hand ninjas who are guarding Hirochi and Stick, and Stick bites Hirochi on the neck. As Daredevil frees him, Stick tells him how proud he is of him. Natchios arrives, still determined to kill Stick. Nobu Yoshioka arrives, and asks Stick to tell his former pupils why they are all there.

Years in the past, young Ellie is practicing with a punching bag when she is confronted by the Chaste member she almost killed earlier. Although she apologizes for losing control, he attacks her with a knife. She gains the upper hand and slits his throat. She hides and overhears Stick and Star, arguing about her, the latter accusing Stick of becoming soft towards "that thing." Stick takes a sword and says that she is his responsibility and will take care of her, and kills Star. He takes her hand and tells her they must leave.

Daredevil pleads with Yoshioka to take him and let Stick and Natchios go, but Yoshioka tells him that it's Natchios he wants. He reveals that Natchios is the Black Sky, the mythical greatest weapon of the Hand. Stick is resigned to her finding out the truth, but Daredevil refuses to believe it and tries to convince Natchios that only she can define herself. When Yoshioka and the Hand ninjas kneel before her, she accepts Yoshioka's sword and orders Daredevil to leave.


Years in the past, Stick brings Ellie to the home of the Natchios family, a Greek ambassador and his wife who wish to adopt her. He advises her to watch the family and to become one of them, learning how to behave as the rich do. He warns her that one day, people will come for her and that everything will change, but promises to make that as far off as possible. Ellie is upset and worried that Stick will forget her, but he assures her that he never will.

In the present, Natchios says that she's fought the violence inside of her for her whole life, and as the Black Sky, she won't have to anymore. Daredevil tells her that he is the Hand's enemy, so she'll have to kill him. When she hesitates, he disarms her, holding the sword to her neck. He gives her a last chance to fight alongside himself and Stick. He releases her and she does just that, attacking the Hand.

Page regains consciousness at the scene of the car crash and sees Castle dragging an injured Schoonover away. She pleads with him not to kill Schoonover, who mocks Castle, telling him that none of this is about Central Park; it's about what happened in Kandahar. Castle drags Schooner inside a shed. Page pleads with him one last time, angrily telling him that if he kills Schoonover, he will be dead to her. Castle coldly responds that he's already dead before shutting the door. Page weeps.

Inside the shed, Castle shoots and kills Schoonover. He finds a false wall and moves it, uncovering an arsenal of weapons and tactical equipment, including body armor. His trigger finger twitches as he gazes at all of it.


As Daredevil continues to fight the Hand, Natchios escapes with Stick, who is recovering from being tortured. He admits that he still wants to kill her, but won't because Murdock would be pissed. He then tells Natchios that Murdock hadn't come here to save Stick, but to save Natchios; Murdock knew that if she killed Stick, she'd cross a line that she'd never come back from.

Daredevil continues to fight Yoshioka and the Hand and is able to escape with Natchios and Stick. Yoshioka, realizing that the Hand lost Natchios because of her feelings for Daredevil, declares that Daredevil must die.


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