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"I'm here to stop the greatest threat to my people."
"No, you're not. You're here to punish, not protect! You're wearing your oath like a mask. Tell me, Iron Fist, where's the honor in that?"
Iron Fist and Zhou Cheng

The Blessing of Many Fractures is the eighth episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Danny faces his fear, and Colleen meets her match. Joy makes a hasty decision, while Ward struggles to accept his sister's admiration.



On his way to Harold Meachum's penthouse, Danny Rand tries to reach out to Claire Temple, albeit unsuccessfully. Temple gets rescued by Colleen Wing from the Hand members arriving at her apartment, as both of them escape. Meanwhile, Rand discovers a blood trail, assuming that Harold has been killed by the Hand, and accidentally attacks Ward Meachum. Ward pretends to be shocked, seeing the blood of his father on the floor, as Rand blames himself for what happened to Harold. After Rand promises to take down Madame Gao and her operation once and for all, Ward tells him to stay away from his family and proceeds to get rid of the blood, as he intended.


Looking through the Rand Enterprises files, Rand finds the facility in China that his father intended to investigate, before the air crash occurred. Rand intends to find Gao there and find the answers about her connection with his father, although Temple suggests that it might be a trap. Regardless, Rand refuses to stand still and intends to take down the Hand once and for all, despite Temple's warning that the last person who took on the Hand suffered a lot. Wing and Temple stated that they will join him in his fight, despite Rand being concerned for their safety, so they think of the plan.

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Ward and Joy Meachum arrive at the Rand Enterprises Building to meet with Lawrence Wilkins, as the Rand Enterprises board of directors voted on kicking them out of the company. Joy expresses her determination to appeal the board's decision, but Wilkins states that the Meachums are at blame for bringing Rand into the company. As Ward hallucinates after the murder of his father, Wilkins states that they must sign the agreements, so Ward asks for a time to consider. Joy is furious that Ward considers turning back on their company and despite him claiming that they have no other option, Joy disagrees.


Rand charters the Rand Enterprises Private Jet to arrive at Anzhou, while the flight brings painful memories of the air crush in Himalayas. Temple tries to distract Rand by talking about his relationships with Wing, noticing his embarassment. Rand then asks Temple about the letter she received, but Temple replies that the person who sent it is currenly unavailable. Temple questions what will Rand do if he finds out that Gao was responsible for the deaths of their parents, to which he replies that destroying the Hand is a sworn duty of the Iron Fist, although Temple still condemns murder in any form. As the jet goes through turbulency, Rand suffers from another flashback, so Temple helps him to calm down.

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Ward visits Wilkins at his office, stating that he and Joy failed to reach an agreement, so he asks Wilkins to rewrite their termination agreements, so Ward would get the severance, regardless of Joy's decision. However, Wilkins informs him that Joy approached him earlier and completely rejected the deal, being aware that Ward might try to negotiate behind her back. Wilkins voices his disappointment that a trivial money dispute put the Meachum siblings in such a position, saying that Harold would be ashamed of them.

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Arriving at Hand's Anzhou Laboratory, Rand and Wing survey the perimeter, however, Gao is nowhere to be found. Taking their time outside, Wing tells Rand about her mother who walked out of her life and eventually died, so Wing was sent to her grandfather in Japan for a training. As Rand and Wing share a bonding moment, Temple joins them and they discuss how to gather more information about the Hand's movements. Wing approaches a homeless man outside of the laboratory, and asks him to provide her with the information about Gao.

Ward confronts Joy on her decision to reject the deal with Wilkins without consulting with him, but Joy claims that she can get them back in Rand Enterprises. Despite Ward's skepticism, Joy informs him that she had hired Jessica Jones to collect a blackmail material on the board members, including Wilkins, so she could have a leverage on them. As Ward backs down, the Meachum siblings share a bonding moment, acknowledging that working for Rand Enterprises put a wall between them. Ward admits that everything Joy used to admire about him was a complete lie, but now he wants Joy to know the actual truth.


With the information about the Hand's movements, Rand and Wing infiltrate the factory where Gao set up the Steel Serpent manufacturing. They intend to burn the factory down, however, Temple notifies them that Gao is back at the facility. As Gao was now aware of the tresspassers, Rand follows her, while Wing goes to ensure Temple's safety. On her way out, Wing gets confronted by the Hand guard and as they engage in the duel, Temple assists Wing by hitting the guard with the car.

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Rand follows Gao to her quarters where he gets confronted by Zhou Cheng, a sworn defender of the Hand, who refuses to let Rand go further. They fight each other, and as Cheng's drunking master's style allows him to gain an upper hand, he claims that Rand is not worthy of his title and his powers. Rand proceeds to attack Cheng again and eventually loses control, brutally beating him, until Wing and Temple stop him from killing.

Ward brings Joy to Harold's penthouse, intending to tell her the whole truth about their father, the fact that he survived his first death and what he made Ward do for him. However, Ward suffers a panic attack, hallucinating about Harold's death, and suddenly leaves the building and confused Joy. Ward backs down and lies that he only brought Joy there to ask for money but changed his mind, but Joy finds it hard to believe. Taking Joy out of the penthouse, Ward angrily claims that she needs to stop depending on his approval and grow up, causing a distress to her.


Rand, Wing, and Temple end up being confronted by Gao who states that Rand's emotions make him too reckless and dismissive. Rand demands Gao to tell him the truth about her connection with his father, but Gao evades the question, angering Rand further. Seeing that Rand refuses to surrender himself, Gao orders her men to kill Wing and Temple, but they manage to win. Rand suddenly notices that the poison that Gao's men used was the same poison that killed the pilots of the Rand family's jet, realizing that Gao murdered his parents. Seemingly losing control again, Rand summons the Iron Fist but stops himself before striking Gao, simply capturing her instead.


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The Gift of Anger Trevor Morris
  • Claire Temple tells Danny Rand and Colleen Wing that she wished she never came to China with them as they face off with Madame Gao's guards; the group figure out Gao's weapons are coated in poison which angers Rand as he recalls the pilot shows signs of poisoning which causes him unless the Iron Fist though he misses Gao intentionally as Temple calls out to him; Rand grabs Gao and tells Wing and Temple it's time to leave.


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