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"You know men think they're tougher than us? And too many of us believe it, but it's bullshit. They're just way better at forgiving themselves than we are."
Dinah Madani to Krista Dumont

The Dark Hearts of Men is the tenth episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


As Madani and Krista debate who's worth saving, Frank prepares to storm Russo's territory. A brutal encounter pushes Pilgrim back into old habits.


Dinah Madani visits Krista Dumont at her apartment to discuss her inner unrest and her situation with Frank Castle and Billy Russo. Dumont asks Madani what makes Castle different from Russo and she replies that Castle does not kill innocent people, and unlike Russo, he could not live with that. Eventually, when Madani leaves the apartment, Dumont informs Russo about Castle's only weakness.

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Together with Curtis Hoyle, Castle takes position near the Valhalla, observing Russo and preparing for an attack. They discuss Russo and Castle admits that he is not too dissimilar to him, although Hoyle notes that he cares about people, unlike Russo. However, Russo is aware of Castle and Hoyle, as well as their upcoming attack, and organizes an ambush.


Kusack orders the Aryan Brotherhood to attack and kill John Pilgrim, however, Pilgrim brutally murders every attacker, as well as Kusack and Danny. Emotionally broken from the attack, Pilgrim makes it back to his hotel room and numbs his pain with alcohol and drugs. After killing Bob Wick and forcing one of his prostitutes to pleasure him, Pilgrim imagines his wife and regrets that he left her.

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As Hoyle was covering him from the rooftop, Castle infiltrates into the Valhalla with the sole intention to eliminate Russo. However, he is caught in the trap, set by Russo who orders his crew to brutally attack Castle. Russo orders the crew to finish exhausted and wounded Castle, while other crew members were confronted by Hoyle. Hoyle proceeds to fight back, however, he lethally shoots Phillip, accidentally killing him, much to Hoyle's regret.


Castle manages to fight back and kills multiple crew members before proceeding to chase Russo. After the brutal firefight with Russo's crew, Castle opens blind fire on the office where Russo was hiding. However, he goes to the office and sees three women, shot to death and horrified that he killed innocent people, as Russo planned. Upon the shootings, New York City Police Department arrives at the Valhalla and takes Castle into custody, as Castle decides to not resist.


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Drunkard's Prayer Chris Stapleton
  • John Pilgrim drinks and does drugs, then fixes himself up. Flashback to Pilgrim taking out Kusack and his henchmen.
Hell Bent Tyler Bates
Fortunate Son
(Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
Cat Power


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