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"The war on fake news has a hero: J JONAH JAMESON and THEDAILYBUGLE.NET! Where the tides of real news crash the shore of dangerous truth, The Daily Bugle will be there! Read the stories that the super-powers-that-be don’t want you to know! Stay informed! Be a real hero! Listen… to the BUGLE!"
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The Daily Bugle is a web news and newspaper media outlet headquartered in New York City, hosted by J. Jonah Jameson.


Snap Victims Interview

Following the Blip, The Daily Bugle started a small campaign known as Blip Blog where they interviewed numerous victims and survivors of the Snap regarding their experiences in dealing with the incident and its aftermath.[1]

Mysterio's Demise

"There you have it, folks: conclusive proof that Spider-Man was responsible for the brutal murder of Mysterio! An interdimensional warrior who gave his life to protect our planet, and who will no doubt go down in history as the greatest superhero of all time."
J. Jonah Jameson[src]

J. Jonah Jameson reveals Spider-Man's name

An online news outlet hosted by J. Jonah Jameson, The Daily Bugle became notable for its controversial output. In 2024, the site released edited footage depicting Spider-Man allegedly murdering Mysterio during the Battle of London, as well as footage of Mysterio exposing Spider-Man's identity as Peter Parker. The footage would be redistributed by various news organizations, including NY1, following The Daily Bugle’s upload of this footage to its website.[2]

Reporting on Spider-Man

"We here at The Daily Bugle will not rest until we've uncovered the truth behind his web of lies. I'm J. Jonah Jameson, good night, and God help us all."
J. Jonah Jameson[src]

After revealing Spider-Man's identity, the Bugle gained significant popularity. The Bugle's inflammatory remarks about Parker fueled public opposition towards him, and groups formed that supported Mysterio as a martyr, one such group amassing at Parker's school, Midtown School of Science and Technology. Betty Brant attended on behalf of the Bugle, and reported on Peter's first day back at school, and filmed the opposing sides that had grown, support for and against Spider-Man.

Later, Parker made contact with Jameson personally prior to confronting the Multiversal villains that had been unleashed due to Doctor Strange's spell failing. Jameson continued to sling accusations and insults, though Parker only asked that the world wished him luck.

When Doctor Strange cast a spell that made the entire world forget the existence of Peter Parker in order to save the Multiverse from calamity, Jameson and The Bugle lost their crucial selling point. Nonetheless, they continued their denigration of Spider-Man, retaining their claims that he is a cowardly menace.[3]


Name Position Status
J. Jonah Jameson Host Active
Betty Brant Intern Active


The Daily Bugle in the non-canon video game, The Incredible Hulk

  • The Daily Bugle is one of the various landmarks featured in the non-canon video game The Incredible Hulk.[4]
  • The MCU version of The Daily Bugle is known as a "controversial news website", appearing to be a parody of the proliferation of dubiously-accurate-at-best online sensationalist media outlets, such as InfoWars hosted by Alex Jones. Both outlets also advertise and sell questionable branded dietary supplements.[3]

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