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"And now it's time for "The Captain America Adventure Program," brought to you by Roxxon motor oil. Tonight's thrilling tale takes us deep into the heart of the Ardennes Forest, where Hitler's Nazi guard have ambushed the 107th Infantry and taken Betty Carver, the battalion's beautiful triage nurse, as their hostage."
Radio Announcer[src]

"The Captain America Adventure Program" was the radio serial about Captain America that was made popular in the years after World War II. It focused on Captain America's adventures fighting Nazis and saving his girl, Betty Carver. It was sponsored by the Roxxon Corporation.


"We now return to the Captain America Adventure Program, as our hero's defenseless sweetheart finds herself in the clutches of evil."
"American women are so weak! You are coming with us!"
"If only Captain America were here to rescue me!"
"Miss Carver isn't going anywhere with you, Nazi scum."
―Radio Announcer, Nazi Soldier, Betty Carver and Captain America (Fiction)[src]

An actor voices Captain America in The Captain America Adventure Program

In order to take advantage of Captain America's huge popularity during World War II, a radio serial called The Captain America Adventure Program was developed, featuring fictionalized accounts of Captain America's adventures during the war, such as battling Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, or saving Betty Carver, the triage nurse of the 107th Infantry Regiment and his girlfriend, based on SSR agent Peggy Carter.

Roxxon Corporation sponsored The Captain America Adventure Program. Despite its popularity, the show was extremely historically inaccurate, and Peggy Carter, having been involved in most of Captain America's missions during the war, hated the show, especially because her own role had been fictionalized as the typical "damsel in distress."[1]


The recording of the V-E Day anniversary episode

  1. Captain America rescues Betty Carver from Adolf Hitler and his Nazi guard. Hitler promises that he still had a few tricks up his sleeve and that Cap will not be able to defeat his secret weapon.
  2. Cap and Betty share a tearful goodbye as his plane goes down over the sea of Japan. This episode aired on May 8, 1946, the first anniversary of V-E Day.[2]

Behind the Scenes

  • Agent Carter co-showrunner Tara Butters revealed that there had been discussions about creating a podcast centered around the fictional Captain America radio show, with Thrilling Adventure Hour co-creator and writer Ben Blacker. According to Butters, the intended episodes would be fifteen-minute storylines, spinning out of the well received segments presented on Agent Carter, which was not part of the original show pitch to Marvel. Additionally, receiving a second season order of the TV series would improve the chances of developing the podcast.[3]