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"This city lets people fall through the cracks."
"They mention anything specific?"
"Only that the Hatchets are gonna wipe the Tigers off the map."
"Any clue as to where, when?"
"No. And I'm guessing going back to Yang is a nonstarter?"
"Yeah. I burned that bridge."
Colleen Wing and Danny Rand

The City's Not for Burning is the second episode of the second season of the television series Iron Fist.


Danny and Colleen strive to broker a badly needed peace. Ward crashes his sister's auction, and Joy plays matchmaker – with a twist.



A series of flashbacks show the fight between Rand and Davos to find out who will face Shou-Lao. The duel, staged before Yü-Ti, Lei Kung, and Priya, is to the death or submission. The fight is long and hard, and Davos eventually seems to be the victor, but constantly asks Rand to yield rather than kill him. Rand refuses and rallies. As the fight turns in Rand's favor, and Davos is on the verge of being killed, Lei Kung calls the fight and declares that Rand will face Shou-Lao.

The gang war between the Golden Tigers and the Yangsi Gonshi threatens to escalate despite Danny Rand's best efforts. Members of the Yangsi Gonshi surround and fatally wound a Golden Tigers member; the soldier dies in Rand's arms. With the gang war hotting up, Albert tells Rand not to come into work since he is keeping his guys off the streets.


As Rand heads home, he finds Mary in Coffee A Go-Go. They talk, and Rand walks her to a place where she can draw flowers that is away from Chinatown. As they walk, Mary becomes fascinated with a church spire, and Rand starts to believe that she may have accepted the offer of a walk because she was attracted to him. He makes it clear he lives with his girlfriend, causing Mary some embarrassment. Mary becomes a little disorientated so Rand tells her to his home and introduces her to Wing. While there, Mary reverts to her Walker personality while in the bathroom then leaves abruptly.

Colleen Wing heads to Bayard Community Center to talk with Sam Chung about the donation made by Frank Choi, but there is no record of it. Wing learns that the principal funder of Bayard is Sherry Yang, the wife of Yangsi Gonshi leader Hai-Qing Yang, and that she is holding a charity gambling night at the center that evening. Wing heads to Choi's store to try and find more information, but on the way she is waylaid by members of Ryhno's Gang. BB threatens her with a gun but she disarms him and then tracks them back to their hideout. After a tense confrontation, Wing explains that she fought Ryhno and his gang at the Silver Lotus to stop them being targeted by the Golden Tigers. As she leaves, Wing tells them that Bayard will offer them food and sanctuary. In private, BB apologizes for pulling a gun on her, explaining that he had to do what Ryhno ordered to stay part of the gang.

Rand visits Yang, hoping that their previous alliance against the Hand will allow him to negotiate an end to the blood feud. However, Yang cannot give up – the driver of the armored car that the Golden Tigers killed when they hijacked it was Yang's nephew. He ordered the hit on the Golden Tigers member that died in Rand's arms to draw out their leadership for a hit.

Ward Meachum tries to get to the bottom of Joy Meachum's plans with the patents that she acquired in her divestment. Ward is unnecessarily harsh to his assistant, Katie, but apologizes. She informs him that Joy will be attending a reception at Bailey's Auction House that evening.

At Bailey's Joy meets her old friend, Mika Prada, curator of the collection of Ernst Erskine. Ward arrives and talks with Joy, but leaves angry that she is aware of his NA meetings. He also meets Davos, who is in attendance. Prada shows Joy and Davos a Tibetan Singing Bowl from Erskine's collection, which Davos insists they must have. He is prepared to kill Prada to obtain the bowl, but Joy stops him.

With the Triad War about to enter a new phase, Rand and Wing appeal to Sherry to get her husband to enter peace talks. Sherry manages to get Yang to agree to the negotiations.

At Joy's apartment, Joy convinces Davos to seduce Prada in order to obtain the bowl. Her husband is a congressman seeking re-election, and Joy knows that she would do anything to avoid scandal. Davos dislikes the idea, but goes along with it. The entire tryst is recorded on a computer.

IF S2 E2 Colleen Wing.jpg

Davos goes to see Hai-Qing Yang about his shipment. However, Yang returns the money since he can no longer guarantee delivery. The Red Hook Pier is part of the negotiation strategy with the Golden Tigers, and Yang may not be in control of the docks for much longer. Davos is apparently impressed with his code of honor and brokering peace, but uses an ancient technique that will cause a stroke on Yang.

Mary calls Wing, asking after Rand. When told he was not there, she abruptly disconnects and shuffles through some pictures, finding a note that tells her to stay away from Rand.


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Ceremony of the Fist Robert Lydecker
So Long Gang Signs
Brothers of K'un-Lun Robert Lydecker
Epilogue Robert Lydecker
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