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The Avengers Adaptation is a two part digital comic book adaptation of The Avengers.


Part 1[]

At the Sanctuary, the Other reports to his master Thanos that the Tesseract has been found on Earth. He assures Thanos that their ally Loki will conquer the Earth with the Chitauri army they have supplied him and then deliver the Tesseract to them, while the humans will be able to do nothing but burn.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury and Commander Maria Hill travel to the Joint Dark Energy Mission Facility in the Mojave Desert. Agent Phil Coulson informs Fury that Doctor Erik Selvig has discovered an energy surge from the Tesseract and orders Hill to evacuate the facility. Fury meets with Selvig, who informs him that the Tesseract is giving off low levels of Gamma Radiation. Agent Clint Barton insists that the interference with the Tesseract is coming from the other end. Suddenly, the Tesseract fills the room with energy and summons Loki. Loki attacks, enslaving Barton and Selvig with the power of the Scepter. As Loki and his new pawns leave with the Tesseract, Fury alerts Hill, who chases after them. Fury escapes from the collapsing facility in a helicopter and attempts a pursuit, only for Loki to shoot him out of the sky with the scepter. Fury informs Hill and Coulson that they are now at war.

In Russia, Natasha Romanoff is being interrogated by Georgi Luchkov and two of his henchmen. As they about the start torturing her, she receives a phone call from Coulson, who informs her the she is needed. She insists on continuing the interrogation to learn more about her captors, before Coulson informs her that Barton has been compromised. She quickly defeats her captors and Coulson tells her to hunt down Bruce Banner while he finds Tony Stark.

Romanoff locates Banner in Kolkata and lures him into a hut by having a young girl pretend that her father is sick. Banner is hesitant to trust her, but agrees to go with her after she informs him how dangerous the Tesseract is and insists that his expertise of Gamma Radiation will be invaluable and that Fury will not lock him in a cage.

In Brooklyn, Steve Rogers works out in a gym by hitting a punching bag and reflects on his past as he does so. He thinks of the Red Skull, Peggy Carter, Bucky Barnes and his flight in the Valkyrie before being frozen. Fury approaches him with a file on the Tesseract, which he recognises as HYDRA's secret weapon. Fury asks Rogers if he has any information on the Tesseract that they should know, and Rogers replies that they should have left it in the ocean.

In New York City, Tony Stark arrives at Stark Tower for a date with Pepper Potts. J.A.R.V.I.S. alerts him that Coulson urgently want to meet with him, but Stark ignores it. Coulson forces his way in and insists that Stark look over the archives S.H.I.E.L.D. have provided him, while Potts decides to take their jet to Washington, D.C..

At his hideout, Loki is telepathically contacted by the Other, who mocks his minimal ambition and boasts about the greater worlds that they will conquer once they have the Tesseract. Loki reminds him that he will not get the Tesseract until after the Earth has been conquered, and the Other warns Loki that Thanos will make him long for something as sweet as pain if he fails. Barton provides Selvig with iridium as they prepare for the next stage of their plan.

Coulson and Romanoff transport Rogers and Banner to the Helicarrier where they meet with Fury. Loki is spotted in Stuttgart, Germany where he attacks Heinrich Schafer's science gala and extarcts an eye from him, which Barton uses a holographic copy of to steal from a vault containing iridium. Loki forces the citizens to kneel, and as he goes to kill an old man who defies him, Rogers interferes and apprehends Loki with the help of Stark and Romanoff.

As they set course for the Helicarrier with the captive Loki in tow, his adoptive brother Thor attacks the Quinjet and leaves with Loki. Stark attacks Thor and the two engage in combat before Rogers arrives and breaks it up. Once on the Helicarrier, Stark and Banner speculate on Loki's plan and begin to suspect that Fury is hiding something from them. Romanoff discovers from Loki that he means to unleash the Hulk, and tensions rise as Rogers discovers that S.H.I.E.L.D. have been using the Tesseract to make weapons. Barton leads an attack on the Helicarrier, causing Banner to transform into the Hulk.

Part 2[]

As Stark and Rogers attempt to repair the damaged to the Helicarrier, Thor battles the Hulk in an attempt to subdue him. The Hulk is lost when he attacks a S.H.I.E.L.D. fighter plane which had begun firing at him. Thor goes to confront Loki, who traps him in his own cell with an illusion. Coulson attempts to stop Loki with the Destroyer Armor Prototype Gun, and is fatally stabbed with the scepter. Romanoff defeats Barton in single combat and brings him back to his senses. Loki sends the cell containing Thor plummeting to the Earth and escapes from the Helicarrier.

Fury reaches Coulson just before he dies and Coulson encourages Fury to use his death to motivate the heroes to work together. Fury admits that he was using the Tesseract to build an arsenal, but had an even riskier plan: the Avengers Initiative, which would bring together a group of remarkable people to fight the battles that S.H.I.E.L.D. never could. When Loki is located in New York, Stark and Thor each fly there while Rogers, Romanoff and Barton make their way in a Quinjet.

Stark reaches Stark Tower and makes an unsuccessful attempt to shut down the Tesseract. He then meets Loki face to face, threatening that if they cannot defend the Earth, they will avenge it. Loki throws him from the tower and J.A.R.V.I.S. saves him by deploying the Mark VII Armor. The Tesseract opens the wormhole and allows the Chitauri and their giant Leviathans to attack the city. Thor briefly fights Loki atop Stark Tower before the latter escapes on a Chitauri Chariot. Banner arrives on a motorcycle and transforms into the Hulk and the Avengers assemble to defend the city.

The World Security Council launches a nuclear missile towards Manhattan. Fury alerts Stark, who goes to divert it. Selvig, who has been freed from his enthrallment, informs Romanoff that he believes the scepter can shut down the Tesseract. Romanoff alerts the other that she can close the wormhole, but Stark advises her to keep it open so that he can get rid of the nuke. He flies it through the wormhole and destroys the Chitauri Command Center, severing the Chitauri Neural Link and killing all of the Chitauri and Leviathans simultaneously. Once he falls back through the wormhole, he is rescued by the Hulk. Once the Hulk revives Stark, Rogers informs him that they have won and Stark suggests that they go to the Shawarma Palace to celebrate their victory.

Thor returns to Asgard with Loki and the Tesseract. Fury tells the World Security Council that the point of the Avengers Initiative was to make a promise that the Avengers would protect the Earth from any that threatened it. Hill asks him what will happen of the Avengers are needed again now that they have gone their separate ways. Fury insists that they will come back because they will be needed. Rogers rides on his motorcycle, Banner hitchhikes, Romanoff and Barton drive towards a new mission and Stark makes plans to renovate his tower.

In the Sanctuary, the Other reports Loki's failure to Thanos and informs him that the humans are not as weak as promised. He tells him that to challenge the Avengers would be to court Death.







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